Tantra 14th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Akshat behind Dr. Daksh Written Episode

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Sumati suggests about consulting a doctor. Akshat says this will bring a disgrace to Prithvi Khanna’s family. Ashutosh seconds Akshat. Prithvi was angry that he doesn’t care about reputation. Akshat thinks he must indulge them for a while, then suggests he will find a good Tantric to find out what kind of Tantra has been done over him. He comes to the room, Niyati wasn’t there. He looks through the window, the car was there. He wonders where she could go in the house.
Dr. Daksh tells Niyati they must free Akshat from that soul. He will protect Akshat from that devil soul, she must focus what she needs to do. He shares his idea with Niyati. Akshat reaches from behind. Dr. Daksh leaves. Akshat tells Niyati he is going to harm someone other than Niyati right now. He tells Niyati he is some soul which is using Akshat’s body, and uses his powers to bend a light lamp. Niyati says it’s enough for Akshat to know she faked going unconscious. She reminds him its Holi, and on that day the good powers won over devil. Akshat laughs that her family will leave her to mental hospital soon. Niyati was sure her family loves her dearly and will stand by her side.
Akshat tells Prithvi and Ashutosh that he dug details of a few Tantric, it will take him a few days to meet them. He remembers at once its Holi tomorrow, will they celebrate it. Prithvi and Ashutosh discuss about cancelling the celebrations. Niyati comes there and requests Prithvi to celebrate it, it’s a huge event. Prithvi asks if the family would want to celebrate when she is so unwell. Sumati notices something was going on in Niyati’s mind. She acts aggressive at once and throws everything around her. Sumati and Prithvi agree to celebrate Holi. Niyati at once gets normal and behaves innocent. She hugs Prithvi crying that she feels really terrified. Prithvi assures Niyati that everything will be fine, he stands with her. Everyone in the family consoles Niyati that they stand with her. Akshat thinks Niyati’s mind is working really fast, he knows how she is able to show such strength.
Dr. Daksh was getting into his car when he spots Akshat there. Akshat asks why he is smiling a lot. Dr. Daksh says from tomorrow it’s time for you to suffer. He shows him a box which holds the remedy for him to leave Akshat’s body. Akshat tries to snatch the box but gets an electric shock. Dr. Daksh gets into his car and races it to maximum, Akshat forcefully held the front of the car in place with reddened eyes. Dr. Daksh leaves the car and runs into the forest. Akshat follows Dr. Daksh into the forest. He leaves his glasses on a false direction to mislead Akshat. Akshat cautiously looks around for Dr. Daksh, then was able to spot him run ahead.

PRECAP: Kanchan asks Akshat to help him, he will then get Akshat’s body she always longed for. The devil soul asks what will happen to Akshat’s soul. Akshat’s soul had been badly trapped by Kanchan who smirks and tells the evil soul that Akshat is happy and comfortable wherever he is.

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