Tantra 26th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Akshat controlled by Dr. Drusht Written Episode

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Niyati watches Akshat hurt and in pain. She wonders how she can leave him in such a condition, she loves him and is aware he also loves her. She can’t even think about leaving him, she is… because of him. She finally heads towards Akshat. Akshat and Niyati hug each other. Akshat asks Niyati if there is some problem, if he did some mistake; why are they here. Niyati hugs him and assures everything will be fine. Akshat’s eyes flash red again. He holds the dagger and holds it close to her neck.
Parth and Kartik were in the car. They discuss the odd behavior of Akshat. Parth stops the car with a jerk as they watch Niyati and Akshat’s car. Parth calls on Akshat’s number but Niyati’s phone rings from Dr. Drusht’s number. They were worried and comes calling Niyati and Akshat.
Niyati holds a brick nearby and push it against his knee. She was able to run away.
Prithvi and Sumati gathered for Pooja. Prithvi assures Sumati that Akshat and Niyati will soon be here, she must focus on pooja right now.
Niyati runs across the forest, heading towards the temple. She slips again. Akshat was headed towards Niyati holding a huge black rock. He rolls it near Niyati. Niyati was unable to move while Akshat reached right above her and pulled the dagger.
At Jalsa, everyone participated in the Pooja. Prithvi and Sumati step ahead for the rituals.
Dr. Drusht reaches to throw a white powder over Akshat, before he could attack her. Niyati stands behind him. Akshat screams hysterically like some wild beast. Niyati asks what’s happening to Akshat. Dr. Drusht says Shiv Ji’s white dust will hurt him but its important to remove the negative energies from inside him. He continues throwing the white dust over Akshat, then place two blocks on two opposite sides of Akshat, these were magnetic rods which attracted the black energies inside Akshat. Niyati cries as Akshat felt severe pain.
Kanchan could sense an attack over Akshat and her control over him. She thinks they cannot control Akshat and works over Akshat. Akshat’s body rolled between the two poles. Dr. Drusht says it seems someone is exerting a pressure over Akshat once again through black powers, but his poles are prohibiting. Akshat calls Niyati for help, but Dr. Drusht asks her to behave sensibly. Akshat now asked Niyati for help. Dr. Drusht says they must take Akshat to Shiv temple as soon as possible.
Niyati asks Dr. Drusht if there isn’t any other way to take Akshat to Shiv temple. Dr. Drusht says there is, he takes Niyati’s promise that for any reason, she shouldn’t stop mid-way and lead Akshat to the Shiv temple. She must continue sprinkling this white powder over him till he reaches temple.
Kanchan blows a black smoke to stop Niyati and Dr. Drusht from taking Akshat to the temple.

PRECAP: Dr. Drusht, Niyati and Akshat come across a black stormy smoke in the mid way towards temple.

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