Tantra 8th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Akshat burns his house Written Episode

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Prithvi informs the family that Kanchan has surrendered to police. Everyone was relieved. Niyati wonders how Kanchan can surrender so easily, there is surely something going on in her mind. Prithvi and Sumati were going to police station. Niyati insists to go and see Kanchan for the last time.
In the police station, Kanchan watches Niyati and says she is lucky to have seen Niyati in the bridal dress. She is extremely happy. Niyati asks if she surrendered due to realization. Kanchan smirks. Niyati asks Kanchan to stop this bitterness, she did a lot but didn’t get any relief. If she still vows to leave her path and promise them. Kanchan lays on the bench and tells Niyati to go and celebrate her wedding. Prithvi and Sumati come to take Niyati as all the formalities are now complete. Niyati leaves with Prithvi and Sumati.
In the police station, Sumati asks why Niyati came to meet Kanchan. It’s a good day in her life. Niyati says she wished to see if Kanchan is really repenting. Niyati tells Prithvi there was no repentance on her face. She instead stared her in a strange way. Sumati says at least now she is behind the bars. After all the charges, she will get extensive punishment. She takes Niyati home, it’s time for her Bidai.
In the jail, Kanchan thinks she was never afraid of any punishments. They day Niyati finds out that she has performed Tantra over her marriage she will plead to meet her, and that day she won’t meet Niyati.
It was time of departure. Dadi wished to spend little more time with Niyati. Everyone look for Akshat who was absent. Everyone tries Akshat’s number. Akshat stops his car outside his decorated house. His eyes reddened. He doesn’t pick up any call. Niyati was tensed that Akshat never delays any calls. Prithvi sends Kartik and Parth to look for him.
Akshat takes Kerosene oil bottle from his car. His reddened eyes flash while watching all the décor. He spills kerosene oil and burns the décor.
Kanchan smirks she will now enjoy when Akshat will himself ignite the fire.
There, Akshat throws a lighter over the kerosene bottle. The fire soon spreads across the house. He stands there watching the house and the décor turn to ashes.
At Jalsa, everyone was tensed about Akshat. Niyati dials Akshat’s number but the phone rang nearby. Akshat walks into Jalsa strangely, still under the effect of Tantra. Niyati asks where he had been. Akshat says he was nearby around and had some personal work. Sumati asks what kind of personal task he had on the day of their wedding. Akshat smiles that his stomach was upset, he went to washroom. Everyone laugh at him. Sumati asks Pandit ji to do the Bidai. Akshat’s reddened eyes flash.
Sumati holds Niyati’s hand and cries during her Bidai. Niyati goes to meet everyone. She now comes to Prithvi and cries while tightly hugging her. Akshat smiles and says they must not take any stress, they should think Niyati never left their house. He thinks Come In, A young man comes inform JK that his house is in fire. Akshat’s eyes flash in red.

PRECAP: Niyati held Akshat’s hand while they walk upstairs. In the jail, Kanchan smirks that Niyati must enjoy her new life now.

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