TERA FITOOR (Hate Full Of Love)~TWINJ SHOT 13 Written Episode


TERA FITOOR (Hate Full Of Love)๐Ÿ’ฅ๐Ÿ’ฅ
Shot 13 ..
The Episode starts with Kunj coming back home after a tiring day he was very much tired ..he knocked the door while twinklee who was busy planning his bday was cooking the dinner too …she heard the knock and smiled and ran towards the door opening ..

Heyyyy Kunj she said with her gorgeous smiled while Kunj looked at her and passed a tiring smile ..

She looked at his messy state and understood he is hell tired she took his bag and his blazer while they move in ..

I am hell tired Kunj said loosing his tie sitting on the sofa in hall ..
You go and get freshen up I’ll arrange the dinner twinkle said ..

Yeah I need a hot shower Kunj said and went inside his room while twinkle resumed her cooking ..

She was done with the dinner preparation and went back to room and saw Kunj still in washroom she quickly took out his night wear and waited for him while he came back wrapping a towel around his waist and twinkle started at his well built body …she smiled while Kunj looked at her ..

He took the clothes and twinkle went out for arranging the dinner Kunj came outside and both sat ..

Twinkle I can’t have it you have I need to sleep Kunj said his eyes blurring with the lack of sleep ..

Kunj have something atleast twinkle said .. standing beside him putting hand on his shoulder ..

Nah I didn’t have much energy left Kunj said ..
Twinkle checked his forehead he had a slight fever too she was concerned ..she didn’t wanted anything to go wrong in his birthday for that he need to be peaceful and healthy …

Acha I’ll make you eat twinkle said she started giving him the morsels while kunj was having with her hands admiring her he always loved when she cares for him forgetting everything else ..

Kunj was done with having his dinner while twinkle sat infront of him ..
I am so sorry I troubled you Kunj said pouting while twinkle smiled ..

No it’s nothing like that you sleep with me today twinkle said
What ? Kunj asked ..

Yeah I am saying it twinklee replied ..
You go and sleep in our room I’ll have my dinner twinkle added ..

Yeah sorry again Kunj held his left ear while twinkle pats him playfully .. he went to their room ..

Twinkle had her dinner she went after completing all of her works and entered her room to find Kunj sleeping peacefully ..

She changed her clothes and went beside him admiring his face ..she caressed his hairs lovingly …just few days Kunj then we will be the happiest couple around ..

She laid beside him admiring his face and slept peacefully ..
The rest two days passed by Kunj was busy with his projects he was spending most of the time at office twinj didn’t spend this two days together just they used to have their dinner and sleeps ….

It was another tiring day for both of them twinkle went somewhere she picked up a box and went back to her home all the while happy and excited about Kunj which was the very next day …
Should I wish him today ?? No no I will give him suprise Tomorrow as everyone is coming tomorrow too it will be great she smiled ..and kept the box aside and hide it ..

Kunj totally forgot about his birthday in his office tension ….
We can’t let this project go arhaan said ..

Yeah for that only I am working really hard Kunj said ..
Yeah bro don’t worry we will rock this time too arhaan added ..

Yes we will Kunj said ..
So any progress ? Arhaan asked ..
Where ? Kunj replied ..

Yours and twinkle relationship ? Arhaan asked ..
Nah everything is same but she is getting back to my normal twinkle before I am loving her extra attention and care I am waiting for this project to end asap so that I can go on a long vacation with her Kunj said ..

Ohooo honeymoon Haan arhaan teased ..
Uhmm you can say that Kunj replied ..
Saale arhaan said ..

Both had a hug ..and went for their respective rooms …
Soon Kunj reached back an asusual twinkle was waiting for him he smiled seeing her …and went inside …

What happened twinkle asked seeing him lost in her ..
Nothing just admiring you Kunj replied ..
Why ? Twinkle asked ..

Can’t I admire my wife Kunj asked ..
Ahh twinkle said and went inside while he smiled ..

And see roses on the dinning table … anything special today twinkle ??? Kunj asked ..

Hmm wo ..nahi ..why are you asking ? Twinkle asked ..
Just see the house everything changes here curtains lights you have decorated it Kunj said ..

Ahh it’s just I was bored so ..twinkle said .
Okay I’ll come back in a minute Kunj said running to change while twinkle smiled ..
They both sat Kunj sees twinkle prepares all of his favourites ..

They feed each other smiling and enjoying together while twinkle bring pastry for him Kunj smiled …

It’s my favourite too Kunj added ..and feed twinkle first while she too ..he takes the pastry near her lips ..while she opened her mouth thinking he is gonna feed her but he smash his on her cheek ..

Kunjjjj twinkle screamed ..
Now you are looking amazing Kunj added laughing ..

Wait I’ll not leave you twinkle said ..
Running behind him with the cake while he ran ahead …

Soon twinkle was tired and stand in the corner panting heavily Kunj on seeing her like that Ran towards her worried ..

Twinkle smirked and smash it on his face while his mouth forms and o ..

Ohooo Kunj sarna you lost twinkle said showing him her tongue teasing him while he wiped the cream with her dupatta and pulled her towards him pinning her towards the wall …he walked her face too sensously sending shivers down her spine ..while twinkle closed her eyes ..

Kunj kissed her forehead ..and rubbed his cheek with her and she clutched his shirt tightly in her fist pulling him more closer to her Kunj smirked looking at his effect on her twinkle opened her eyes and looked at him she smirked back and pulled him closer more sealing his lips with her Kunj was shocked soon he gave into her and started reciprocating to her they both had a passionate kiss ..Kunj looked at her …her cheeks turned red ..a playful smiled on her lips her eyes protraying the love which was hidden for so long …he smiled and nuzzled his face in her neck … kissing her passionately …

Twinkle sees him she stopped him by kissing him again and entwined their hands both looking at each other they joined their foreheads … smiling ..

Twinkles phn started ringing breaking their lovely moment they looked at each other Kunj went to room ..while twinkle sat talking it was her professional call..

Kunj laid on bed ..with a smile he closed his eyes waiting for twinkle but soon he fell asleep …

Twinkle ended the call and huffed she sees the time it was 11:55 she went inside her room and sees Kunj sleep ..

Ahh this guy ๐Ÿ˜ถ but no worries ..she said and went beside him she pecked his lips ..

Happy birthday sadu sarna she pecked his lips and pecked his cheek ..she took their selfie by placing her lips on his cheeks ..
I’ll show it to you tomorrow she said and slept with him ..
Next day :::
Twinkle woke up early she went inside washroom while Kunj too woke up and decide to make breakfast as it was many days since he didn’t cooked anything he decided to make something for twinkle while she came out and sees him she smiled ..

Oye why are you cooking ? Twinkle asked ..
Just ..Kunj said pecking her lips good morning he said ..

Good morning twinkle replied ..
Wait I’ll help you she said …taking the veges ..Kunj went backhugging her while she looked at him and he pecked her cheek from behind …

Kunj what are you doing twinkle said ..
Just spending some time with you he said ..
Achaa Kunj come home early today ..twinkle added .

Why ? Kunj asked ..
Just I wanted you to come soon today twinkle added ..

Acha ..I’ll try Kunj said ..
No you have to twinkle said turning she was between kitchen slab and Kunj he looked at her and tucks her hairs behind her ears ..

They looked at each other ..and smiled ..
Wait twinkle said playing song leja re ..
Dance what say twinkle said …

Anything for you kunj replied ..
They both dance cutely while seeing their breakfast so that it doesn’t burns ..

They both enjoyed their morning ..their were done with preparing breakfast they lay the table and sat together smiling and started having dinner ..

Kunj took out his mobile taking their pics both posing happily ..twinkle also smiled ..
He went back to changed twinkle cleaned everything and he came back to go for office ..
Take leave today na twinkle said ..
I would have but it’s urgent Kunj replied ..

Acha go come back soon twinkle said ..
Okay meri maa Kunj replied pecking her forehead..he unwillingly left for office ..

While twinkle cleaned the house and started decorating it first she planned romantic dinner for him but after knowing all are coming to join them she decided to celebrate it with them ..but also at home too ..

She started decorating it she went to their room and decorated it …
It was soon evening twinkle was time to time asking Kunj when he is coming back he said he will be at home till 7 he was waiting for her ..

Finally it was 6:30 twinkle went to get ready she called Kunj he picked up the call ..

Kunj when you are coming back ? Twinkle asked ..
Yeah I am on the way Kunj replied ..

Haan come soon twinkle ended the call happily ..
Kunj was driving when he got Samar call he picked it up ..

Kunj where are you ? Samar said ..
I am going back home Kunj replied .. anything urgent ? Kunj asked ..

Yeah wo it’s an emergency Kunj wo naman Ko ..Samar said ..
What happen ? Kunj asked ..

You just come i can’t say on phone Samar said …Kunj was panicked ..

He stopped the call twinkle is waiting for me at home …I’ll go and see Naman then will rush back home yeah that will be good ..than I can spend time with twinkle in hope everything is fine Kunj prayed and went to the location Samar send him ..

Twinkle was ready and waiting for Kunj when she got Abeer call ..
Oyee kaha hai tu ? Abeer asked ..

I am at home bhai when you all are coming ? Twinkle asked .
Are we are here in Mumbai Abeer said ..

What ? Twinkle asked ..why you all didn’t came home till now ? She ended ..
Your father in law brought us to some banquet Abeer said ..

Papa ji ? Twinkle said .
Yeah come soon I am sending you the address he said ..

Twinkle called Kunj he picked up ..
Twinkle I have an urgent work I’ll come soon Kunj said and ended the call ..before she could reply anything..

I’ll go to venue and ask Kunj to come there only twinkle thought she too went ..

It was a lavish banquet everything was arranged perfectly ..sarnas and Tanejas were already present .. Abeer and meher was busy pacifying Ishaan who got scared due to plane journey ..

Thank you so much uncle for coming here Samar added ..
Yeah I am so happy my Kunj has you all who cares for him so much Manohar said ..they all wait for Kunj and twinkle ..

Thank you arhaan you understood us Naman said ..
You all want to apologise to twinkle and I just helped I hope you will rectify your mistakes arhaan said ..

Yeah all the demons nodded ..
Samar met arhaan and made him convinced sarna family to join in their celebration they all called twinkle to inform too but as usual she didn’t picked any of their calls..

Soon Kunj reached their and went inside while Aryan saw Kunj and turned off the lights ..twinkle too reached and went upstairs ..
Kunj called demons name ..

Samar ??
Naman ?Aryan ???ย 

Anyone here ?? He asked
Soon they burner the birthday bombs
All screamed

The lights turned on Kunj sees the place and sees Manohar Usha bebe yuvi rt Leela Abeer Meher Suhasini didn’t came due to her health issues and Amaira Karthiktoo…SamarRhea Naman aryan arhaan Amaya there ..

He sees everywhere written happy birthday Kunj all smiling at him ..he recalled the last birthday he spent with twinkle after that he never celebrate his birthday he forgot that it’s his bday today he realised twinkle attempts from last night a smile appeared on his lips ..

Twinkle who came behind him was shocked too see it too she sees Kunj too and everyone else with demons too ..all came forward and hugged Kunj … wishing him while he just passed a smile …

Thank you everyone Kunj said slowly while all smiled ..
What an amazing party you all arranged Usha told demons twinkle realised they planned it even Kunj too that Samar did a prank so that he comes there …

Arey twinkle finally you are here arhaan said bringing us ahead …he made her stand beside Kunj and they bring the cake ..

Kunj cut it along with twinklee while the others clapped ..he took the cake and fed bebe following by Usha and Manohar twinkle went in side ..demons feed Kunj he feed them back …and they all hugged ..

Kunj looked on for twinkle .. but didn’t found her as everything went dim again for the fun ..
Twinkle realised kunj lied to her about some urgent work when she clearly told him that she wanted him to be with her ..

Tears formed in her eyes recalling the past and again their words rang in her mind ..
Kunj will choose us before you she closed her eyes letting the tears flow ..

They all arranged for a dance all called all the couple’s on floor ..twinkle didn’t wanted to create a scene infront of her in law’s and everyone ..Meher pulled her pushing her towards Kunj who held her firmly …

The music was being played Samar Rhea mehbeer arhmaya joined them on the floor …
Kunj sees twinkle quiet ..he tired to initiate the conversation …

Hey ..Kunj said ..
What happen are you fine ? Twinkle Kunj asked ..

Yeah I am what will happen twinkle replied ..she didn’t wanted to sound rude but she can’t help at this time ..

Acha Kunj said twirling her both feeling their closeness ..
Samar Rhea Naman and Aryan planned to apologise to twinkle arhaan made sure that no family member should know about their past as Kunj told him except Suhasini no one knew about them ..

The dance ended ..twinkle went back towards mehbeer while demons pulled Kunj ..
Kaha ? You came in our hands today we are not going to leave you ..Aryan said ..

I am coming in a minute ..Kunj replied..
Let him go to his wife arhaan teased ..while others laughed Kunj too laughed with them ..

Twinkle sees them she sees her head spinning anger raising in her which was ready to burst out soon she left the party Kunj sees her leaving he also excused and went behind her ..

Soon they reached back home ..twinkle went inside she sees the call decorated she was much angry she teared the front ribbons ..

Kunj entered and sees her angry …twinkle twinkle kunj held her hand stopping her ..
What happen ??? Kunj asked ..he sees her face fully red while she was burning with anger ..

Go away why you came twinkle shouted looking at him ..
What happen ?? Twinkle why are you so angry …Kunj asked ..

You said na you are going for an urgent work ..twinkle added ..Kunj kept quiet ..

Wo …mein ..twinkle Kunj started to say
Wo mein kya Haan Kunj ?? Why you lied you could have told me that you are going to your friends you should have said truth dammit twinkle said ..

I am sorry twinkle but Samar called me and ..
Yeah ..that Samar only why you always do this Kunj why you always choose them over me ..twinkle asked tears flowing from her eyes ..

It’s wrong twinkle I have never see you and them from different eyes Kunj said ..
Lie again a lie ..you are such a liar you lied always even in college too you lied to love me ..twinkle said ..

You are putting fake allegation on me Kunj added ..he started getting angry too when she brought their past ..

It was you who left me don’t forget Kunj said ..
Yeah it was me but it was you who made me do that .. twinklee said ..she throws the side vase breaking it ..

What’s your problem twinkle why are you overreacting ..when you spend time with Sameer and Kiara did I said anything ? Then why are you so insecure about them ..Kunj said ..

Because Sameer and Kiara never put you down never taunted you but your so called friends did ..twinkle said ..

Don’t bring the past twinkle it’s all over Kunj said ..
It will be over when you will choose anyone of us ..twinkle said ..

I can’t and you know it Kunj said ..
I am very disappointed I shouldn’t have loved you I was mad planning your birthday from so many days but what you did you simply lied to me and went there ..twinkle said ..

I didn’t lied twinkle you are not letting me explain ..I wanted to tell truth but then I thought you will be hurt Kunj said ..

I am hurt Kunj ..I am hurt ..you shouldn’t have done that twinkle added crying ..
You are just over reacting twinkle Kunj said kicking on the ballons scattered there ..

I was mad to think that everything will be fine between us but It cant never because you never loved me ..twinkle said .

I shouldn’t have came back in your life she said ..
Twinkleeeee Kunj said ..don’t put everything on me he added ..

I shouldn’t have married you twinkle added ..
No one forced you Kunj said angrily he was hurt seeing her reacting this way but it was her insecurity and his fear was speaking that time they both loose their cool ..

Yes no one did twinkle replied …why did you married me Haan twinkle angrily asks him ..
Just for bebe that’s it Kunj said I had no interest in marrying anyone ..Kunj screamed ..
Hate you Kunj twinkle said ..

Twinkleeeee …kunj screamed …
I don’t want to stay here she said ..
Even I am not dying to stay with you go away from here Kunj said angrily ..

Both looked at each other angrily inside their hearts crying for each other to hug and sort out everything but their ego who was not letting them do that

They didn’t realise that the door was opened and their were fighting very much ..
Kunj ..

They heard the voice and turned to find Manohar Usha bebe rt Leela Yuvi meher everyone were shocked they were standing from the time twinklee told that she shouldn’t have married her and heard their conversation they didn’t learned anything of before ..

Kunj and twinkle looked at them shocked and embarrassed ..
What are you guys doing ? Bebe said .

Nothing bebe I…Kunj started to say he looked at twinkle hurt clearly visible in his eyes same condition was of twinkle ..

Without saying anything Kunj went out from their apartment..he drove off cursing himself …

Twinkle looked at everyone even she didn’t said anything and went in her room locking it …

Manusha and lert sat there worried for them ..
I think we really did a mistake rt said ..
I thought they will be perfect for each other Usha added ..

They never wanted to marry anyone we forced them bebe continued ..the conversation between the elders went on and on …and finally they came on a conclusion .

Kunj reached a cliff he reacalled his fight with twinkle ..he closed his eyes letting his tears flow I didn’t wanted this to happen but ..I lost it .after sometime it was late night Kunj went back home he entered and sees it dark Usha and Manohar was there ..he went to his another room and slept without talking about anything ..
Next morning :::
He woke up feeling emptiness beside him he got habitual to cuddling twinkle in this few days ..he got up and changed he went out and sees Usha in kitchen ..

Are you woke up have something I made your parathas ..Usha said you love na my handmade paratha she ended ..

Kunj eyes looked on for twinkle his heart started beating faster ..he sees Manohar on the dinning table ..

Kunj join Manohar added ..he went and sat like a good boy ..Usha came there and kept the food on table ..

Finally fighting with his inner turmoil he asked ..
Where is twinkle ??

Rt took her back to Amritsar Manohar said sipping his coffee ..
Kunj was shocked ..he looked at his parents ..
To be continued …
So how’s the Episode ??? Shocking ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚..
Silence before the storm ..
Now what will happen ???? Twinkle went back Amritsar …

They ruined everything due to their ego ..let’s see what’s in the store next …

Thanks to all who commented on last ..ignore errors no proof read ..

Bye Allahafiz ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜‡

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