Strange magic (Episode 3) Nagin3 FF Written Episode

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Let’s start episode 3

In naglok ,

Bella is standing in the balcony observing the peoples in the naglok they looks really happy….she’s admiring the beauty of naglok..Greenary of the tress,colourful flowers,fresh air & sky full of stars…Vishakha comes there

Vishakha-bella,u r here n I was searching u in whole haveli..Bella this time plzz don’t go away from me u know I missed u a lot when u were not here

Bella- no vish this time I won’t go away from u all…vish,I try to remember but I feel like someone  snatching my memory from me…

Vish-dont wory soon u will get ur memory back,come let me show u ur room.

Vish takes Bella to the beautiful room the room is big with royal bed in the middle of the room..both comes in the room Bella is observing the room ..she find painting one painting she n her mom dad is there they 3 were looking so happy, a complete family she sadly smile seeing that painting

Another painting is there with in that painting 2 girls are there one is Bella n the other girl dressed same like Bella but she’s really beautiful,her  hazel eyes reflect her innosence …she has some spark in her eyes like Bella, she has same charm like Bella,Bella n that girl looks so happy with each other both r smiling Bella ask vish about that girl in the painting vish come forward to see painting

Vish-bella,she’s princess bhoomi …ur sister (guys u can imagine bhoomi as sanaya Irani )

Bella ask curiously about her sister she really wants to meet her

Vish-bella,I’m really sorry she’s no more,she died…her body is found dead with ur body(u both died at the same day in the same unfortunate accident)

Bella’s heart sink in  the sadness..she felt so happy that she have sister but at the same time destiny snatch her happiness from her

Bella-how I died in the previous birth vish?

Vish-I don’t know Bella,in fact no one knows about it …only u can able to tell about that incident when u gain ur memory back as no one in the naglok knows about it…we just found ur dead bodies we try to investigate but we found nothing

U know Bella u were really connected to the bhoomi..u shared everything with her vish said while looking at bhumis painting …she’s the most beautiful nagin in the naglok,most kind & innocent…u love her a lot n she too loves u …naglok always adore the love between u too..actually you both r not real sister our king ur dad has 2 queens

Maharani chandralekha & shivani so ur maharani chandralekhas daughter n bhumi is shivanis daughter ….but u both love each like any real sister ….

Bella smiles …vish tells some more memories from her previous birth

After their chatting Bella returns to her home vish ask her to take care Bella leaves naglok n come to her home

When she come home its almost morning…after some time

She join her family during break fast n she’s really tired so she decides to take one day leave from hospital

She’s in her room n thinking how her life changes she again try to remember memories from previous birth she close her eyes again she gets flashes of her with her mom dad this time she sees bhumi also but again everything terns black n she open her eyes in disappointment… There are so many enemies, so many mysterious things happen with her,she gets attack she gets save but she knows nothing…she doesn’t remember her previous birth,she doesn’t knows where is nagmani,how she will protect the nagmani, how she fight with enemies they are really stronger than her…

Then she gets msg from mahir he ask her to meet him…mahir wants to meet his future wife but he don’t know that she’s Nagrani now…How will he react when he know about it..Bella doesn’t want to lose him in  any cost he’s her life,her happiness,he’s her painkiller… She feels so happy,so relax when she’s with him ….his presence is enough to make her happy …they both decides to meet each other

Bella herself knows nothing about her previous birth so many mysteries she has to solve…so she decides when she knows everything then she will tell everything to mahir about naglok n herself

She gets ready in blue prom gain as blue is mahirs fev colour

Mahir come to pick up her both goes to their fev restaurant

Mahir is busy in adoring his future wife Bella smiles

Bella-  mahir if you done adoring me then shall we order?

Mahir smiles -yes ,Bella u look so beautiful today

Bella- mahir I want to tell u something really important

Actually what f I changed thenalso u will still love me…

Bella said all in one breath n mahir does not understand anything ….

Bella is looking at mahir for answer

Mahir-bella, relax! Take a deep breath  ,Bella takes deep breath, mahir gives her glass of water which she drinks her in one seep …

Mahir-bella what do  you want to satalk

Bella- mahir,I was saying if I’m not the same Bella I mean if I change then also u love me(this time she speaks slowly)

Mahir-bella,I love u n I will always love u I will always be ur side in every thick n thin ….I will always love u nobody even no time can change it

Mahir cups her face n says-Im always with u Bella

Bella feels so lucky that she’s got mahir..but its not right time to tell him about her

They both finish their dinner n headed towards their car …mahir goes to the car while Bella is standing behind him

N again cloud terns darker ….moon goes behind the cloud Bella’s hear start beating faster n she sees the foam that black foam coming towards her like storm she’s numb …mahir comes to her..mahir don’t know anything Bella just want mahir to be safe…unaware of reality mahir takes Bella’s hand in his hand foam come towards them …Bella is sweating she don’t know how to handle situation in front of mahir …

As soon as foam can touch them the lady in the foam unable to harm them because there is formation of shell around her n mahir …foam goes back frustrated…

Bella is surprise n wonder how it happen it never happen with her …but when she’s with mahir how that shell form …she understand when she’s with mahir that lady is unae to harm her

Mahir drop Bella to her home…

Bella knows that foam will definitely come now…n same happen foam comes the lady is in the foam is now frustrated, more aggressive because she’s unable to digest her loss..

Bella too comes in her nagin form n fights with her but she’s really strong er than Bella…soon bellas saviour white foam comes the lady in the black foam fights with the lady in the while foam

Fight continued few min after that lady in the white foam got injured n fell out of foam …..the black foam lady laugh n disappeared

Bella gets shock to see her saviour in her state…she’s mermaid half human ,half fish ….with long hair &Mask on the face….Bella goes to see her

Episode ends here

So guys give ur feedback n guess who is that mermaid?

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