Tere ishq me jana- RagSan Episode 35 Written Episode

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Let’s start

Sanskar was driving car. Ragini was sitting in back seat with both kids.

San: u made me driver today.

Rag: wat?

San: u 3 r sitting like owner and me? Like driver.

Rag: smiling papa can do that much for his kids.

San: hmmm.. but only till they grow up little bit. Then u shud sit beside me, they both will sit in back seat.

Rag: u want me to leave my kids alone?

San: m telling abt Changing seat. Not car. And m also missing my wife beside.

Rag: m also missing my hubby beside.

San: really? Then we’ll take a taxi from here. We both will seat together.

Rag: next time. Now look front and drive.

San: ok madam.

They reached mall.

San: Ragini Wats need of all this? From when u started to believe in all these?

Rag: after being a mother. I don’t believe completely but still I want to know abt my kids. Just little satisfaction I’ll get.

San: ok. Let’s go.

They came to meet a famous fortune teller. They went in when their turn comes. They went and sat on chairs.

San: hello. M sanskar maheshwari. She’s my wife..

Person: Ragini

San: how do know?

Person: u forgot whr u came? M shiv. I know u both specially ur wife want to know abt ur kids future.

Rag: yes. Pls tell us abt my kids.

Shiv: smiling. They both r lucky to get u as parent. Don’t wry abt them. They’ll get success in all work they do.

Rag: happily. Thanku so much. This is enough for me. Thanku very much.

She looks at sanskar. Even he doesn’t believe in this but seeing her happy He too smiles.

San: mr.shiv ur fees?

Shiv: I don’t take fees. God selected me to serve people by giving this boon. M happy in this. May God bless u.

They left by thanking him. After they left shiv facial expression became serious.

Shiv: kids r lucky. But hurdles Wil b in ur life. Few situations Wil come which can change ur life but if u overcome those then u’ll lead happy life. I pray everything to b alright.

Ragsan happily reach home.

Rag: sanskar m really happy. Let’s celebrate this.

San: m happy by seeing u trio happy. Let me cook something.

Rag: cooking? U?

San: don’t wry. In these days I learned something that atleast I can cook few things better.

Rag: good hubby.

He kissed her forehead and goes to kitchen.
They spend sometime happily.

At nite. Both kids r sleeping. Sanskar was sitting on couch with lappy.

Rag: today they slept little early.

Sanskar kept his lappy aside and pulls Ragini towards him. She sits on his lap. playing with her front hair sanskar says

San: coz they want Thier mom dad to romance.

Rag circles her hands around his neck. they share an eyelock. She leans on his chest.

Rag: m feeling scared.

San: for wat?

Rag: don’t know m just feeling like that. Don’t ever leave me sanskar. I love you so much.

San: after many days I heard these words from u. I love you too. I promise we’ll b always together.

Days passes. Sanskruti and satwik started to walk. Sanskruti was walking, she fell down due to imbalance. Sanskar ran to her and picks her in his harm and hugs her.

Rag: sanskar, don’t b scared. It’s common. They’re growing.

San: u r so careless Ragini. She fell down and u r saying it’s common.

Rag: it’s not carelessness. They shud learn like this only, then only they become strong. How can u say that m careless?

She went inside room taking satwik. After few mins sanskar goes to Ragini and saw her crying. He felt bad. He sat beside her and wipes her tears.

San: m sry Ragini, I was just got possessive. I can’t see her hurt a bit also. So said like that. M sry. Pls.

Rag: don’t say like this again. M her mother. I always wish best for her.

San: sry. Pls forgive me.

He holds his ears. She smiles and hugs him.
Both kids come near them.

San: u three r my life.

Rag: sanskar, it’s time to change her diper. U do that I’ll bring coffee for u.

San: ok ma’am.


Days passed. They were happy in thier world. Now both kids r 3 yrs. ragsan were searching good playhouse for them.

San: is this necessary? They can enjoy in home only. Y play house?

Rag: coz they’ll meet other children of thier age. They’ll feel happy.

San: we r here here to keep them happy.

Rag: sanskar, when u’ll grow up.? They shud know outside world also. Only few hours they will spend there.

Somehow sanskar get agreed but inside somewhere his heart he was not agreed.
They started to go playhouse. Kids were very happy. Ragini was happy seeing them happy. But sanskar was feeling like missing them.

After few days.

San: Ragini get ready fast. It’s time to bring them from playhouse. I can’t live without seeing them.

Ragini comes outside smiling.

Rag: they’re not in other country. Just few mins from home. Let’s go.

They reached. They pick them and left to home. In between satwik saw ice-cream parlor. He wishes to have.

Rag: no beta. It’s not healthy. I’ll prepare for u in home.

But he didn’t listen.

San: I’ll bring. Whatever my son wants he shud get.

Rag: but sanskar it’s outside thing and they’re still small. It’s not gud for them.

Sanskar gets little irritated.

San: Ragini y u always argue regarding our kids happiness. Wat Wil happen if they eat once. Did u forget u used to eat roadside panipuri before marriage.

Ragini get hurt by his words. Sanskar took sanskruti with him and goes to bring Ice cream parking car at side of road. He took ice-cream and was paying bill. He realised wat he said to Ragini.

San: wat I did? How can I say like this to her? She must b hurt. I never thought before saying. M stupid.

He was crossing road thinking abt his words. Sanskruti ran towards car holding Ice cream. Ragini sees car coming towards sanskruti. She screamed.


Sanskar came out of his thoughts and saw sanskruti in mid of road and shocked to see car coming towards her.

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