Tantra 6th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Akshat fell weak Written Episode

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Akshat wipes Niyati’s sindoor as this made him into a devil. He promises Niyati when he has recovered, he will reapply the same. Akshat feels a strange energy in his body when the sindoor is removed. Niyati cries hugging him, and confirms if everything will be fine. Akshat assures it will be fine, and goes downstairs as Dr Daksh must be waiting. Niyati ties her mangal sooter into a bag and comes downstairs. Akshat fells weak and unconscious. Niyati thinks Kanchan will tell them a way out of this game and leaves Jalsa.
The lady inspector outside Police station tells Niyati she knows already what she wants, Kanchan is looking her way. Kanchan was in the bed and welcomes her twin sister. She tells Niyati to come and beg for her husband’s life. Niyati offers her all the money, but only wants to know the Tantra she did on Akshat. It’s a chance for Kanchan to come out of the jail. Kanchan reminds she surrendered at will, she is capable of earning hundreds of millions but she only wish Khanna family’s destruction. Niyati warns her to deem herself powerful, good always win over devil and Kanchan will also be defeated one day. Kanchan says if Daksh was capable enough, she wouldn’t have to come here. She is innocent and removed her Suhan symbols, she invited her husband’s death actually.
Akshat pukes blood at once. Sumati was tensed for Akshat’s health.
Niyati tells Kanchan this is all a lie, she has actually saved her husband. Kanchan says she has started to think how Niyati would look in a white dress. She challenges Niyati to call home and inquires how Akshat is. Niyati gets a call from Sumati, she tells Niyati that Akshat’s condition is worsening. He is puking blood. Niyati asks her to take care of Akshat, she will be there. Kanchan smirks if they were afraid of watching Akshat’s blood. Niyati clutches Kanchan’s neck and asks what kind of black magic it is. Kanchan says Niyati is responsible; if she wants to save her husband she must go wear the bangles, mangal sooter and the sindoor again. If she doesn’t do this before dawn, Akshat will be dead.a
Sumati was tensed and prays for Akshat. She suggests Dr. Daksh to take the Suhag bag to Shamshan, it will improve Akshat’s condition. Niyati had reached home and hits Dr. Daksh. She unwraps the bag and hurriedly wears her bangles. Sumati was worried and asks what Niyati is upto. Niyati says only seven minutes are remaining, she will tell them later. She runs to the room and applies her sindoor and once again. She comes downstairs and asks Sumati to repair her mangal sooter, Akshat might lose his life if she doesn’t wear them till tomorrow morning. Sumati hurries to get the thread and needle.
Sumati and Niyati re sew the mangal sooter. Akshat was trembling out of weakness. Niyati wears the mangal sooter, Akshat’s body cease movement. Everyone was worried.

PRECAP: Akshat lay on the couch still. Niyati tells him to wake up and open his eyes. She cries with her head over Akshat’s chest

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