Strange magic (Prologue) Nagin3 FF Written Episode

Hello friends I’m sushama, I’m behir fan & I like fantasy stories so strange magic is the fantasy based love story..I hope u like it so let’s start from the Introduction


Bella Raijada(24)- played by surabhi jyoti

She’s the most pampered girl of Raijada shes beautiful charming kind hearted n doctor by proffesion….she lives with her baba,bhiyya RJ & bhabi kuhu

Bella is in deeply madly in love with mahir  sehgal a buisnesman & her childhood friend

Mahir sehgal(26)-Played by pearl v puri  he’s Handsome kind gold hearted person he loves Bella so much he want to get marry with her

He lives with his Father Andi sehgal,mother sumitra & sister  Jeevika

Jeevika sehgal(24)-She’s Bella’s best friend n mahirs sister she’s beautiful & mature girl

Karan Singhaniya- played by karan tacker he’s 26 mahirs close friend he’s businessman he had huge crush on Jeevika he loves her but never dare to tell her

Behir karan Jeevika are childhood friends after collage they parted their ways as Jeevika n Bella goes to MBBS collage n karan mahir goes to complete their MBA



Scene starts with a couple …mahir is on driving seat drives the car n Bella seat on passenger seat they both r chitchatting n smiling suddenly rani start Bella is looking outside the window n mahir stares at her lovingly

Bella-mahir look outside it so beautiful stop the car I want to go out

Mahir smile n stop the car how can he refuse his Bella’s demand

Both go outside n dance in the rain share some romantic moment

N then mahir drops Bella to her home

Bella comes to bed room n start wiping hair hairs which was wet n she remembered the moment share by her n mahir cute smile plays on her lips she  want a simple life she want to spend life with her love mahir…..but life is never so easy n predictable……while thinking this a strong black coloured foam starts appear in her room she did not able see anything she feels like all her happiness is taken away from her the foam start coming near her but suddenly another foam of white colour appear in her room seems like 2 Strom fight with each other….this all frightened Bella she like 8 year innocent girl hide behind cubbord crying helplessly After a while 2 Strom dissapper …..

Bella slowly come behind the cubbord  this all is not new for Bella from past 15 days these strange incident happens with her The black storm isn’t new for her but still she’s afraid her saviour white foam that storm isn’t new for her the white storm saves her from black always but she neither no about her attacker nor saviour they are not just a Strom but 2 different people one who attack her n one who save her but due to all foam she’s unable to see them…

She wonder why is this happens to her she’s normal girl but just she has strong attraction towards snakes…Girls of her age would see their prince charming in their dream but she sees snakes,castles n yes a strange lady who always ask her ” Where is the nagmani”?

Is it normal? No ….she knows it n she can’t tell anything to others coz they didn’t believe her….

Thinking about this she slept n again the same lady with black attire,long black hairs with beautiful figure ask her “where is the naagmani ???  Tell me Bella…

Bella is sweating n frightened voice she says – I don’t know the lady gets angry takes knife n scratch it on Bella’s hand Bella is in pain She’s unable to see that lady’s face n with a jerk she wakes up from sleep n sees everyone is gathered in her room n Says ” Happy birthday “to her she sees her family n mahirs family in front of her she smiles she cuts cake n mahir feed her cake ….Jeevika smiles. But she notice scratch on Bella’s hand she gets worried n ask about her ….Bella is shocked to see the scratch n remembered how in dream  the lady scratch her hand with knife

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