Strange magic (Episode 4) Nagin3 FF Written Episode

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Episodes -4

Episode starts with Bella see her saviour she’s mermaid.. Above waist she’s lovely young woman & below waist she has body if fish

Bella goes to see her…she has mask on her face, mermaid is lying on floor unconscious Bella heals mermaids wound with her magic n removes the mask n the biggest shock of her life waiting for her…..As she removed mask she saw face of Jeevika… The mermaid is none other than Jeevika

Bella couldnt believe what she saw..her friend who’s like other normal girl lives normal life …she’s mermaid, she’s Bella’s saviour…she’s the one who save Bella from the attacker…she’s the one who protect always Bella….

Soon Jeevika gains consciousness.. She open her eyes this time her eyes are of blue colour she has blue coloured fish tail with pearl crown on her head …she looks even more beautiful in this

Jeevika ask Bella if she’s fine

Bella nodes positively….there are so many questions in bells mind which she want to ask Jeevika

Jeevika understands n says

Jeevika-Bella u know u were best friends in ur previous birth

Bella-But no one told me that

Jeevika smiles n says-Bella because no one knows that …that was secret between u n me ,Bella I born as mermaid deep inside the water…

I was very happy with my family …I love my parents but one day they died I became very lonely I have no one there no friends no family

You know mermaid & Merman divided into 2 classes one is servant group n other is royal group

Royal group has all the rights to learn magic, to become king queen n servants r the slave of royal….I was born in servant family…

Since my parents passed away..I worked as beautician in queens castle ..I have no right to learn magic..I was slave of queen my duty is just to do all her work n she was very rude actuay all the servant mermaid had the same life but at least they had their family …with whom they can spend time,they can share their happiness n sadness n I have no one

I was so frustrated with my life….one day I came above the water n to see word outside the water I saw the floor,the trees ,greenary, the mountain I found all that beautiful but forgot that world outside the water was very cruel…more cruel than the queen …some men spots me there ,they were so greedy they kept me in a cage…I was mermaid but that time I didnt have

any power…I was so helpless that time…that greedy men were talking that mermaid had pearls in their stomach so one of them suggested to kill me n take all the Pearl out.n other man told them that they can be very femous they can attract lots of fame through me …after lot of arguments they decided to kill me

Don’t know who told them the stupid thing that mermaid have pearls in their stomach…. That time I almost faced my death… But u know Bella u were there that time u came there as a huge snake They including me was really afraid seeing such huge snake….you attacked that greedy people…N they ran way….

Then u tern into ur human form ….u rescued me from cage

That was our first meeting Bella ….U saved me…u gave me new life,we became really good friends…u treat me like ur younger sister…I found caring sister in u….

U often came to visit me….U know the rock above the sea was our fevourate place where we meet….U teach me how to live life…how to find happiness in sad times ….I was so overwhelm &Grateful to have friend like u…U insist me to learn magic…In queens castle,Gurujis teaching magic spells to young mermaid & merman who belongs to royals…I always listened them sometimes binding behind pillars or sometimes while working in castle…I used to practice all the spells when I was alone..n I remember Bella how happy u r when u saw me practicing all the spells performing magic….

U used to share all with me…u know in ur previous birth u love ur parents a lot n ur half sister bhoomi…..

But then ur parents died n u became Nagrani…u were really busy at that time but still u came to visit me once in week..

One day we decide to meet….I was waiting for u whole day,next day also I came out of water ….on that rock I was waiting….but u never I decide to visit u…With my magic I trace the way of naglok n with magic I became snake n comes to naglok

That day naglok was so sad…there are clouds of darkness…The greenary lost from the tress…all are sad I went to the snakes..n they are talking about how Nagrani heart broke into million pieces listening ur death news …they are talking about prediction future prediction about u….Aghori baba told people that u will born in human n when u tern 25 Get all ur powers back…

A ray of hope appeared to me while listening about ur rebirth…In naglok peoples r talking about tracingvur human form n protect u because there are numerous enemies outside ….but they are unable to trace u….since I have the power of tracing people n I trace u I saw ur rebirth through my vision …But I didn’t know whether I shall tell people this or not….but then I remember u have blind trust on bhoomi so I decide to tell her but later found that she died with u..

Peoples tried to solve mysteries about how u died ….I don’t know whom to trust there….Then I remember u love rudra n rudra too truly loves u…so I tried to find rudra but rudra wasnt there in naglok…

People were really woried about what if enemies trace u,they didn’t want to lose their Nagrani again…So I decide to be with u I found out that sehgal & singhania family really close to each other so I took birth in sehgal family

Bella listens all this

Bella-I m really sorry Jeevika …because of me u leaved ur Home u come between humans ….Jeevika stopes her

Jeevika-Dont say sorry bella , U gave me new life,because. Of u I find happiness in my life…. Because of u I learn magic…this life is given by you Bella,I’m always with u….

Bella feels really grateful that she have friend like Jeevika

Jeevika-Bella,I always think that humans are bad but look I got such lovely family,caring supportive mom dad n mahir bhai n karan

Bella- Jeevika I know u love karan na…

Jeevika smiles-Yes I really love karan but soon she become sad n says-but I never want karan to proposed me whenever he wants to proposed me I make him forgot what he was going to say…..

Bella- why jeevika?

Jeevika-bella because I am taken…soon I will be kings 7th bride…so I can’t love anyone…

Bella listens this in shock

Episode ends here

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