Tantra 20th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Someone is going to interfare tantra Written Episode

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Niyati ask about burning smell she is getting, but she get too see fire all around.. She call akshat, when he come infront he act as if he came from kitchen..

Akshat call fire brigad..He ask Niyati to wait till fire brigad come.. One man (sorry name nhi pta) see house and her specs reflect reddness on khanna house..
She goes and take damb towel and come out and hug akshat..

Fire brigad blow fire and say you called soon, just one room is spoiled, otherwise it would have burned whole house. Akshat thanks them. Akshat think who called them, i was just acting.. Someone is watching them..

Akshat and Niyati talk and do bandage of each other and share romantic moments..

Someone ring bell and say he is from RTO and he got his car is of theft. Akshat get angry and say we can buy 100 of like it. He ask to show papers. Akshat was angry and ask him to leave, when Niyati ask akshat to show papers and clear his doubts.. Akshat goes.

That person enter inside house and introduce himself as Daksh, who is an expert in knowing negeative energy in human and can control them. He say his husband is not right, and give niyati his visiting card. Niyati scold him and ask him to leave. Daksh please call me and we will meet, and i shall clear it to you. But she throw his card. By the time akshat arrive.. Daksh see paper and leave.

Akshat closes all window and door. They both talk. Akshat says I knew he was not from RTO, but I let him go as he might had gun or knife. I shall go and complain in police you rest. He ask her to relex and make her sleep.

Akshat find his visiting card and get angry. Daksh is trying to figure out about Akshat, but interfered by Akshat. Daksh say I knew you will come. And tell him about his negative energy. Niyati is good but you are not. Akshat say I shll not leave anyone whom so ever come in my way and show knife..

Precap: Akshat say I need to finish niyati fast, before daksh do something.

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