Strings of Hearts (Raglak ff) – Part 1 Written Episode

Hi everyone…. Does anyone remember me!?🙄

This work of mine is totally based on the serial track of Swaragini.

There will be some changes in the plot,u shall witness the story from the beginning.

~How would it have be if there was no swara-laksh-ragini’s love triangle!?

Then who would make the pair with Lakshya!?

To know the answers keep reading my work😁

Let’s go…..

It starts with someone singing bhajan at kali baadi.Her hands are folded with eyes closed.Lord Krishna idolin was infront of her.

It was a Janmashtmi day.All people thete at kali badi gathered together to celebrate the day and get Lord Krishna’s blessings.Some women there praised the girl who was singing with a sweet voice.

An old lady comes and tells,”she is my Ragini.I m her Daadima”.(she said that with some proudness in her voice and face)
The girl’s face was revealed to be Ragini.

Mean while Dadimaa and those women who were listening to Daadi turned somewhere where they found a girl in Western outfits joined Ragini who was in traditional attire.

Dadi smirked…while the other ladies praised the other girl,”Swara is also not less than Ragini.God had blessed Swara too with a beautiful voice”

A lady interrupted them,”hahaannn…natani(grand daughter) kiski hai….I am Swara’s dida and i am so proud of her”,sating so she looked Daadi who was irked already.

Dadi: Eyyy Bangalan…

Dida:what Parvati!!are u jealous of my Swara(she giggled) that everyone are praising her.

Meanwhile Swaragini finish their bhajan and come to witness the talkings

Dadi turns her face with dida’s words

Dida: Arrey Parvathi….

Dadi interrupted dida,”ur natani might have a good voice to be praised,but it’s Ragini who is better in all aspects comparing her.I have grown her up from her childhood.I have taught her about customs and rituals that someone has to follow in their living.”

Dida: haaa…I wonder how will she be if u are this waste.How will ur up bringing be

Dadi: eyy bangalan…u r just crossing ur limits.
Dadi smiled sarcastically and continued,”look who is talking about upbringing.Her daughter didn’t marry anyone till this age and her so called natani Swara doesn’t know her father’s name

Ragini felt bad for swara with Dadi’s words,Swara felt hurt but she managed not to show out.
And also Swara and Ragini tried much to stop the quarrel between their grandmother’s.

Dadi’s words wounded the hearts of Bose family including Sharmishtha who was listening all this from the door step of her home.

Dida in return criticized Ragini and said that no man will come forward to marry Ragini and Dida even challenged dadima tat she will stop Ragini’s wedding some how.Dida also challenged dadi that she will get swara married before Ragini.

At bose house after some time,

Dida was sitting on the sofa.Her face showed clearly that how hell angry she was

Shomi sat near her,”maa…wat was the need to make challenge and all,and y do u both always fight like kids”

Dida:u b quiet shomi…u dont know anything.As said I’ll win this challenge and make that marwari’s face black

Shomi shook her head in disbelief and looked Swara who was looking them blank

Dida: Shona(Swara)…I will always be on you.What ever i di will be for your good,u just trust me.(swara smiled blankly).

At Gadodia’s house

Dadi was in the kitchen preparing something,

Ragini was standing at the door step of kitchen

Dadi:As soon as Shekar comes home today i have to talk to him about Ladoo’s(Ragini) marriage

Dada jii: Arrey…y to hurry for that.we still have time to think about it.

Dadi fumed and came bfr dad who was in the sofa,”I have challenged that bangalan”

Dada frightened a lil with Dadi’s roar where as Ragini was listening it patiently.

Ragini comes out and moves to terrace inorder to hang the wet clothes under sun.She thinks of all that incidents that had happened in the morning.she takes a deep breath and closes her eyes and says just a word,”maaa….(a layer of tears drops out of her eyes)

She opens her eyes when she feels someone cupping her cheeks.She smiled among tears finding her Janki maaa before her.

Janki: what is it Ragini..what is bothering u Ragini(she asked with much concern)

Ragini: Maa…dadima(she broke out in tears and hugged janaki without uttering any word)

All could be heard is Ragini’s crying.Janki caressed Ragini’s head while hugging.

Janki: Beta…dadimaa had struggled much all these days to bring u up.(they broke the hug,Ragini looked her Maa with tearful eyes)Vishwass rakk…dadimaa par..

Ragini:but maa..

Janki:U Believe me na!!

To which Ragini nods her head.

Janki: what ever dadimaa does is just for your well being.Ragini…u mean her world.She just want to to be happy in ur life.She loves you as I do.She had grown u up inplace of me just like how a mother grows her child.
I am not in this world with you.And ur dadimaa is fulfilling her duties as a mother more than a grand mother.

In a road a car was drive in a high speed….

Janki: Believe her… she will bring u a prince who will just love u..only u….

The car stops and a boy gets out of the car.Suddenly two girls tum to hum

Girls:Lucky….(they hung over him and take photos with him)

Janki:u will be the priority to him after his mother

The same boy was shown,he took up a beer bottle and started gulping it.And he looks the bottle

The boy:feeling heavenly(he kisses the bottle)

Janki: ur one tear will make his heart acheing.

The boy keeps down the beer bottle above the roof of his car and looks at one of the the girl near him who was pouting.He kisses her cheek and she smiles heavily and hugs him.

Janki: he will understand even ur silence

The boy stands near a mountain cliff
and shouts with his arms wide open,”This lucky is the happiest man in the world…huhuuu”

Janki: dadi will bring u such a Prince charming(she smiles and kisses Ragini’s forehead)

Ragini looks happy hearing her mother.She smiles as if her prince charming will come to her soon.

The screen splits with Ragini and Lucky’s happy faces.

Update Credit to: #Manju

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