TERA FITOOR (Hate Full Of Love)~TWINJ SHOT 15 Written Episode


TERA FITOOR (Hate Full Of Love)πŸ’₯πŸ’₯
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Shot 15 ..
The Episode starts with twinkle looking at Kunj while he kept a hand on her mouth

I managed to get into your room by difficulty and you are shouting Kunj said pecking her forehead tears rolled down her eyes ..his voice soften seeing her..

You wanted divorce ? Kunj asked ..twinkle nodded in no ..
Say it Kunj demanded ..

No I never wanted divorce Kunj twinkle said with tears in her eyes ..
Even I don’t want this I am sorry for whatever happen that night ..Kunj added .. wiping her eyes ..

Even I am so sorry I over reacted Kunj twinkle said still tearfully ..
I love you alott twinkle and I can’t never let you go away from me Kunj said ..making her shocked ..

Our past is becoming hurdle in our present and future we have united back together by Destiny ..I can’t let us to get separated by our stupidity Kunj added ..

Yeah even I want for that we need a permanent solution Kunj twinkle said wiping her tears Kunj looked at her ..

Yeah we need to sort out everything clear every damn misunderstanding from our mind and heart Kunj said ..
Yes agreed twinklee said …

Shall we sit ? It will be a long conversation Kunj said while twinkle nodded ..

They sat on the bed edge infront of each other ..both looks at each other painfully the thought to getting separated again scared them alott ..

So first ? I will clear though I always wanted to but I never got a chance twinkle ..you always had the problem with me ignoring even I don’t want to do that but at that point the only thought in my mind was your passion for career I don’t want to become hurdle in between you and your dreams that why I started distancing myself away from you ..I thought I’ll clear you everything when we will be done with our graduation then we can happily move on with each other but that day never came because you left before that only …I was really shocked and shattered when I got to know from your classmates that you left from the college even you met all of them and celebrated your bid farewell but you didn’t met me once twinkle ? Do I was that bad that you left me ??? You didn’t left any clue behind you so that I can find you ..I will say truth I was angry with you that time you left without even meeting me for once but guilty too of me ignoring and hurting you that campus became hell for me after you left …I started missing you in each n every where …that campus had our hell memories and whenever I used to be there I felt your absence in my life ..I was really very depressed twinkle ..after my finals I even stole your house address from the college particulars with lot of difficulty ..but when I went to your dadu home no one was there …your neighbours told that your dadi shifted long back and no one knew where you all went I was again broken I tried to call you too but the number was unreachable and even your social media accounts were deleted ..there was no way left for me to search you ..

I tried contacting you in every possible means I can but I never found you anywhere …I detached myself with everyone and started living my life alone I started getting nightmares of you leaving me but when I used to open my eyes it was not a night it was the bitter reality of my life you had already left me ..left me alone to deal with everything I started getting panic attacks …I never used to visit Papa maa too because of my fear of hurting them …but when I got married to you I thanked babaji that he had given me another chance to rectify my mistakes
but see I again lost it ..we are again standing on the same place where we stood on our wedding night a complete KNOWN STRANGERS we have spent alott of moments together but still today also we are KNOWN STRANGERS Kunj said …

Believe me twinkle I never wanted to hurt you but still I did and I am still guilty for it Kunj said cupping her face while tears rolled down his eyes imagining the days he spent without her while she looked at him shocked seeing his broken state she thought he is happy in his life but he was not he was struggling alone …
Yeah I am done now you can continue Kunj said looking at her wiping his tears

It is said when a man cries for his woman when he missed her then he doesn’t need to proof to show how much he loves you ..

Even I love you alott Kunj I loved you like mad only you are there for me during that days you knew that I had no friends too ..when you started ignoring me I felt really very bad it used to hurt me alott I could have Bear anything but your ignorance was unbearable I always tired to talk to you but you used to left me making an excuse ..and on the top of them your so called best friend they were mentally torturing me too ..we had a conversation where they told me that you will choose them over me and I denied when you went ignoring me to them I felt their words true I felt like disturbing you all the time and hence stopped calling or messaging you I thought you will call me once you ask me how I am but you never did ..i was very much ill I wanted you beside me but you weren’t there when I was talking with dadi Papa heard about you and he came to college very next day and did all the formalities of my transfer from there and who said that I didn’t went to meet you I went there Kunj ..

But you were standing with your demons and the words you said was something I never expected …twinkle said and told him what all she heard ….

You said you never loved me you are just emotionally attached with me I was there only Kunj you all failed to notice me It hurted me alott alott Kunj I was losing myself I felt very much bad …and Papa brought me back …I was going through alott of stress Kunj ..I was not in a state to listen or to think anything and I didn’t even have idea how I ended up committing suicide I hurted everyone Kunj …twinkle spoke in hurry she didn’t realised she told about her commiting suicide but when she ended and registered her last words back ..she realised what blunder she did by disclosing her suicide truth …

She immediately looked at Kunj who face went blank with the revelation his hands went cold twinkle looked at him and cupped his face ..

You co..mm..ited suicide ????? Kunj said stammering ..
Kunj listen to me twinkle started to say ..

You commited suicide because of me Kunj said ..finally looking at her ..his eyes turned red …

Yeah that was my stupidity Kunj I was going through alot of stress when you told that you didn’t loved me I was shattered twinkle said ..

Kunj inches their faces closer just look into my eyes twinkle you will find the love I had for you and that day what you heard was a lie ..a lie which I spoke so that Samar and others doesn’t taunts you …believe me twinkle Kunj said choking..

Okay twinkle said ..they looked at each other their eyes turned red …

I love you alott twinkle I never thought my one decision will cost something I can never imagine if any thing would have happen to you how would I have survived I can’t never forget this you tried to end your life because of me Kunj said ..his voice going low with each and every passing word …

Kunj look at me Kunj that’s was the past see I am infront of you fit and fine twinkle said …

I am sorry twinkle please forgive me I failed in keeping you happy Kunj said folding his hands twinkle nodded in no by holding his hands and hugged him while Kunj hugged her back tightly with the fear of loosing her …

I can never forgive myself for it twinkle …I can’t Kunj said ..his voice Changing he started getting panic with the thought of it even ..

Everyone is right we should get divorced I can never make you happy you deserved more better than me …Kunj said .. panting ..

Nahhh she screamed at him .. only you can make me happy Kunj and don’t talk this shit I won’t let you go away from me no Kunj sarna ..your are mine now and I won’t let you go anywhere you understand twinkle screamed ..

But twinkle Kunj started to say but he was stopped by twinkle sealing his lips she pushed him on bed while kissing him Kunj was shocked he pulled her more closer deepening the kiss scared with the thought of losing her again …

She went more closer to him they both broke the kiss after sometime and looks at each other tears still flowing from their eyes ..

Their pain was Clearly visible ..we have waited alott Kunj I can’t let anyone separate us Kunj please love me mark me yours Kunj twinkle said ..

But twinklee at this time ? Kunj said ..
Yeah I don’t want anything perfect moment if you are with me my each moment becomes perfect ..I don’t want to waste more time and waits for sometime else to happen please Kunj love me twinkle said ..

Kunj thought for a while she was right somewhere they both had taken a long time waiting for a right and perfect moment but they never realised they can make anything or any moment perfect if they both stays together …

Their all misunderstanding ended Kunj thought that twinkle left him without meeting him but that was not true she heard something else and misunderstood ..

While twinkle too realised that she should have talked to him once ..they both did their stupidity and they realise now they wanted to rectify and stay with each other ..

Though they did a lot mistakes but they were learning from it and moving ahead in their..
After all it’s Destiny rule ..

You learn something from every mistake correct it and move on …

That’s was same with twinj today they both were madly in love with each other they realise they couldn’t live with each other …I promise to stand beside each other now no matter what … They were rectifying their mistakes they were correcting their imperfections they were ready to complete each other today ..

I love you twinkle I love you alott Kunj said kissing on twinklee forehead while she was on the top of him she smiled with the tears in her eyes she waited along to hear this words from her mouth …

I love you too Kunj I couldn’t leave with you now ..twinkle said she hugged him tightly while they both cuddles each other ..

Now what we are going to waste our time like this ? Crying and crying even whole water drained in my eyes twinkle said ..
I think you are being too desperate twinkle ..kunj said smiling tearfully..

So ??? I should shy away Haan and let you roam behind me ?? Twinkle asked ..
Never Kunj said he rolled her beneath him ..and started kissing her he left her hairs opening and smells them ..

I missed it alott Kunj said while twinkle smiled ..and bites on his neck making him shocked ..
You are being too naughty Kunj said ..
I am naughty correction mr Kunj sarna twinkle said ..

Okay Mrs twinklee Kunj sarna Kunj said and sealed their lips again …twinkle smiled …he deepen the kiss twinkle was teasing him by not letting him enter her while his fingers went behind her ear tickling her she chuckled and groaned in frustration opening her mouth ..

Kunj started exploring her while twinkle too he bites her lips while she moans his name …
Ahhh kunjjjj twinkle screamed …

What Kunj Haan this is just the start Kunj said and winked at her …
Hawww then I’ll also bite you twinkle said taking her lower lip in between her lips while he groaned ..

Hushh twinkle Kunj said she winked at him while he nuzzled his face in her neck kissing her passionately .. twinklee pulled his t shirt off and throws it aside …Kunj looked at her she winked at him …

He smirked ..seeing her gawking at his upper body …
So shameless Kunj commented ..

Achaaa you are saying as if you don’t stare me twinkle added chucking while Kunj was shocked ..
How you got to know ??? Kunj asked ..

I used to get ready daily so that you forgets the world’s around twinkle said…
Good baby Kunj said ..he slide her sleeve kissing her shoulder …moving down and down ..

Twinkle pushed him and came on top of him while Kunj removed her top coming above her ..he looked at her while she was shy..
Now who is staring at me Haan she said while Kunj smirked ..

You really have Amazing curves Kunj said ..touching her bare back while she was kissing down his neck chest and abs Kunj was enjoying her lips on his whole body …he started caressing her back enjoying the love she was showering upon him …

Soon the light rooms went dim and their clothes were discarded from them and was laying in some of the corners of twinkle room ..

They both were busy showering their love for each other …their were lost in their world the new feeling …the whole room filled with their pleasurable moans …

Kunj looked at twinkle face who eyes showed the happiness ..he asked twinkle again if she is ready while she looked at him ..

See in my eyes and you will find your answer Kunj twinkle said kissing on his nose tip he smiled entwining their hands driving their to the another world while both of their faces shows the contented happiness after a long separation ..

Todayyyyyy though their journey was painful and very much long but at the end of the day their love broke their wall of misunderstanding ..thrashed their ego ..making them a soul spilt into two different bodies they are of each other from the heart and from their soul and that was the most happiest thing for both of them …
Next day ::::
Both of them were sleeping hugging each other covered in a duvet twinklee was sleeping of Kunj bare chest while he was cuddling her …sun rays falls on them while twinkle tired to hide herself more by moving towards his neck placing her lips there sleeping peacefully while Kunj cocooned her more and kissed on her hairs happily he caressed her back …they both were half asleep still looked at each other ..with the tiredness but a satisfied smile …

Good morning love Kunj said kissing her nose tip while she smiled and kissed on his lips ..
Good morning hubby she said yawning

You are damn beautiful twinkle Kunj added smiling biting her ear lobe …while twinkle blushed ..

Last night was really special for me ..I thought it will be the night when I will loose you but no it made you mine Kunj said smiling ..

Yeah even I was scared but now I am yours and I won’t let anything go wrong ..I love you and you love me together we will make everything fine twinkle said .
Yes we will Kunj replied ..

But let’s sleep I am tired twinklee said Yawing ..
So early but you will used to it daily Kunj said smirking and winking naughtily ..
Shut up twinkle said …

I am very happy today Kunj said..
Even I am I am happy that we didn’t wasted last night like we wasted all these years twinkle said looking at him ..

Yeah I promise to keep you happy always if I don’t na beat me but don’t go away from me okay Kunj said ..
Yes I’ll beat you twinkle said she tired to get up but realised her condition ..

What happen ? Kunj asked ..
Uhmm wo nothing …twinkle said Kunj too realised and chuckled ..

What happen you were going so bold last night and now went on shy mode again ? He asked ..
Huhuh I am not wearing anything twinkle said ..

No worries Kunj said ..
But twinkle said ..
You leave that let me get up and go no one knows about me being here from last night Kunj said ..

So what you are behaving like a boyfriend who’s probably scared of his girlfriend family twinkle said laughing ..
So what that mess we have created we have to solve it patiently Kunj said ..

Yeah right twinkle said ..
So let me go now twinkle Kunj added ..
Sleep with me for sometime then you can go twinkle said ..

Are but ..
I am not listening anything twinklee said again hugging him and sleeping while Kunj too slept with her ..
After sometime twinkle heard a knock on her door and got up she didn’t found Kunj anywhere and realised he left ..
Yes whose there ? Twinkle asked

Dadi twinkle puttar you are sleeping this late Suhasini said form other side ..
Dadi I’ll come in 15 mins twinkle said from other side she quickly took her clothes and ran into washroom taking a shower and came out after sometime to notice there was bunch of roses on her couch with a note …

Thank you for trusting me with your soul I won’t promise this time but I can guarantee I’ll never let our love go down ..
Love you alottt πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

She blushed recalling their beautiful night and hugged the roses and bites …
I love you too Kunj she said smiling and ran downstairs joining her family ..

She greeted everyone and asked them what happen …
Ragini invited us at her place for lunch so we are going there dadi said ..

You slept till this time ? Are you fine ? Abeer asked ..
Yeah bhai what will happen to me twinkle said ..

They all left for Khanna house where they kept the lunch before they leave for destination wedding …

Soon they reached twinkle sees sarnas Already present there her eyes started searching for Kunj she heard his cough from back…

Ahem ahem Kunj said…
When you left ? Twinkle asked..
After you slept Kunj replied ..

I was missing you she said .
Hayee even i Kunj added pouting
Don’t do like that I feel like kissing you twinkle added ..and thanks for the roses ..

Anything for you and Who stopped Kunj said and pecked her lips while twinkle was shocked he winked at her and went to join the youngsters ..
To be continuedπŸŒΉπŸŒΉπŸŒΉπŸ’–
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