TERA FITOOR (Hate Full Of Love)~TWINJ SHOT 18 Written Episode


This Episode is for the birthday girl Anusha di …many many happy returns of the day ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜….

TERA FITOOR (Hate Full Of Love)๐Ÿ’ฅ๐Ÿ’ฅ
Shot 18..
The Episode starts with next day everyone packing their stuff to leave back for Amritsar while our twinj was busy in each other embrace sleeping in the beauty of nature …they wake up in each other arms and smiled beautifully ..

Kunj pecked her forehead while twinkle smiled with a slight blush on her face ..they duo didn’t talked much and left back for resort as they know everyone will be waiting for them ..

And as expected it was true they were waiting for twinj ….
Where were you both ??? Manohar asked while twinkle and Kunj looked at each other ..

Monu it’s not the time to ask these questions now it’s our flight in an hour bebe said while all agreed and twinj ran quickly to pack their stuff ..

Soon everyone reached airport and they left for Amritsar recalling each n every memory of their destination wedding ..
2 days later :::
It’s been 2 days since they are back to Amritsar twinkle was staying at Sarna mansion only and twinj was preparing to reveal the secrets infront of the family members…

It’s been quite good morning in Sarna mansion twinkle as a good daughter in law woke up early in the morning she smiled looking at Kunj and pecked his forehead she went and got freshen up and ran downstairs to prepare their breakfast Usha was there only she helped her mother in law while both had a good time in kitchen as Usha was teaching her new new dishes which Kunj likes to have while twinkle was also excited in learning this from her …she was never interested in cooking but now she loved to do it for Kunj ..

Now twinkle add some water and cover it with lid let it cook for few minutes …Usha said while twinkle did it as she told ..

Usha also smiled seeing her interest …
Haan now mummy taste and let me ??? Should it keep it to get the curry thick for more time twinkle asked ..

While Usha took a spoonful of it and nodded in no …no it’s perfect put the stove off she said and left taking Manohar tea ...

While twinkle took went and gave bebe her tea and went to her room to find Kunj missing …she again went downstairs and joined bebe ..

Kunj who woke up after few minutes of her got freshen up too and went to snatch the sleep of his lovely brothers ..

He saw twinkle and Usha in kitchen working and smiled and went to Yuvi and Karthik room who sleeps in same room ..

He smirked looking at them sleeping and took the water jug from the side table and poured on them while they woke up with a jerk ..to find Kunj smirking

Not again bhaiiiii Yuvi screamed ..while Karthik was still rubbing his eyes ..
Why you do this always with us Haan Karthik asked ..

Because I never got chance to tease you both a babies that’s why Kunj pulled their cheeks ..now enough you both have 5 minutes them we are leaving for jogging Kunj said sternly making them groan they quickly ran washroom Yuvi in that room and Karthik in other room even they too craved for their elder brother and wanted to spend the time with him ..

The trio left for the morning walk where they met Khushii.. Karthik was busy admiring her looking cute while Kunj and Yuvi sees him and sees at the direction they smirked …

Are ye toh Khushi hai na bhai ..Yuvi said while nodded in yes ..
Yes yaar badi cute hai ๐Ÿ˜› Kunj said while Karthik looks at them ..

Haan she is damn cute bhai I wanted to be her boyfriend atleast for some days Yuvi said ..

Boyfriend chod if I wouldn’t have married twinkle na then I would have looked for a girl like Khushi ..even the thought came in my mind that Khushi is cute and perfect but then I realised she is much younger than me Kunj said sadly ..while Yuvi and Kunj were silently giggling seeing Karthik facial expressions changing from a beautiful smile of admiration to jealousy from Yuvi talks to frown from Kunj essay

Khushi walked towards them and greeted them ..while Yuvi forwards his hand for handshake Karthik did it before him ..

Hey Khushi what’s up Haan Karthik said while she was confused with his behaviour ..
Aur Khushi what are you doing here ? Kunj asked…

What we came to do Karthik said while the trio looks at him ..
I mean jogging bhai don’t you think we are getting late bhabhi must be waiting for us for breakfast Karthik said ..

Nah she will wait for few minutes more Kunj said but Karthik dragged him and Yuvi ..while they were giggling seeing him ..they reached a far distance while Karthik turned and looked at her and waved her bye ..
Pagal she murmured and left back for her home too ..
Soon the trio reached Sarna mansion to find twinkle sitting with bebe ..and they walked ahead while Kunj sat beside twinkle who was sitting beside bebe and Yuvi and Karthik sat opposite to them ..

Good morning Jaan Kunj said while wrapping his arm around twinkle while she widened her eyes seeing him ..

Uhu ouhu Abey khotey I am still here bebe said while Yuvi and Karthik laughed ..
Achawww bebe I don’t think you will mind this Kunj said..

And why do you think so puttar bebe asked ..
I think you won’t mind having your great grand kids soon Kunj said ..

Kunjjj twinkle blushed ..
Yeah and we won’t mind becoming chachus soon too Yuvi and Karthik hifi while bebe also smiled ..twinkle blushed even more ..
Wo ..everyone is here I’ll see breakfast she said ..

Yeah yeah go Kunj replied ..while she ran and the rest laughed ..
Kunj tu bhi na bebe said pulling his ear..

Ouch bebe why you pull my ear Kunj said ..
Because puttar it’s my right bebe said while Kunj hugged her

Ohhhh even we are here Yuvi and Karthik added while bebe asked them to join the trio grandsons hugged their grandmother while manusha smiled seeing them ..

They came downstairs while twinkle arranged the breakfast they all went and sat while twinj were beside each other ..

Wow food sees yum and what’s this half of the dishes are bhai favourite Yuvi said ..
Because your bhai’s wife cooked it Usha replied Kunj looked at twinkle and smiled ..

Acha advantage hai bhai hame to koi bhaav hi nai deta Yuvi said ..
Don’t worry Yuvi we will find a good girl for you too then she will cook for you what’s say twinkle replied…

True ๐Ÿ˜น Usha bebe added while the rest laughed ..

Na I won’t sacrifice myself for it Yuvi said …while they all started having their breakfast while praising twinkle and Usha both .. soon all retorted back to their rooms ..Kunj was busy with the phone calls as it had been many days since he left Mumbai while twinkle came to there room she went towards dressing table finding something when he backhugged her ..

What’s happen babe ? Kunj asked kissing her neck while she turned and looked at him ..
I am worried she said ..

Why so ? Kunj asked…
Dadi called me just now and told that they are coming Kunj ..twinkle replied ..

Why are you worried them it’s good na Kunj asked tucking her hairs behind..
Aamu wedding is over now and again the topic is back to divorce I won’t go away from you twinkle said hugged him tightly while he hugged her back more tighter ..
Do you trust me ? He asked while she looked at his face ..

More than myself twinkle replied pouting while he pecked her lips ..
Then mrs sarna no fear when Mr Sarna is here let’s go down Kunj said wrapping his arm around her waist while they sees tanejas had already present there .

Twinkle and Kunj came down
Kunj you called papa ? Abeer asked ..

Yeah Kunj replied twinkle looked at him ..
What happened rt asked ?? Acha may be now Aamu wedding is over that’s why he said ..

Yeah even I think so manohar replied Yuvi Karthik Abeer bebe Suhasini Leela and Usha looked on Meher was at tm along with Ishaan ..

Yeah thats true I called you all to let you all know what’s was the issue between us Kunj said ..
Means ? Manohar asked ..

Means papa Kunj took a deep breathe it was not like I and twinkle foughted that day because we were forcefully married it was because of the past misunderstanding between us Kunj said ..

We didn’t get you ? Rt replied …
It was me only uncle because of whom you transferred twinkle from jss college Kunj cleared …

Means ? That guy was you ? Rt asked shocking ..
Yeah me and twinkle were in same college and we were madly in love but due to some or the other things we have to get separated but when we got married unexpectedly we failed to keep our relation because of some insecurities now we realised our mistake and cleared out everything we really wanted to be with each other Kunj confessed while everyone were hell shocked knowing about twinj ..Abeer Karthik and Yuvi mouth fell open …while lert and Manusha in deep shock and bebe and Suhasini was calm …

Kunj looked at twinkle who was worried too about the outcome but Kunj held her hand tightly assuring her ..

Now you can take your decisionbut I really want to say I love twinkle alott and same with her ..we want a chance to rectify our mistake Kunj said …

That was really shocking Manohar said…
Rt looked at Leela who blinked her eyes gesturing him to look at twinkle and her happiness ..while they were being guilty of snatching ..

We just wanted you both to realise your mistake we also never wanted you to get divorced rt said smirking while Manohar joined him too ..

Yeah marriage was us is a pure relation and divorce is never a options in our family it was just to make you both realise your mistake though we didn’t knew what’s really the issue was between you too Manohar added ..while twinj and Suhasini was shocked this time along with Abeer Yuvi and Karthik ..

Yeah it was our plan bebe said smirking they recalled their conversation on Kunj bday night Suhasini didn’t came to Kunj bday because of some health issues …

Manusha and lert sat there worried for them ..
I think we really did a mistake rt said ..
I thought they will be perfect for each other Usha added ..

They never wanted to marry anyone we forced them bebe continued ..
But ??? How we will sort this out ? Manohar asked ..

Divorce Leela said ..

Leela rt took her name loudly ..
Listen to me first Leela said ..we can scare them with divorce they have lived each other for 3 months now atleast they would have understood each other a bit and if they care about their relations they will not let this happen Leela said making others go in thoughts ..and if they don’t we can bind them in a baseless relation

She is right we have to take this risk Usha said ..
I think Leela ji is right Manohar said while they agree …

But they have to feel each other absence in their life bebe said ..
Its Aamu wedding in few days we all have to go back Amritsar I will take twinkle with myself forcefully ..rt said ..

Yeah that will be good Manohar added ..they were going to booked their tickets when Manohar stopped ..

Me and Usha will come tomorrow you all go now he said while they left taking twinkle with them ..
They came back from flash back ..

You guys didn’t told me Suhasini said ..
Tit for tat you also didn’t told anyone about twinkle and Kunj bebe said victoriously ..

And maa we didn’t got much time as Kunj came back to Amritsar and we just have to tell our decision to them rt told her ..

Twinkle and Kunj looked at each other shocked knowing the planning but was happy ..
Thank you so much Kunj said while twinkle started crying with happiness..

Suhasini hugged her while Kunj thanked his parents too they nodded in no and hugged them ..

While everyone rejoiced their unison back lert guilty ended ..Manohar and Usha was happy knowing Kunj had someone with him who he loved dearly …

Manohar got a call from Neil who arranged a elders dinner at their house ..as Sameer and Kiara planned a youngsters night out as they were going back to Paris …arhaan and Amaya too came with them as Amaya aunt lives in Amritsar …they invited them too ..
Soon the day passed and it was night Leela rt Suhasini left taking Ishaan with them to nerag house while Manohar Usha and bebe too ..they reached ..while ansh amaira and Sameer and Kiara was going to leave when amaira met her parents who find her happy with her new family the youngsters left with Avni ..

Karthik and Yuvi got ready and left as they have to pick Khushii too while Meher and Abeer picked arhmaya ..

Twinkle and Kunj was at Sarna mansion still as twinkle was taking much time to get ready ..

Twinkle yaar come they will kill us already they are angry with us because of the revelation Kunj said ..

So what Haan ๐Ÿ˜นwho told you to say everything Haan twinkle said and came out she was looking super duper hot …
Wtf Kunj said ..

Kunjjj twinkle screamed throwing the comb of him which he dodged ๐Ÿ˜น
Very bad twinkle Kunj said ..I am cancelling this dinner he replied ..

Why ? Twinkle asked ..
No one is at home tum bhi akele me bhi maza aane wala hai he winked ..

No ways twinkle said while he teased her more after sometime they left ..
Mehbeer arhmaya already reached there and Yuvi khushi and Karthik too while twinj too joined them ..

You guys are really very bad Abeer said while twinj chuckled ..
Yeah bhai you should have told us Karthik replied ..

Atleast to me twinkle Abeer said ..
Ab bol diya na bhai twinkle said while Kunj nodded ..

Bade chupe rustam nikle tum dono toh Meher said while all hummed and twinj laughed seeing them anshmaira Sameer kiara and Avni reached while the couple’s came outย 


Avni was the last one to come Yuvi was looking at her ..while Karthik sees him and smirked ..

Tune Maari entriyaan re Dil me Baji ghantiya re Tung tung tung he sang while Yuvi came out of his thought and passed him a death glare ..

What happen Karthik ? Twinkle asked ..
Nothing bhabhi weather is so good na feels like singing all night Karthik replied ..

They all decided to go to the food street where they can enjoy the local food ..
Are who suggested this ? We should go to some good hotel Sameer said ..

Oye shut up first taste this food here twinkle replied …
No one will complain of food poisoning I am telling it before Abeer said ..

Bhai you are the most sensitive here and you will be the first one to complain twinkle replied ..

True Meher added I sometimes wonder who is my kid Ishaan or Abeer Meher said while all laughed ..

I am your baby before Ishaan babes Abeer replied while all hooted ..
They went to have parathas first while all the couple’s enjoying Avni having tough time to eat while Yuvi was teaching her as they became quite good friends ..

Kunj and twinkle were feeding each other while Kunj was biting her fingers too teasing her …they went to pav bhaji shop and all sat in Circle fighting for the extra pav …giggling smiling take selfies uploading each n everything on their social handles …they ate chole Puri bhel Puri too…

Now ? Kunj asked ??
Chat and Pani Puri ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜twinkle said with her utmost craving while all the girls agreed ..

Why you girls just want Pani Puri Haan ? Abeer asked ..
Haan say na arhaan asked too

Because they are also Golu molu like Pani Puri Sameer said ๐Ÿ˜นwhile the boys giggling ..

They were having the competition Kiara was the first one to out followed by ansh Meher Amaya arhaan avni Abeer Yuvi khushi Kunj Karthik amaira ..

Sameer and twinkle were left who were having tough time ..
Come on meri bhukkad Kunj said while the rest were hooting too ..

Nahi nahi Sameer show that boys can also win in this competition arhaan added ..
Nah wifey keep my name lighten Kunj said while they were just distracting both while finally Sameer gave up ..

Ja jita diya tujhe huh Sameer said .
Huhuh you looser twinkle replied while they all laughed ..

They had their chat next and left for the lassi …they saw the glass size ..
Nah I am not going to drink this my stomach will burst out twinkle said .

Ahha ๐Ÿ˜น who told you to have that much Pani Puri then Kunj asked ..
Now who will complain of food poisoning Abeer said and hifi with Sameer ..

All of them finish their lassi quickly twinkle was hesitant while Kunj made her drink forcefully …they all enjoyed their foody night out ..
Now guys ? Sameer asked..

Now we will go back home Kunj said ..
Nope man so soon he replied…
Then what ? Kunj asked…

Let’s go to some amazing place Kiara suggested I heard about the stargazing site here she added ..
Oh yeah we can go there twinkle replied..

Let’s race ๐Ÿ˜  arhaan said
You just want to do race Amaya added .
True Amaya kunj seconds her ..

Huh let’s go for it ansh too added ..
Chalo then jija ji is saying Kunj Yuvi and Karthik teased him ..

Arhmaya sat in front and mehbeer in back in mehbeer car while Sameer Kiara in back and ansh amaira infront in ansh car Avni was going to sit with them ..

Are they are already 4 you come with us Karthik told her ..
Yeah Yuvi added ..

Can I go bhai ? Avni asked Sameer ..
Yeah avu why not Sameer said ..
Say thanks to me Karthik whispered in Yuvi ears ..

Say thank you me I am letting you sit with Khushi Yuvi added while they both smirked ..
Avni sat beside Yuvi infront and Khushi and Karthik in back …twinj were alone in their car..as stargazing view was far away they all were enjoying their race ..

Sometimes Kunj was the first sometimes Yuvi or sometimes ansh or sometimes arhaan they all teasing each other ..

Ahh my stomach twinkle said ..
I can decrease your pain Kunj said ..
How ? Twinkle asked ..

Let’s have a quick make out ? Kunj winked at her ..
Don’t you dare she said ..while he stopped the car and ignored her words he kissed her passionately while the others reached and was waiting for twinj ..after sometime they too reached ..

Kuch zyada der nahi ho gayi ? Abeer said ..
Nahi toh Kunj replied…they all teased them ..and laid there viewing the stars feeling the peace around ..

Amu ? Karthik said ..
Yeah ? She asked ..
You know bhai and bhabhi was gf/bf in college he said ..

What she woke up with jerk ..
Not again twinj Murmured ..

So Kunj was your boyfriend twinkle you didn’t told us Kiara said Sameer nodded as they just knew about her boyfriend they never saw him nor asked his name ..

Bhai bhabhi ahaa amaira said ..
Now put this topic aside guys Kunj added ..
Yeah ๐Ÿ˜น Kunj you know this Yuvi and Karthik was telling me about your gf twinkle said while Yuvi and Karthik face flushed red ๐Ÿ˜‚ recalling that shopping mall incident ..

You are so bad bhabhi ..they said .
Why ? Kunj asked twinkle narrated while everyone laughed ..

My poor baby brothers Kunj said while they all teased them and again laid back ..having an amazing night out ..
The next day Kunj told about going back to Mumbai due to some important work while twinkle went to Tm and Kunj was spending time with Usha and Manohar who were surprised seeing him while rt and Leela were happy seeing twinkle opening up to them ..they bid twinj bye happily and they left for Mumbai even Sameer Kiara too left for Paris while Avni stayed at nerag house for her some work in Amritsar …
1 week later ::
It’s been one week since twinj came back Kunj was busy with the works while twinj was resting and working from home it was Sunday when twinkle realised that they were no groceries left she asked Kunj to accompany her to shopping mall while he agreed as he didn’t spend time with her in these 1 week ..

Soon they reached and shopped when Kunj collided with Samar their bags fell .

Sorry they said without looking at each other and when their gaze met they looked at the other side ..twinkle noticed the crack between them ..

Rhea come soon I have to go for a meeting Samar said he didn’t even said a hi Kunj netheir Kunj did which twinkle felt really weird ..

Twinkle come we have shop for many things Kunj too said and they walked the opposite ways leaving twinkle and Rhea there ..

Twinkle was hesitating to talk to her …but finally she asked ..
Is everything alright between them ????
To be continued
So how’s the episode?
Hope you all liked it thanks to all who commented on the last but the response was very low …
Again a very very happy birthday Anusha di .. though I have written this episode for you …
Ignore errors no proof read ..
Bye Allahafiz ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜

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