TERA FITOOR (Hate Full Of Love)~TWINJ SHOT 17 Written Episode


TERA FITOOR (Hate Full Of Love)💥💥
Together forever
Shot 17….
The Episode starts with Everyone waking up and they got indulge in the works Kunj Yuvi and Karthik was practically involved in seeing off the decorations and food preparations for the haldi ceremony where as twinkle was seeing the clothing and the jewellery section as she wanted everything to be perfect …

The youngsters worked so much and finally everything was set and they all retorted back to their rooms to change themselves quickly ..

Kunj Yuvi and Karthik was dressed up Amazingly in their kurtas where as Manohar Usha bebe all were wearing colour co ordinated clothes twinkle was busy helping amaira in which Meher joined her …

Amaira was dressed up beautifully in knee length top and Palazzo with floral jewelry and matching accessories looking more pretty where as twinkle was dressed up in cream colour Palazzo looking damn beautiful ….they were done with the final touch up when Kunj knocked their to door as he came to call them for the haldi function ..

Twinkle opened the door to find Kunj who looked at her from top to toe and smiled at her …

I never knew you can look this much beautiful he whispered in her ears …while she blushed ..
Who’s there twinkle ??? Meher asked break-ing their romantic land ..

Me Kunj said ..while they entered he saw his sister and smiled while Yuvi and Karthik too joined them the trio teased her till death while twinkle and Meher smiled …
They went and joined the rest family members and the guests where as amaira was brought down by Kunj Yuvi and Karthik … everyone smiled seeing the sarna siblings while Abeer side hugged twinkle ..

I am jealous your wedding happened so quickly he said while twinkle pouted too in affirmation …
You all were so much ready to send me out as soon as possible twinkle said while the both chuckled a bit …

Amaira and ansh was made to sat in their respective places with a curtain partition while Kunj went and joined twinkle and Abeer …

Or ?? What’s these Taneja siblings doing Kunj asked ..
Just reminsing your wedding Abeer said ..we didn’t got much to enjoy he added ..

Yeah you people practically was busy to get rid of us ASAP Kunj said while twinkle and Abeer chucked ..

Wow what an husband and wife both said the same thing even your wifey told them same line in active voice Abeer said Kunj looked at twinkle smirking ..

Yeah man mutual feelings Kunj said while again the trio laughed they were so engrossed that they didn’t notice ..the ritual was already started and Amaira and ansh was bathed with the haldi by the elders now it was youngsters time they too didn’t gave any chance to let them escape while all smiled joined Sameer Kiara joined 

while twinkle jumped in happiness seeing her partners in crime the trio started having fun while Kunj got a call from arhaan who also reached there he welcome arhaan and Amaya all smiled ..

The youngsters were busy playing with the turmeric all around even Kunj and twinkle were behind to apply to each other ….

I practically didn’t got chance to apply you so now don’t think of running away baby Kunj said ..while twinkle smirked …

Let’s see she said and they started running while twinkle running ahead but Kunj was way more faster than her he Catched her by air lifting in her air and held her tightly around and smeared turmeric on her face giggling ..

So bad Kunj twinkle said struggling in his arms she turned and see Kunj with a smirk I hate you she murmured ..

No worries I still love you Kunj said pecking her forehead while twinkle took an opportunity and smeared it too on his face while he make a 0 expression ….she giggled seeing him while they hugged each other smiling ..

Uhuuu uhuuu 😪😪 Amaya coughed to gain their attention while twinj broke the hug and looked at all of them …arhaan Amaya Sameer Kiara was standing there ..

Twinkle introduced them to each other while Kunj missed his demons seeing them but he had to take that firm decision …they all had the meals and ansh and Amaira was instructed to not to meet ..

While Kunj and twinkle arranged a dinner on the beach for all the youngsters …they reached along with arhmaya and Sameer kiara mehbeer while Yuvi and Karthik brought amaira without anyone notice ..ansh too came both smiled seeing each other while others teased them ..

Amaira got someone call and she instructed her to come on beach while the person came …
Khushiiii amaira said excitedly while Kartik looked on smiling and Yuvi pinched him …

Amaira and Khushi hugged while all smiled she met Kunj twinkle Yuvi and rest while her eyes met Karthik who was looking at other side as Yuvi was continuosly teasing him ..

Why you got so late ? Kunj asked her ..
Are Kunj bhai wo our flight got delayed due to some issues she said ..
So we just came here for dinner ? Abeer asked ..

Or them what you want to do Abeer Meher asked ..
Anything you agree baby she said while all smiled ..

Kuch to sharam karo bhai twinkle said ..
Shut up he said while all smiled…
Let’s play spitting out the secrets Yuvi said ..

And what’s that ??? Ansh asked ..
In this game we all will have drinks and we will say a sentence who ever had done that has to take a sip ..he explained while all agreed ..

But make it some fun Sameer said and he handed everyone the glasses poured with champagne ..
Are they don’t drink it Kunj said ..

Kunj don’t be a school kid now Abeer added while twinkle chuckled ..
But your sister only doesn’t drink Kunj said ..

Who said ? Twinkle asked ..while Kunj looked on shocked and the rest giggles..
Now bhai don’t be a drama queen Yuvi said ..

All sat making a circle …
Never have I ever have bunked my college lecturer many times Khushi started the game …while Kunj twinkle Abeer Meher Sameer ansh and Karthik take a sip leaving amaira Kiara and Yuvi shocked …

You didn’t bunked ? Kunj asked them ..
Nah bhai amaira and Yuvi said ..
Because ansh was abroad so Amaira doesn’t goes to meet anyone and Yuvi never showed his interest in girls Karthik said ..

Achaw you showed much interest Kunj said ..while Yuvi coughed teasing him ..
And hamari Kiara was a book worm twinkle said …

Twinkle as far as I remember you were also like this Meher said …you always used to say whenever I used to call you that she added ..
Wo bhabhi twinkle started to say ..

Han say na twinkle Kunj said chuckling while Sameer Kiara arhaan Amaya laughed ..
Shut up ..yeah even I bunked she said ending the conversation there …

Never have I ever lied to my lady love Abeer said …while Abeer Sameer arhaan Kunj take a sip Karthik was looking at Khushi ..while twinklee pinched him…

Kya hua Kittu Babu she said while he blushed ..bhabhi he said ..
Haww you all are so bad Meher said ..
We know they replied …

Never have I ever kissed during college times Sameer added next smirking ..while twinkle looks at Kunj who winked at her …

Sameer Abeer arhaan takes a sip while the rest didn’t … slowly Kunj too takes a sip making everyone shocked ..
Bhaiiii we never knew see bhabhi amaira said ..

Achawww Kunj replied ..everyone’s has to say truth he said indicating to twinkle while Kiara and twinkle takes a sip too making the rest shocked ..

Twinklee Abeer said ..
What twinkle huh she replied ..
Why we are feeling like something is hidden from us ? Abeer said ..

How would I know bhai she said and they again started their Tom and Jerry fight while Kunj and Meher stopped them ..

Never have I ever tried making my bf/gf jealous with others Kiara added ..while all of them took a sip except Yuvi who was getting bored being in between all of the couple’s ..

Hahaha Yuvi we pray that you gets a lady soon in your life …Kunj said ..
Huhuh 😪 I am not at all interested these girls are trouble makers..

Yeah agreed Kunj said ..while twinkle throw pillow at him …
Never have I ever dreamt of marraige during my teens 😹 Kunj said ..while all of them took a sip including Yuvi they all looked looked at each other and laughed…

The game continued and their were called by the elders to come back to resort while all of them left Kunj didn’t let twinkle go he hugged twinkle …

It feels so good to be with everyone na he said while she nodded in yes ..
We missed everything she added ..
We will make it up for everything Kunj said ..

While she nodded her head in affirmation and sealed his lips with her ..while he was shocked soon he responded her with the same passion twinkle hugged him right ..they joined their forehead … Happy valentine week mr sarna twinklee said winking at him …and happiest valentine’s week Mrs sarna he added while they smiled and left to resort hand in hand talking about each and everything …

The next day rituals also take place with the same excitement and fun the henna ceremony Sangeet ceremony..

everything while everyone were enjoying each and every every bit of it …

Soon it was night before the wedding ..and everyone were sitting together except amaira and ansh …
Ahhh so soon these days passed …we were having so much fun ..Kiara said ..

Don’t worry Kiara we will do in your and Sameer wedding too twinkle added while she blushed looking at him and he sidehugged her ..

Let’s go to sleep wedding is in early morning and we won’t get any time after that Abeer added ..
Yeah true Abeer we have to wake up so early Kunj said yawning ..

The wedding was scheduled in early morning as per south indian rituals ..it was a beach wedding …they all went back to their rooms to sleep …..

But it was not for a long time Kunj woke up at 4 am and sees twinkle sleeping he smiled at her and pecked her forehead..
She looks so cute while sleeping babaji I wish her smiled never fades away I will never let her go away from me she was my love my fitoor my everything Kunj said ..

He went to get Freshen up and soon ran on the beach to see the arrangements while Manohar smiled seeing him handling everything he was not letting anyone do any work and even Usha and bebe work too decreased because of twinkle ..
The mandap was arranged and the way from the resort to the beach too everything looking so beautiful ..
It was 5:30 and early when twinkle woke up and didn’t found Kunj beside her ..

Shit shit I got so late she said and quickly took the bath and Ran to amaira room where Usha and bebe was already present ..
I am so sorry twinkle said ..

Are don’t bebe replied ..
Now you see your nanad we will be back on sometime they said and left..
Amaira was dressed up beautifully
looking amazing while twinkle and Meher too was not looking less …Kunj called twinkle to ask about his clothes while she told him …

Come to room na he said on call ..
Are why ?? Twinkle asked ..
I want to see you he said ..
You sees me daily Kunj ..she said …

But I wanted to see you dressed up as bride Kunj added ..
But I am not bride twinkle added ..
You are my bride Kunj said…

Achaaa see me downstairs only twinkle added chuckling ending the call while Kunj smiled …
Nahi manegi ye ladki ek din mujhe marke hi.chodegi he said and dressed up ..

Everyone was dressed and the sarna family went in amaira room who was present their with khushi Manohar bebe Usha Kunj Yuvi Karthik Kunj eyes started searching for twinkle but she went to help Meher and kiara with her outfit…..

Where are you ?? Kunj messaged her …
I am with Meher bhabhi helping her twinklee replied ..
Okay Kunj sended back ..

The sarna family had a quite emotional moment as she as the sole daughter in their house the trio brothers were very much sad …

And it was time for mahurat everyone left for beach ..
Yuvi was walking as he was waiting for the varmalas he took the parcel and was going towards mandap when collided with a girl …

Oh I am sorry Yuvi said ..
It’s okay she replied smiling and left from there ..

Who’s she ? I didn’t saw her in any ritual Yuvi said ..anyways I am getting late he said ..and went from there ….

There ansh was already present with Sameer Kiara and twinkle while sarna family joined them with amaira..she was brought by her brothers again …

Kunj eyes fell on twinkle he smiled at her and ask her to join them too with his eyes gestures while she smiled nodding and stood beside her husband while all smiled …

The coupled made to sat beside each other who smiled seeing each other too finally the day arrived ..

Finally it’s time for varmala ritual …they stood up …taking their varmala ..while Amaira was going to put that in ansh neck when someone pulls him behind ..
Not so soon ladki walo she said ..all heard her voice ansh and Sameer smile …

Avniii when you came twinkle asked ..
Just now she said ..while Yuvi looked at her ..
Ohoo now who’s this ??? Kunj asked seeing her enthusiasm ..

She is sameer’s sister ansh cousins twinkle introduced ..all smiled ..
Ohooo ladke walo we will also put you brother in our cage Yuvi said ..

Common amaira Karthik shouted ..while Kunj Yuvi and Karthik lifted her ..while she put in his neck ..ansh was having hard time while he was too lifted by Sameer …all hoots for them …twinkle too was supporting ansh …

Oyeeeee twinkle you are from our side Kunj said …
No no she is from my side as well ansh said ..this made everyone mind distracted ansh took it as an opportunity and put the varmala in amaira neck …

Cheatingggg Yuvi retorted ..
Oh mr everything is fair in love and war Avni added while all giggled ..
Now enough of your Masti let’s proceed further pandit ji Neil said …

The wedding moved ahead while the couple stands together ..

What happen sadu sarna ? Twinkle asked teasing him ..

Huh nothing you are good time with your friends na Kunj said ..
Yeah wo to hai twinkle teased him more ..wait I’ll stand with them only she was going there when Kunj caught her wrist and pulls her ..

One step more and no one can save you from me he whispered in her ears while she stands smirking …
You look even more cute with this jealous face twinkle said .

Yeah whatever Kunj replied while they smile and again set their attention towards the mandap ..

Where ansh was filling amaira hairline with vermilion ..they were declared as husband and wife while all the elders as well as Youngsters smiled …they met everyone …

They were busy with serving the meals to the guest Kunj was constantly waiting for twinkle to escape quickly he messaged her to meet him in resort while she saw ..

After completing her work she quickly escaped and called Kunj when he said he will be there in 5 min …

She heard some foot steps so finally you are here mr sarna twinkle said she turned around and found Suhasini …
Dadi AAP twinkle said ..

Haan my legs were paining so I came back she said ..
But ? You are waiting for Kunj ? Suhasini asked ..

Haan wo ..twinkle strated ..
Now amaira wedding also happen your divorce will be done too she said worriedly …

Dadi you have choosen Kunj for me you think you can choose something wrong ? Twinkle asked ..

Nah but I failed na puttar she said sadly …
It’s nothing like that dadi I am happy with him and I’ll live with him only twinkle said ..

Means ? You both have sorted..she asked excitedly ..
Yeah dadi long back we realised our mistake twinkle said while she hugged twinkle ..

Thank god ..she added .
Twinkleeeee baby where are you Kunj comes there and was stunned seeing Suhasini …

Wo ..me keh Raha tha ki he started stammering like he did on their first meeting ..
Suhasini and twinkle giggled him ..while Suhasini held his hand and gave it in twinkle hand …

I am so happy for both of you she said ..
I am thankful to you dadi for reuniting me and twinkle or else dont know hamari shadi kaisa Hoti ..Kunj said ..

Marrying to my boyfriend she said chuckling ..
Whattttttttttt they heard someone screamed they turned around to find bebe there ..while their faces went pale ..

Twinkle and Kunj knew each other from before bebe asked ..
Wo bebe Kunj started to say ..

Khotey you hided this from me Haan from your bebe she said Helding his ear
Ouchh bebe ..
Kya bebe Haan she said ..

I am sorry na situation was such that I didn’t got time ..Kunj said puppily ..
And this Suhasini knew but I didn’t ? She said while Suhasini stands with smirk ..
Yeah i knew from their college times she said proudly ..
Bebe pls leave my ear what will my wife think of me and you that you torcher me he said while twinkle giggled ..

Huh she said and left his ear and went towards twinkle but Kunj kuch bhi bolo your choice is amazing she said caressing twinkle face while Suhasini and Kunj smiled ..

Haan bebe his choice is very good twinkle to added ..
But what happen to your choice twinklee ..Kunj me kya dikh Gaya ? Bebe said while they laughed seeing Kunj shocked expressions…

Bebe Kunj said .
Shut up I am talking with my nuh she said ..
Huh Kunj replied ..
Majboori bebe twinkle said making sad face while Kunj looked at her ..
Wait come in room them I’ll show you Siyappa queen Kunj said ..

Achawww Suhasini and bebe both coughed to tease them ..while they blushed ..
They hugged twinj happily …while the duo were very much happy ..

But still I am angry with you Suhasini I am your best friend mujhe to Bata deti she said ..

Tit for tat you also didn’t told me having affair with Kunj dadu and got married to him when I had a crush on him she said ..while twinkle and Kunj looked on shocked ..

That’s the past bebe said ..
And their story also is past now she added ..
Wow what a twist Kunj said ..can you please elaborate this scene he said …

Your bebe na Suhasini started to say while bebe and her started fighting when Kunj gesture twinkle to escape from there he held her hand and they ran while Suhasini and bebe looked on ..

Oyeeeee kaha ..they said ..
You both continued I have a work with my wife Kunj replied while they laughed ..
Finally my tension went Suhasini said ..
Mine too bebe replied …
Kunj took her near pool side and pinned her to wall …
You are looking really pretty today he said ..

You called me to say this Kunj when I already knew ..twinkle added ..
Acha having good time teasing me Haan and what you said majboori he added while she made a puppy face ..he nuzzled his face in her neck while she stood numb ..

Kunj leave me ..what were you doing its amaira bid farewell in sometime she said while Kunj got his senses back .
Yeah I forgot to say hamesha distract Karti hai mujhe he said …

Hoooo it’s you who distracts me twinkle said ..
Leave it I have something for you in our room wear it and meet me till 5’o clock ..
You are asking me for date twinkle asked excited ..

Yeah 😂 after so many years Kunj said ..and it’s gonna be our first date after wedding he added while twinkle smiled ..
I love you she said .. pecking his lips ..
I love you too he replied ..while they went back to beach ..

Everyone was done with their feast and now it was time for the bid farewell ceremony that took place … everyone cried but we’re happy too for ansh and Amaira …they all went back resort and the rest functions took place while twinkle went inside her room and sees Kunj dress she quickly changed and met him while he smiled …

Both of them went to another beach where Kunj planned everything while twinkle smiled seeing it all decorated …
It’s all so amazing she said ..

Loved it ??? Kunj asked ..
Na love you she said. While they sidehugged ..

Let’s enjoy some water rides Kunj said ..they were having fun alott as no one was there …the duo were having alot of Masti …

It was soon 9 and Kunj blindfolded twinkle and took her where he planned dinner for her he opened the blindfold while she sees and smiled ..

I am loving this yaar she said …
Achawww Kunj replied …
I really needed a vacation man twinkle added ..

I wanted to take you out but Ammu wedding came in between ..or else I had planned our honeymoon Kunj winked at her ..

You are being so shameless twinkle said ..
You initiated this first baby don’t forget Kunj said while they smiled ..

So what Haan I didn’t wanted to waste my any moment that’s why twinkle said …

They had their dinner teasing each other while the slow music was being played ..they stood up and walked towards the door feeling the chilled water on their bare feets …Kunj backhugged her smelling her hairs while she blushed seeing their proximity ..

She turned and looked at Kunj both smiled while her hands automatically went around his neck she pecked his nose tip while he smiled and pulls her more closer to him …

Every time you comes close to me I feel like my heart will burst anytime soon Kunj whispered in her ears biting her earlobe while twinklee smiled ..

And I feels really happy to know that you love me this much Kunj thank you so much for being a part of my life nah nah correction for being my life she said both of their eyes conveying their feelings…

Kunj took her hair clip freeing her hairs he pecked her forehead lovingly ..she started playing with his shirt Buttons ..
Her hands on his rough skin she was teasing him ..

Don’t do this twinkle …Kunj said …
Why ? She replied puppily ..
Don’t blame me than for whatever happens next Kunj said joining their lips they started kissing each other
Passionately Kunj hands went in her top while her’s in his hairs both of them loosing in their moment …the cold water touching their feets ..the cool breeze hitting their burning desires ..the moon witnessing the love they held for each other from years …their fitoor which practically was hidden behind their anger ..they were giving in the moment and the surroundings too was in their favour …

They broke the kiss and looks at each other before they could say anything more Kunj lifted her in his arms while she was kissing his chin Teasing him more and more ..he took her towards the resort where a bed for arranged for them …

He put her down on the bed while she was shocked seeing everything she tired to escape while Kunj pulls the curtains down .


Aaj no escape twinklee he said pulling her back on bed and hovering himself again above her while she too gave in the moment cherishing their love again keeping aside all of their ego and insecurity they again completed each other in all the terms …their fitoor was such he became her and she became his again their hatred lost and their love won finally …
Screen freezes on their happy times ..
So how’s the Episode ???
Hope you all like it 😛😛😛
Finally their wedding done too ..
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