Tantra 13th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Akshat attempts to kill Niyati Written Episode

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Akshat follows the girl as she runs down the street calling for help. She reaches a temple and goes into it, hiding behind the tree. Akshat walks towards the temple, his eyes reddened. He was pushed away from the temple at the gate, receiving heavy jolt. Niyati was out in her car looking around for Akshat. She finds the car of the girl, the door open while engine still on. She wonders if there was some accident. She then thinks about going to find Akshat. She comes out of the car to check if someone was in trouble. She gets into her car and drives again.
Akshat stood in front of temple door and says his wife is here. Niyati comes to Akshat and asks what this drama is, why he walked so far away. Akshat walks in the opposite direction. Niyati says Akshat left suddenly. Akshat reminds Niyati that she pushed him outside. Niyati reminds Akshat that he was talking strangely and even asserted himself physical. Akshat says he loves her dearly. It went over because he got drunk, but she didn’t understand Akshat can never hurt her. She didn’t consider for once it was a prank. They have played numerous pranks, he thought about another on their special night. He didn’t expect such a rude behavior from her.
Akshat offers to go for a long drive, they will go to sun rise and spend good times there. Niyati agrees. They argue over driving. Niyati says Akshat is drunk and let her drive. Akshat says her scolding brought him into complete conscious. They get into the car. Akshat ties Niyati’s seat belt tying it with a pin, with reddened eyes he thinks it won’t untie easily. Niyati asks Akshat to wear the belt himself as well. Niyati says six months ago, she would have denied marrying him for all his carelessness. Akshat says it’s the same with him as well. Niyati smiles as Akshat kiss the back of her hand. They play their favorite song. Akshat races the car at once. Niyati was terrified and asks him to control it. Akshat was at once tensed and says the break of the car won’t work. Niyati tries to pull the hand break but of no use. Akshat thinks he had failed the hand break before leaving the house, it can’t work. He asks Niyati to jump out of the car. Niyati tries to untie her seat belt. The car was still out of control. Akshat also tries to open her seat belt but it won’t open. He asks her to check the buckle but nothing worked. Niyati suggests him to jump off. Akshat wasn’t ready to jump out without her. Niyati opens his seat belt and pushes him out of the car. Akshat rolls downs the street and watch the car blast ahead.
Akshat’s eyes flash red. He watch the car burn and says Niyati left right in front of his eyes, how he is going to live without her. He screams Niyati, but laughs and waves a bye to her. He turns to walk away but hears Niyati’s call for help.

PRECAP: Kanchan was frustrated and was happy that Niyati’s life has ended. Akshat watch Niyati hanging with the bridge. He goes to help her, but deliberately loosen the grip of his hands.

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