Spoilers 7th February 2019 Written Episode

Shakti: Everyone is shocked and pained to see injury marks on Harman’s body by Gurmeet. Preeto and Harman get angry on Sukha and feel harman’s pain. Soumya says sorry to Harman and applies ointment on his hand. She tells him that she was blinded in motherly’s love that she couldn’t see father’s love as a father can’t express his pain like a mother. She tells that everyone in the house is crying and upset, and missing Soham badly

Aapke Aa Jane Se:
Vedika gets convinced by Sahil and goes to Agarwal house for the sake of Ved. Vedika gets cheated one again by Pankti’s mum. Vedika was giving a last chance to Sahil. Vedika learns that Sahil is the father of Pankti’s coming child. She gets moved by Pankti’s pregnancy news. Vedika and Sahil get a shock on reading Pankti’s positive reports of pregnancy. Vedika blames Sahil and decides to leave the house. He is also suffering because of the conspiracies since he loses his true love Vedika. He is innocent in the matter. He gets trapped and loses out due to the fake reports. He wants to win Vedika’s trust once again.

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