Spoilers 6th February 2019 Written Episode

Soumya requests Varun to let her meet Soham once. Varun doesn’t listen to her. He misbehaves with Maninder and ousts him from house. Soumya finishes her work at Varun’s house and comes home. Harman promises her that he will get Soham back. He finds her much tired and feels sorry for her. He feeds her the food by his hands. He tells her that he will share her work at Varun’s house. He is ready to do anything to get Soham back. Soumya is crying to get her son. Preeto understands her pain well since she has longed for Harman as well. Soumya wants Soham to get fine.

Chabili gets Sitara to Vishlok. Chabili leaves from Nethra’s body suddenly. Nethra collapses. Sitara reaches Vishlok to save Nethra. She meets her mum Vrinda and Maasi. She gets a huge shock when Vrinda tells her that she is her mum, a Vishkanya. Sitara doesn’t believe this. Vrinda leaves snakes on her to prove that they all are Vishkanyas. Sitara tries to take Nethra with her. Vrinda tells her motive to Sitara. She wants to get her freedom so that she can get her revenge. Sitara can’t decide anything. She gets attacked by snake. The snakes bite her and die. Sitara gets her Vishkanya avatar. Sitara gets moved realizing this big truth of her identity. Vrinda reveals all the secrets to her.

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