Strange magic (Episode 7) Nagin3 FF Written Episode

Hello guys how r u all?…here is episode 7 hope u guys like it n please share ur views after reading

Episode 7

In naglok

Bella is learning about her powers n practicing it….After finishing her practice session she gets restless

Vish- Bella ,what happen?

Bella-vish,I don’t know how but I think jeevika need us…vish I have to meet Jeevika

Vish-bella,I will also come with u

Both terns into snake form n goes …but in the middle of their way black foam lady is already waiting for them…she attack on Bella n vish but today Bella isn’t weak she almost learn about half of her powers n their use,today she isn’t look like frightened Bella today she look like warrior she has determination in her eyes anger in her eyes,today she look like Nagrani… Seeing this form of Bella vish remembered Bella’s previous birth,Nagrani Bella…Nagrani Bella is back again vish gets superhappy, today vish doesn’t protect Bella because vish feels Bella doesn’t need her protection anymore …Bella fights with the black foam lady she almost defeated black foam lady …Bella gives her numerous wounds she injured her,black foam lady too fight with Bella but today she’s unable to match with the powers of Bella ….Bella snatch the mask of black foam lady …the foam almost disappeared now Bella n vish can see the lady …both gets shock to see that she’s also a nagin she has half body of women n half snake form,she has long black hair with beautiful face ….beautiful large eyes filled with hatred,anger for bella (Guys u can imagine hina khan as black foam lady)……

Bella-who r u?..why ur doing this all

Black foam lady laugh

Black foam lady – u know what Bella u can learn about ur powers, u may gain ur memory back but u can never guess who I am ….u just defeated me once but I will always win at the last,ur looser Bella u can’t handle nagmani,nagmani isn’t loyal to u now right?

Bella-Yes  im not the owner of nagmani but  I will never let u get the more thing I’m not looser ur looser ur searching for nagmani from  so many years n still u didn’t got it …

Black foam lady gets angry n vanish from there ..

Vish-bella I’m really happy look u just start learning about ur powers n today u defeated that black nagin

Bella- but vish who’s she? Did u saw her before

Vish-no Bella I saw her for the 1st time today,I think shes greedy nagin who want nagmani at any cost.

Bella- yes she want nagmani but I think I know her,I think I met her in previous birth also ….vish why I didn’t get my memory back,we have to find nagmani also ,n this black nagin I think she has big motive

Vish-bella, its OK everything will be fine ,its just a beginning now we will find nagmani n will solve all the mysteries  …Bella nodes


Both goes to jeevikas house

They saw Jeevika crying there …the house is fully decorated with flowers n candles there were pics of only karan jeevikas photo vanish from pictures …Bella n vish understand what has exactly happen ,what Jeevika does with karan …they both just look at Jeevika n hug her …Jeevika cries her heart out vish Bella gets sad n wipe her tears trio hugs each other

Jeevika- I think karan will be safe now

He has no future with me I hope he will find nice girl as his life partner

Bella hold her hand – u r so brave jeevika

Vish-yes , it take so much courage to do such big step

Jeevika sadly smiles-sometimes love gives u courage to do all the impossible things

Bella- yes love gives u courage to fight against all the odds,that’s what I’m telling u jeevika,if u can take such big steps, u can make such huge sacrifice for ur love,if u can protect ur friend from powerful nagin, if being a servant u can learn magic n u can use that magic so well then ur also able to fight against that rude king u can protect the sea, u can protect the servant mermaid ….my heart says that there will be some way to defeat that king

Vish nodes ….jeevika looks on

Bella n vish told Jeevika about black foam lady  Jeevika gets happy listening Bella defeated that black nagin …she gets sad knowing Bella is not owner of nagmani

Jeevika-ok guys I have to go to sea now …actually today is kings birthday so I have to go

In sea

Kings castle

Castle is decorated with flowers & pearls …kings all 6 bride r present there, Royal group is present in the castle ….Jeevika feels suffocated she comes outside the castle

She came outside n remember Bella’s words

“Didn’t u like the party”?

Comes a voice behind her she terns n find kings 5th wife,beautiful mermaid swara (Helly shah) smiling beautifully at Jeevika

Jeevika- no queen I like it…castle is decorated so beautifully… Swara smiles

Swara- U performed all the spells n magic so accurately…. Jeevika gets shock

Jeevika- what r u talking about?

Swara – I know u learn all the magic secretly …I know u don’t like Yuvraj,(she smiles)…so does I am (Jeevika looks surprise), u know jeevika I was born in royal group, I was really happy in my life ,I felt in love with merman who he belongs to servant group…we love each other unconditionally, but king saw me he want me to be his 5th bride…he kill love of my life in front of my eyes n he married me life turns into hell…I miss my love in every second of life..u know I have only one motive in my life ” Revenge” I want revenge from Yuvraj ….I know u hate him u dont want to get marry him

Jeevika-Yes I don’t like him he’s rude cruel but he’s really powerful how can we get rid of him?

Swara-we have to make team …there r so many marmaids & merman who hate king we have to team up with them…we have to taught servant group magical spells…but before that u have to meet future fairy

Jeevika-future fairy?

Swara- she knows the future of everyone ….she can told u about future of sea n mermaids

Jeevika- does she knows future of everyone?

Swara – yes everyone

Jeevika thinks something

Swara- hey where u lost ? Jeevika nodes no swara told about the way of paristan where fairy lives …u know u have apportunity, king sends no one out of sea he sends only u because he thinks ur fool u don’t know about magic u just went to help ur friend n soon will be come back to sea …

Here I will team up with the mermaids n u visit future fairy soon.

Episode ends here

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