Spoilers 24th January 2019 Written Episode

Internet Wala Love: Jai’s love gets stronger all thanks to Rupa and Shubhankar. He aims to get Aadhya and fight for his love. He has decided to confess love to Aadhya, even though he is away from Aadhya. He comes to his radio station and starts his program. He starts Q and A round and asks the listeners to tell what to do if a girl gets away from the guy due to the family pressure. He welcomes the callers’ suggestions and drives ideas from them.

Ishq SubhanAllah:
Zara becomes a maid for Zeenat. She takes Zeenat’s orders and cleans the big house alone just to make an earning and stay with the family. Zara falls in trouble. Kabeer reaches her to rescue. He gets helping her in the work. They have a moment. Zeenat tortures Zara and Kabeer. Aisha takes a stand for Zara. She asks Zeenat how can she ask Zara to clean the chandelier dust. She tells Zeenat that two servants are needed to do this work. Zara tells Aisha that she will be fine, she can manage the work. She stays strong and asks Zeenat to rest assured, she will do everything.

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Yeh Rishta KKH

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