Tantra 25th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Niyati on a mission to lead Akshat to temple Written Episode

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Niyati stood beside the car when Akshat reaches her. He thinks this is called fate, her car went out of order just so that he could catch her. Niyati thinks she was just waiting for Akshat. Akshat races his car and heads towards Niyati, hitting her. She runs into the forest while Akshat follows her.
At Jalsa, the pooja of MahaShrivastri was going on. Sumati sends Parth to bring the required list for Aarti at night.
Akshat follows Niyati deep into the forest.
Prithvi comes to Sumati and asks her to take some rest for her own self as well. He wished Niyati and Akshat are here with them. Sumati says they already left early at 6am and may be here soon. Sumati tells Prithvi that she spoke to Niyati and told her about the Aarti. Prithvi was relieved. Sumati was still tensed and thinks the security guard said that they left separately, hope everything is ok between them.
In the forest, Akshat caught Niyati. He tells Niyati he long awaited to kill her, burnt his house, blasted that car as well; he even killed Kartik’s girlfriend and buried her packed in a suitcase. She had seen him in the car rightly. Then he planned the fire in farmhouse but her shrewdness protected her again. But today, he will kill her for sure. His eyes flash red, he pulls a dagger to kill her. Niyati throws dust into his eyes and runs from there.
Dr. Drusht sat in a temple inside the forest. He checks the time and thinks it’s already very late, what if she is caught in some problem.
Niyati thinks she must take Akshat to Shiv temple in any possible way, then everything will be sorted. She slips into a hidden trap hole, her foot entrapped in a steel jaw. Akshat reaches her and smirks that she is again caught in the hands of her fate. Niyati cries out of pain.
Sumati was trying Niyati’s number, she was tensed that Niyati didn’t pick up the call. She then tries Akshat’s cell phone.
Niyati screams of pain and tries to get off. Akshat attacks Niyati with the dagger but stops at the ring of the phone bell. Niyati’s foot hurt badly while it bled. Akshat sits on a stone and says soon Niyati would be dead. He wish to take her screams to Sumati but he can’t. Niyati had pulled her leg from the steel jaw and able to run away. She fills her injured leg with soil and prays for the strength to take Akshat to temple.
Prithvi comes to Sumati who was tensed. Sumati says Akshat and Niyati are not taking her call. Prithvi says they must have stopped by for coffee and some snacks. He assures he would go there himself if they aren’t here in an hour. He calls Parth and Kartik and asks them to figure out where Niyati and Akshat are, they left at 6am and haven’t yet reached.
Akshat follows Niyati. His foot slips on a cliff, his head hitting a rock. Niyati cries watching him hurt.

PRECAP: Akshat poses to have lost his memory. Niyati comes as a savior and hugs him. Akshat pulls his dagger to kill her now.

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