Tantra 4th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Prithvi brings Sunaina to Jalsa Written Episode

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Akshat and Guru jee leave Jalsa before anyone can come outside. Sumati opens the main door sensing the blast of ball. Saudamini gets behind a wall. Sumati wonders what kind of a blast it was.
It was sixth dark night. Akshat tells Guru jee they must go inside Jalsa anyway. They notice the preparations of a party in the house. Akshat was worried how they will now go inside, he wish Niyati is fine. The sixth nail ejects out of Jalsa’s earth. Niyati was weak and vomits blood.
Saudamini and Kanchan discuss that Prithvi secured a huge deal in Delhi. Kanchan says Niyati will leave tonight, but before that Sumati must die. Sumati was the one to blame her Papa, is the Tantra ready? Sumati smirks that they must see the drama at Jalsa along with other guests.
Niyati speaks to Akshat on phone. Akshat convinces Niyati to disclose Saudamini and Kanchan and tell her family that Kanchan is her step sister. Niyati gets an idea.
Kanchan comes home and was shocked to see Prithvi with Sunaina. Sunaina introduces Kanchan as her daughter. Prithvi was shocked, he asks Kanchan if she didn’t know who he is. She visited Jalsa a number of times. Sunaina inquires Kanchan if she met Prithvi? Kanchan explains to her mother that she went to Jalsa for catering, then certain events compelled her visit Jalsa. Kanchan says she didn’t tell her because she must have been worried. Prithvi understands Kanchan’s reservations and care for her mother, he understands that Kanchan doesn’t want to keep a relation with their family as well. But time is a healer.
He recalls he and Sunaina met in a temple as a coincidence. Prithvi tells Sunaina they always thought she was dead, he complains why she didn’t call him ever. He insists on Sunaina to come home, everyone will be happy to see her. Sunaina was annoyed that nothing is left. Prithvi insists that Sunaina is unaware of a lot of matters. Sunaina says she has no relation with that past. Prithvi asks what if her future, and her life is connected with that past, then. Prithvi told Sunaina that he has her second child. Sunaina was taken aback. Prithvi joins his hands and requests her to come along him, everyone will be happy.
Sunaina tells Kanchan she has a twin sister, she is Niyati. Kanchan poses to be in a shock and fakes a smile. Prithvi tells Kanchan that Sunaina gave birth to Niyati, not Sumati. Prithvi tells Sunaina that Niyati is a little tensed right now, she feels lonely as well. Sunaina requests Kanchan to get ready, looking for her hopefully. Sunaina takes Kanchan inside. Akshat stood outside the house.
Akshat recalls, he had called Prithvi to temple. Prithvi was furious for misleading his daughter. Akshat says he is sorry and had to repent for his mistakes in front of God. Prithvi was annoyed and not ready to forgive him. He turns to leave and spotted Sunaina there.
Akshat decides to inform Niyati that what she wanted has been done.
Dadi was emotional while meeting Sunaina. Nani also welcomes her. Sunaina asks Sumati about Niyati, she longs to meet her daughter. Prithvi tells Kanchan to go and bring Niyati downstairs. Sumati presents her with the keys as the room was locked. Sunaina questions why Niyati’s door is locked. Prithvi says he will explain everything to her.
Kanchan walks upstairs to unlock Niyati’s room door. Niyati sat on the bed and wonders if it’s a dream, Kanchan has come to take her downstairs. Kanchan questions how she is aware of every happening in the house while being locked. Niyati says she needs to keep an eye over the enemies of her family. Kanchan reminds Niyati that tonight is going to be her last night, she wish to witness Niyati’s death. Niyati counters that she has chosen her own death herself, she made Prithvi and Sunaina meet with the help of Akshat. Kanchan asks what Niyati will get by bringing them here. Nothing will change, as the Tantra is still secretively present here. Niyati deters she will find that Tantra in front of Kanchan and soon her and Saudamini’s reality will be unveiled. Kanchan challenges it won’t be possible to prove. Niyati says they will see. They turn to see Kartik stand at the door of their room.
Niyati explains to Kartik they were discussing about the party tonight. Niyati and Kanchan walk downstairs. Sunaina was emotional as she watches Sunaina.

PRECAP: Niyati tells Sunaina her heart has always accepted someone else as a mother, can she call her Choti Maa? Saudamini works with her Tantra at the gate of Jalsa.

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