Strange magic (Episode 5) Nagin3 FF Written Episode

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Bella listened jeevika in shock

Bella- what kings 7th bride?

Jeevika-Yes Bella hes our king Yuvraj…He’s very rude n he punished peoples over small mistakes…He’s very powerful in royal group.. So no one dares to argue with him…Everyone is so afraid of him..I was working in queens castle …queen ruhi (played by karishma tanna)she’s one of the fevourate queen of king so he often visits the castle..there he saw me & proposed me…u know Bella, I have no right to say no to him …Everyone thinks I’m so lucky that I got attention from king,king wants to marry me…A servant mermaid soon will be queen..but I never want to be queen..queen is just a show case there kings trophy wife…But u know I got advantage of that I’m the 1st mermaid who lives in between human actually no mermaid or merman allowed to go out of sea …but since I was kings fevourate.. Soon to be 7th bride king gave me permission to came here but I wasn’t allowed to fall in love with someone else ….N I also tried not to fall in love with karan…but karan he’s so special,caring,loving I started falling from him ,I couldn’t stop myself from loving him…u know Bella we mermaid can read ming of people whom we truly love …I can read karans mind I know how much he loves me but I can’t do anything if king will know about this he will kill karan …N when we will be settle in naglok,I have to go back to sea n then king will marry me….King doesn’t love me he just got attracted to my beauty …

Okk Bella enough about my life, tell me How’s naglok now?

Bella is really sad thinking about Jeeviikas life..she’s herself faced so many problems in her life still she cares about naglok & Bella…what if we kill that rude king?….(Bella thinks)

Since mermaids can read mind Jeevika hears what Bella thinks

Jeevika-No Bella,we can’t do that because no one in the sea goes against king ..n u can’t enter in the sea because there r really strong spells n magic which prevents others from entering into sea..only mermaid & merman can enter into the sea…Karans love is not written in my life..that’s my destiny Bella n I accepted that….I thought u will get ur memory back when u Tern 25..

Bella-no jeevika,sometimes i just gets flashes of mom,dad n bhoomi but I didn’t recover all my memory….n I’m very tensed Jeevika i don’t know where is nagmani,There r so many enemies

That black foam lady who’s she?

Jeevika-I don’t know Bella,she always wears mask so I never saw her face but she’s really powerful…I don’t know what she want she always comes to injurer u to harm ubut she never dare to kill u…I don’t know her motive

Bella suddenly remember about vish

Bella-i thought to call vish here,I really want my 2 best friend to meet each other ..

Jeevika-Yes Bella call her,u told me most about her in previous birth she’s very loyal friend

Bella close her eyes n says vish,within a second vish comes there

Vish gets shock to see mermaid in front of her she’s about to attack her but fortunately Bella comes in between

Vish stops n does not understand what’s going on …

Bella-vish relax! She’s not here to attack me ..Bella tells vish about Jeevika,their friendship n how she saves her..

Vish smiles n says- Jeevika, I’m very grateful that u save Bella our Nagrani always thank u!

Jeevika-Bella is my best friend too..So no need to say thank u .

Vish hears this n say

Vish-yes but Bella is only my best friend

Jeevika-I can read Bella’s mind …I know more about Bella than u

Vish- I know more about Bella …n Don’t like fish n mermaid (she said this while making faces)

Jeevika-oh really I don’t like nagin who have red scales on their body n red eyes it doesn’t look good

Vish-Excuse me! I’m one of the hottest nagin of the naglok

Jeevika laughs hearing vish

Bella gives unbelievable look they both fighting like littile kids …Bella stops them ….They stop fighting

Bella-You both r by best friend..n I love u both equally ….now come on say sorry to each other

Vish says sorry to jeevika…But Jeevika tern her head to other side as if she’s very angry …vish gives Bella complaining look Bella says ‘ Jeevika’

Jeevika looks at Bella then vish n say sorry to vish…

Bella- now hug each other

Jeevika vish -what?

Bella- guys

Both hug each other Bella enjoyed their nokzok she too goes n hug them …trio smiles n hug each other

Jeevika Bella vish comes to their human form

Jeevika- mission no 1-Bella,u have to learn what are ur powers n how to use them …Bella nodes

Vish-okk,rudra knows all about Nagrani power he will teach u..

Bella-no vish,I don’t want to learn from him…

Vish- OK Bella,Guruji will teach u

Jeevika- vish, when Bella died everyone was present in naglok except rudra where was he that time?

Vish-Actually rudra left naglok when Bella died, he told us that naglok reminds him Bella, Bella’s memories,their love so he left n came after 4- 5 years ….After listening this everyone became silent

Bella thought- I don’t know why but I really don’t want to trust rudra anymore

Jeevika listens bellas thought n looks at her ….

Bella-ok mission no 2 – we have to find who is the black foam lady n what she want..

Vish-Yes, she’s now only enemy of our she have to find about her

Jeevika- she always attack Bella she always injuried her don’t know what she wants ?

Bella realise something n said -Nagmani..she want nagmani she told them how in dreams she ask about nagmani to her …

Vish -Yes that’s why she’s stalking u,attacking u because u r the only one who knows about nagmani …u r the only one who can find nagmani

Bella n jeevika looks at vish in confusion

Vish explains- look,nagmani is really powerful..nagmani chooses its owner not owner chooses the nagmani…only the person who have purest mind,who is loveble ,loyal,who doesn’t have any greediness,selfless person only able to find out about nagmani…since u were the one who found about nagmani in previous birth u r the owner & protector of nagmani so nagmani is loyal to u…if u gave nagmani to other person with u will then nagmani change its loyalty n owner ….so that black foam lady wants u to give nagmani to her that’s y she’s attacking u

Episode ends here

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