Spoilers 3rd February 2019 Written Episode

Tujhse Hai Raabta:
Malhar and Kalyani celebrate their unity in Sampada’s party. Sampada and Atharv also perform in the party along with Malhar and Kalyani. The dance competition goes on well. Kalyani wins in the competition and makes Sampada taste failure. Malhar feels proud of Kalyani. Sampada gets angry on Kalyani. She tries to insult Malhar, but Kalyani protects Malhar’s respect. Kalyani and Sampada have a heated argument in front of everyone. Kalyani makes Sampada jealous by acting romantic with Malhar. Kalyani fails Sampada’s humiliation plan.

Guddan Tum Se Na Ho Payega:
Guddan instructs her Bahus to prepare the food. The bahus struggle to cook the food. They don’t know how to cook the food. Guddan tells them that they can’t be spared this time, they have to learn the work if they can’t do it well. Laxmi and Saraswati ask Durga to help them. Durga asks them not to please Guddan. Guddan sings a bhajan and does puja.

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