TERA FITOOR (Hate Full Of Love)~TWINJ SHOT 14 Written Episode

TERA FITOOR (Hate Full Of Love)💥💥
Ruined it
Shot 14 ..

The Episode starts with Manohar and Usha having their breakfast while Kunj simply looking at them shocked with Manohar sentence ..
Rt took her back to Amritsar the words rang in his mind again …

Why he took her ??? Finally Kunj broke the silence among them three ..

The way you both behaved last night was really disappointing for both of families we are really hurt seeing you …as a father of girl if would have done the same thing as what ram did Manohar said ..

But Papa Kunj started to say ..
You only asked her to go na then why you are behaving like this now Manohar said ..Tanejas along with Yuvi left mid night only for Amritsar Manohar ended ..

Leave this talks you both have your breakfast ..Usha tried to cool down where the conversation is heading …

But he can’t take her like that way Kunj said ..
Why not he is her father Manohar said ..
Even I am her husband Kunj added ..

Who married her just because of bebe Manohar taunted him with his own words while Kunj kept quiet ..

I don’t know Kunj why you have filled so much negativity inside you I know I did wrong in your childhood by sending you away but that time Amaya Yuvi and Karthik both were I’ll and I don’t want you to catch their infection too so I send you but after seeing your reports I was happy as a father I also wanted my elder son to become my support that’s why I let you stay at boarding but I think that was our crime I don’t felt I did anything wrong ..but still I am apologizing we are really fed up we all thought one day you will be with us like a family but you want to stay alone …if you are happy being alone no one will force you to join us now Manohar said ..

Manohar ji ye AAP kya keh rahe hai ..Usha said ..
Nahi Usha let me say this today we were the ones asking twinkle hand for Kunj but last night disappointment was something I never thought that will happen ..Manohar said ..

Leave this you I love you alott and will always do I am leaving you for all of yourself but just one thing is left after that no one will interfere in your life ..you can live the way you want ..Manohar said with a slight tired smile ..while Kunj looked at him painfully ..

It’s our flight in an hourr take care of yourself amaira wedding is scheduled in upcoming weeks if you want to join you can you are always welcome and you know that Manohar said
Hmm Kunj hummed in response with his head down

Come Usha let’s leave I am waiting for you downstairs …Manohar said looking at Kunj he left downstairs ..

Why are you going so early Kunj said ..
We have alott of preparations to do for wedding and also talk to Tanejas too Usha said ..

I’ll drop you Kunj added ..
No we will wo Manohar ji called the cab you take care of yourself Kunj don’t stress yourself everything will be fine Usha said pecking his forehead while he hugged his mother …

Have a safe journey he said ..while she smiled and nodded he dropped her till downstairs and saw Manohar who was on call ..

Usha sat in car Manohar looked at Kunj ..
Take care he said while Kunj nodded he too sat and they waved him bye leaving for airport ..Kunj sees them going ..

He went upstairs in his house and sees the ruined decorations of the hall …he smiled sadly recalling their last days spent and how they ended up fighting brutally …

He was going towards his room when he heard the bell he opened it to find the delivery boy ..
Yes ? Kunj said ..
You have a parcel sir he said …

What is this ?? Who ordered it Kunj asked ..
Twinkle sarna the man replied .. actually the parcel was supposed to be delivered yesterday but due to some technical issue we have been late he added ..Kunj looked at him ..

Kunj signed the documents and took the parcel it was beautifully decorated …
He went and sat on sofa opening it he looked at it ..it was his favourite brand watch and perfume ..he smiled tearfully .
He took it and went inside his and twinkles room ..when he opened the door he was shocked it was decorated beautifully the red and white ballons were scattered all around the room ..the ribbons hanged on the ceiling having their pictures was hanging …he looked at the bed ..

It had a heart shaped made of the rose petals in between he saw a box of champagne and chocolates ..he sees a huge box with two ballons kept beside it he went ahead and pulled the ribbons the box opened having their collages of their college days pics …

He was startled seeing everything he cursed himself again for hurting her when she was trying hard to mend their relationship ..he cried seeing all of those and missed her alott he wanted to see her and hugged her tightly not letting her go anywhere but it was too late she already left ..he sat there lost in his thoughts ..
@ Amritsar ::
It was a dark morning in Amritsar after twinj fight rt was really very angry on both twinj …he didn’t wanted them to behave more like jerks so he decided to bring twinkle back to Amritsar with them ..they all left back from 1am fight and was in their home till early morning while no one slept whole night ..

Suhasini got really worried when she got to know about their fight ..it was late morning when Meher went to prepare breakfast ..while twinkle was lost in her thoughts ..

She recalled how much she was excited and how she ended it ruining his day ..

I am really very big Idiot I should have keep myself calm but at that point I didn’t thought and ended up like this I don’t know if he got to knew that Papa brought me back or not I hope he is fine ..twinkle said ..

She recalled the last night after their fight when she was crying in her room seeing the decorations sitting in a corner when she heard a knock on the door and opened it to find Meher ..she realised everyone’s is at home and went out and saw all dropped down faces ..

Yeah flight is booked we all can leave now Yuvi said ..
You all go I and Usha will come by tomorrow flight Manohar said ..

Where you all are going ? Twinkle asked ..
Not we all but you are also coming with us rt said ..
Why ? She asked ..

You only don’t want to stay here right so come now with us rt said..
She wanted to fight with him but can’t because sarna family was also there she decided to give Kunj also time and space and left with them back ..

I shouldn’t have come back but he clearly told na he married me for bebe twinkle said ..
Suhasini put a hand on her shoulder ..

Don’t think much twinkle ..she said ..I am sorry I forced out in This relation and I am very much guilty for it she added ..

No dadi twinkle tried to say but Leela called them for breakfast ..
Twinkle sat with everyone rt was looking at her only while her gaze was on the plate ..Ishaan tried to change the situation by his cute talks …soon they all had their breakfast too ..
@mumbai ::
Kunj took shower he really missed twinkle he got habitual to her in this days she was taking care of his little little needs and he was loving it now when she was not there he was missing her like anything ..he went out and had the parathas made by Usha ..

He went office his face was gloomy they had a early meeting arhaan told Kunj that he will see that and ask him to spend time with his family unaware of last night destruction..

Kunj went to their conference room and showed his presentation arhaan figured out from his face that something has happened ..the meeting was dispersed early Kunj went to his cabin followed arhaan ..

What happened Kunj ? Everything is fine ? Arhaan asked ..
I am tired arhaan I have failed we have ruined it Kunj said ..

What Kunj ? I am not getting anything ? Arhaan said ..
Kunj narrated him everything while arhaan was shocked ..

Oh my god this much happened arhaan said ..
Yeah twinklee was really angry thinking that I lied and went to her she did so many preparations for me but she saw me with them she lost her cool and this all happened even I lost it when she told that I didn’t love her ..Kunj said ..you know how many things she planned Kunj said ..

I am sorry Kunj I was the one calling Manohar uncle and others into demons planned party I didn’t thought that twinkle would have planned something too arhaan said while Kunj looked at him ..

They wanted to celebrate your birthday and also apologize to twinkle so I support I never thought she will take this on her heart arhaan said ..
I am tired now she thinks I choose them before her which is not at all true I am missing her alott ..Kunj said ..

Then to back and bring her na arhaan said ..
It’s not at all easy as it seems now the family is between our fights too Kunj said ..

But kunj her anger is justified you should have told her truth that you are going to meet them ..arhaan said ..
I don’t wanted to hurt her arhaan Kunj added tearfully ..

Now it’s enough I never thought I had to take this decision one day …but I had to do it ..Kunj said ..he messaged someone ..
Kunj what are you going to do ? Arhaan asked scared ..

Nothing just wanted to clear something Kunj said and left from office ..while arhaan stayed to handle the rest work ..
@ beach :::
Samar Rhea Naman and Aryan was waiting for Kunj ..
Meet me urgently at beach Kunj pinged them ..
Why he called us ? Rhea asked ..

Don’t know he left from party early too even we didn’t got to meet twinkle Samar said ..
Yeah ..hope everything is fine Aryan said ..

Yeah hope so Naman added ..they sees Kunj walk-ing towards them..
Samar went to hug him but he stopped by showing his hand …they were shocked .
Kunj Rhea said ..

What happened everything fine ? Samar asked ..
Why you called me last night ? Kunj said ..

Are that was a small prank so that we can celebrate your birthday like before ..Aryan said ..
But you all knew that I don’t celebrate it anymore Kunj said ..

Yeah Kunj you didn’t because twinklee went away from you now when she is with you we thought to celebrate it in grand way Samar said ..

I am requesting you all please stop thinking about me please stop interfering in my life Kunj said while they were shocked ..
Kunjjj they all said together ..

Yes I don’t want you all to anyway interfere in my life because of you all and mine stupidity I have lost most of the things in my life Kunj said ..
Kunj but …Aryan started to say ..

You all always do this if I care for you all that doesn’t mean you all will do prank with me everytime Kunj said ..

We are really sorry Kunj but our intension was good Naman said ..
Thanks for all of your concern I personally request you all not to contact me not to do anything for me Kunj stated..

You are breaking our friendship ? Samar asked ..
Nah I am just drewing the line Kunj said ..thanks to you all for everything but it’s the time I should think about anything else rather than our friendship ..

I wanted to clear this to you all I hope you all will respect my decision ..Kunj said ..bye he added and went from there while the rest were shocked ..
@ Amritsar ::
Twinkle was with Suhasini crying her heart out I failed dadi ..I couldn’t stand our wedding twinkle said ..

No twinkle you have done your best sometimes things are not in our control she added ..
Twinkle looked at her phone wanting to call Kunj but her mind was not willing too ..
Kunj after clearing his point went back to office he indulge himself in the work he also wanted to call twinkle but was really ashamed of ruining her plans …he didn’t called her neither she did both waited for each other to take a step which was not going to happen ..
It had been few days Kunj was busy with that project finally it was going to end ..twinkle and Kunj didn’t had any conversations in this days ..
twinklee was spending rest of her time with Ishaan from forgetting everything around her ..

They used to imagine each other and missed each other even more ..

Everytime Kunj goes home with a feeling of seeing her smiling face at door which releases his tension but finding no one he gets heartbroken ..

While twinkle who got habitual to cooking their dinner and waiting for him missing it too she went to Kitchen with the thought of making something for Kunj but he was not with her now ..

They started missing each other badly and their regret and guilt was growing more ..
Kunj was done with his final project he and arhaan sat sipping their coffee ..

Finally bro it’s done arhaan said ..
Yeah really Kunj said ..
So ? Arhaan asked ..
What ? Kunj replied ..

Did you talk to twinklee ? Arhaan asked …
Nope kunj said everytime I wants my mind doesn’t agree Kunj said …

Owww what now ? You planned for vacation finally the project ended Kunj arhaan said ..
Hmm yeah Kunj said sadly it’s Ammu wedding in next week she called me last night and informed ..
Wow it’s good so you re going Amritsar ? Arhaan asked ..
Yeah I have to be there ..I have hurted everyone Kunj said ..

It’s good and sort everything with twinkle bring my bhabhi back arhaan said ..
I don’t know what will happen Kunj said ..

Don’t worry everything will be fine just listen to your heart arhaan said with a smile ..
Yeah Kunj said ..

They went to twinj house and bring Kunj luggage he dropped Kunj at airport ..
Next day :::
Kunj reached Amritsar he went to Gurudwara where twinkle came too both prayed they were walking toward each other but twinkle gets a call she missed to see Kunj while he went to help in Langer .. except his siblings no one knew about Kunj coming back to Amritsar ..

Kunj went to sarna mansion and sees bebe Manohar and Usha in lawn ..he coughed to gain their attention while they were happy and shocked to see them ..

You are here really bebe said ..
Pinch me and see Kunj said smiling she did and hugged him ..

He went and touched his parents feet taking their blessings and hugged them too surprising them…

Tanejas and sarnas too didn’t had any conversations in these days too only amaira used to meet twinkle because she was designing her clothes .. though twinkle tried asking for Kunj everytime but failed to get any news about him….

They all went inside and Kunj went to take a shower ..while Usha was preparing favourites of Kunj ..bebe too made halwa for him ..

Unexpected Khanna’s came into their house Neil and Ragini for deciding about venue for wedding as they were really excited for their only son ansh wedding ..

Manohar greeted them and guided them inside while amaira went to change ..Karthik and Yuvi stands while Kunj too joined them ..

Are Kunj acha hua tum bhi aagaye Ragini said while Kunj greeted them ..
Where is twinkle ? Neil asked ?
Are I met her yesterday only Ragini said ..

Yeah she is at Taneja mansion it’s been so days na she didn’t stayed with them after their wedding bebe said ..

Haan it’s good but call them too after all we are family we will have some good ideas from them too Ragini said ..

Sarnas looked at each other Kunj sees the rised tension between them ..
Yeah I’ll call Usha said and called Leela and told her everything they ended the call ..Kunj Karthik Yuvi stands while ansh joined them directly ..they all were talking ..
Soon rt Leela Suhasini twinkle joined them ..while bebe welcomes twinkle happily and hugged her … twinklee didn’t notice kunj there she met everyone …he saw her she lost all of her glow ..

Haan finally now now twinkle puttar suggest some good ideas for the wedding Ragini said ..
Yeah call amaira too we will ask her and ansh how they want their wedding to happen twinkle said ..

Yeah twinklee you only go and bring her na bebe said ..
Twinkle got up to go but she collided with Kunj and looked at him shocked they looked at each other painfully she was shocked seeing his state his eyes dry .. emotion less face ..he hold her by waist

Ahem ahem ansh coughed teasing them while the elders looked at each other ..
Kunj left twinkle …she went upstairs and joined amaira ..

Oye amu let’s go your mil is calling twinkle teased her ..
Bhabhi amaira blushed she took her downstairs ansh and Amaira sat beside each other ..they started deciding ..

Finally they want to have destination wedding all agrees as that would be fun all staying together …

The day didn’t ended as they brought the wedding invitation samples all were assigned their respective works ..Kunj and twinkle desparately wanted to talk to each other but was not getting any space they were sharing painful glares ..

Finally everything was decided and Khanna’s sarnas and Tanejas had their dinner which was prepared by twinkle and Usha ..Kunj smiled having both of his favourite ladies food after so many days ..

So we will leave now we will meet in wedding only Ragini said all agreed ..
Yeah I’ll message you the location when the place is fixed Manohar said ..

Okay we will leave bye Neil said they all met and Ragini Neil and ansh left ..
Tanejas and sarnas looked at each other ..
It’s good everyone is here rt said ..

Yeah we were waiting for Kunj to be here so that we can free them Manohar said ..
Means ? Both twinj asked..

We know that you both never wanted to marry each other but we forced you into this wedding bebe said ..

Yeah and we want to rectify it even after staying with each other with these months your thoughts are stuck on no wedding only .. Suhasini added ..

Yes you both wants to live alone and our happiness lies in your happiness ..Leela said ..
The day on Kunj birthday night we all took a decision the last decision by your parents by your elders Usha said ..

Yes we finally came into conclusion and realised our mistake of getting you two into an unwanted relationship Manohar added ..

What you all have decided ? Kunj asked ..
Twinkle looked at them scared ..
“DIVORCE” they all said together while the youngsters were shocked…

What ???? You can’t decide this Kunj said ..
Yea..h …twinkle added stammering
Why not it was us who forced you and it will be us only who will free you after that you both can do anything you want bebe said ..

Huh you can’t take our decisions everytime it will be me and twinkle who will decide if we want to stay together or not we are not toys that you will get us married anytime and get us divorce ..Kunj said ..

Kunj rt said ..
Sorry uncle but I won’t let you all do this Kunj said ..twinkle looked at them ..

But you both only don’t want to stay together na …Leela said .
Yeah Usha and others added ..twinj kept quiet and looked at each other …

Its our final decision we want you both get divorced before anything worse happens …Manohar said ..

Yeah your divorce will.happen after amaira wedding ..as we can’t ruin another daughter life rt added ..

Twinj looked at them ..
It’s late I think we should leave Suhasini dadi added ..

Leela held twinkle hand and took her with them while she turned to look at Kunj who was looking at her painfully ..

@ Taneja mansion ..
Everyone came back mehbeer saw them and asked what happen while Leela narrated them everything ..
But Papa divorce ? Abeer asked ..

Yeah Abeer I am regretting getting her married to Kunj …may be she never forgot that guy whom she loved rt said twinklee kept quiet

She got married to him only but still the scenario changed Suhasini whispered twinkle heard and looked at her ..

It will be good for both of them rt said ..and ended the conversation before handed ..
Twinkle went to her room crying recalling their moment and the rest moments spent with his though she was really very sadly about what happen though she tried to be with him to love him .. though she knew that this is just an unwanted marraige for them but divorce …
divorce was never a option for them ..

She cried and cried and heard some sounds coming from the balcony and saw the shadow too… she took the broom from side ..and went towards balcony she was going to hit the person ..

But the person held her hand pinning her to the wall and throws the broom aside ..
Paaaapa .. twinklee started to shout ..he put a hand on her mouth ..

Twinkle it’s me your husband Kunj said while she looked at him scared ..
I managed to get into your room by difficulty and you are shouting Kunj said
To be continued ..


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