Tantra 18th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Akshat kills Riya Written Episode

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Prithvi heads towards Niyati and saves her from falling. There, Akshat drags Riya out of the hall outside. He locks her in a store room at the back. Riya continue to plead him let her free, she promises she won’t go to party and instead go home. Akshat stops Riya and says he can’t spare her, she knows more than he can afford. He clutches her neck suffocating Riya to death. A glass vase lying nearby fell on the floor and break. Riya defends herself by getting hold of the vase and hitting him with it. Akshat holds the broken vase with reddened eyes. Riya senses he couldn’t be a man, and inquires who he is. Akshat kills Riya with the broken vase.
In the party, Niyati was looking for Akshat. Outside, Kartik calls on Riya’s number and wonders where she has gone. Akshat carried a huge suitcase out of Jalsa. Kartik asks where he is headed to. Akshat replies he needs to fix a dead body. Kartik breaks into a laughter and says Akshat jokes well. Akshat says thankyou and heads to help Akshat load the suit case in the car. He notices its too heavy. Akshat says they got a number of gifts such as wall clocks, dinner sets etc. He decided to pay all this in alms. Kartik goes to call on Riya’s number. The phone bell rings from the car but Akshat shuts the back door of car with ease.
Niyati thinks Akshat might have gone outside. She notices Akshat’s car being driven out of Jalsa. She calls on Akshat’s phone but he doesn’t pick it up. She decides to follow Akshat. Akshat was worried watching her car behind and wonders why she would follow him. He accelerates his car. Niyati wonders why Akshat is racing the car instead of slowing down, can’t he hear her horn. Akshat wonders how to get rid of Niyati. Soon, his car vanishes from the path as he deviates into a forest. Niyati wonders where the car is gone. She gets a call from Sumati. Sumati asks where is Niyati, she and Akshat are worried for her. Niyati thinks if Akshat is home, who took his car then. Niyati reaches Jalsa and notices the car was still not there, she wonders who took Akshat’s car and why. She comes into the house. Sumati stood waiting for Niyati and takes her to meet a few guests from Mumbai. Niyati was shocked to see Akshat talking to some guests already. He introduces the guest to Niyati. Niyati asks to speak to Akshat for a while. They go aside. Niyati asks Akshat what this is. Akshat says he just complemented Niyati for being her inspiration. Niyati asks where he had gone right now. Akshat reciprocates the question. Niyati tells Akshat she followed his car outside Jalsa, but the car vanished on the way. Akshat tells Niyati that the mechanic came over to take his car for servicing. They had an accident and he can’t further risk Niyati’s car. Kartik comes to them worried about Riya. Niyati was unaware. Akshat replies he can only see his wife since he got married. Niyati gets busy with some guests. Akshat thinks Niyati has been spying on him, he must stop her.
After the party, Sumati comes to Niyati and notices she was tensed. Niyati shares with Sumati about Akshat and burning of his house. Sumati convinces Niyati not to be tensed about it, people go on honeymoons to come closer and develop some memories. Niyati says she wasn’t sure if Akshat would agree to this or not. Sumati tells her to pack her bags, she will speak to Akshat herself. Outside the room, Sumati finds Akshat overhear their conversation. She asks if he was listening to their conversation. Akshat smiles that he was thinking Sumati is extremely nice. Niyati would have denied for going on honeymoon, thankyou for speaking to her. He takes her blessings to be able to accomplish his goals, while he eyes reddened. After Sumati has left, Akshat smirks that Niyati is being pushed to death.

PRECAP: Kanchan instructs a guy that it must appear only to be an accident. He has to work a lot for her after Niyati’s death.

Update Credit to: Sona

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