Tere pyar mein… Raglak (Part 9) Written Episode

Recap: Ragini’s love confession and Raglak’s separation.


Raglak reached their respective houses. They had mixed emotions.

Both were thinking of the turns their live has taken. Why is their destiny playing with them? If they were not destined together, then did they fall for each other, why did their love sustained even after everything that happened? Why??

They were truly upset with their present situation and this separation is unbearable. But there was something soothing too. They knew the depth of their love.


Ragini asking him to not leave her was enough for Laksh to understand the depth of her love and Laksh letting her go proved his depth of love. They feel blessed to be loved like this, if, things were favourable for them…..

But they are satisfied with this, this feeling of being loved; this is enough for them to live their lives… Because they know that they have became each other’s strength!


Laksh shared everything with Omi, that night itself.

Even though Ragini spoke with Sanskar, she didn’t say anything to him, she knows how much he loves Laksh, and if he comes to know about all these, he will unite them by hook or crook, but that in turn will break her sister. So she kept quite.


2 weeks later:

Raglak had not met or talk with the other in these two weeks. It was very tough for them, the only relief they have was the love they have.

Ragini found her solace in Sanskar and Laksh in Omi.

Ragini returned from her college. Swara informed her that Maheswaris are coming the next day to fix her marriage with Laksh.

Ragini froze for a second, her heart was bleeding, and she doesn’t know how to react. She somehow managed to smile and hugs Swara, closing her eyes. She felt relaxed by her sister’s warmth. This hug was s comforting for her, unknowingly she smiles.

Just then Sharmistha called Swara and Ragini leaves to her room.

Ragini sat on her bed, she doesn’t know how she will deal with everything, but she will not come in between her sister’s happiness. She took a long breath, just then her phone rang.

It was Laksh, she took it.

There was complete silence, neither of them said a word; they were just feeling each other’s presence. After almost a minute,

Rag: Be it Swara or anyone; don’t marry if you still have me in your heart. I don’t want another Janki, that too because of my Lak, I mean because of you.

Both closed their eyes painfully, she was about say him hers, when they knew that it’s impossible! Again there was silence.

Lak: Will you support me in my decision?

Rag: Always, I, I, mea, mean,

Lak: I know what you meant,

Rag: hmm,

Lak: hmm,

They didn’t say anything more, neither did they disconnect the call, they were feeling the other.

Dadi called Ragini.

Rag: Laksh can you,

Lak: hmm,

He disconnects the call, she went to her Dadi, and then got busy in something and the other, she had to distract herself.


Lak: No one ca n replace you from my heart, my heart is yours and will always be, I will have to tell Swara the truth, don’t worry I won’t say its you, but I can’t betray marry Swara, never!



Next day:

Ragini made Swara ready.

Maheswaris arrived in a while; Raglak avoided each other, Ragini smiles at Sanskar.

Swara and Laksh were made to sit together, Laksh wanted to talk to Swara, but before he could say anything, she calls Ragini.

Swa: (excitedly) Ragini, don’t we look good together?

Ragini smiles seeing Swara’s excitement, even if she was shattered, she is happy that her sister is happy.

Rag; Yes you do.

Laksh had a small smile seeing her smile.

Lak: (in mind) She has become your happiness Ragini, but I am sorry, I am going to break her heart, I can’t marry her.

Lkash was about to talk to Swara, when she got up angrily.

Raglak were shocked, and Laksh too got up.


Swa: kis mitti ke bano ho tum Laksh? Your love is saying that you look good with her sister and you are smiling at that? How??


Raglak were frozen, it took them time to understand what Swara meant, and they were beyond shocked.

Swa: How can you love her like this?

Laksh was staring at Swara blankly.

Swa: And you,

She turned towards Ragini, she was crying by then,

Swa: Don’t you see anything beyond me huh? Can’t you see how much he loves you? For whom are you sacrificing your love? For me?? That sister of yours, who came in between your love, who gave you nothing but pain?

Rag: Swara, I,

Swara stopped her.

Swa: How can you love me like this Ragini? I thought you would say something when I told you about my marriage being fixed with Laksh, but no!  I know, this is my entire fault. I couldn’t be a nice sister, that you can trust me with your pain, well how can you trust me, this is all started by me.  I came between you both. It is me who is wrong, then why are you both taking the punishment, you did nothing wrong!

She cries even more.

Swa: I m sorry Ragini, I, I failed as a sister..

Ragini shook her head in no.

Swa: I did, I was so busy in my dreamland, that I didn’t see you. I didn’t understand you. It was my mistake, I misunderstood Laksh,

Laksh shook his head in no, he knew he too as responsible for Swara’s feelings.

Swa: I should have clarified things rather than assuming… But I didn’t, and how much pain I gave you Ragini, I am sorry, I am a very bad sister, that you could not even come to me with your problem, you were with me every time, but I, instead of decreasing your pain, I myself increased it. I became e selfish, I didn’t see you. I am sorry.

She was crying vigorously and Ragini hugs her.

Laksh was standing rooted, how did Swara come to know about them?

San: Lucky, Ragini, I know you have questions, it was me who told her everything, I overheard Lucy talking to Omi. And I am not sorry that I did, otherwise I don’t what you both Karn’s disciples would have done.


(I know usually people say Karn’s siblings, but you know I can’t use that term for Raglak.)

He was lovingly angry on them, also proud of them both.

Sanskar was happy he found the truth, but it pained him knowing that Ragini and Laksh loves each other, but he was very proud by both of them, especially Laksh. He knew it was Ragini’s effect on Laksh and he was determined to unite them both.

Next day he Swara and told her everything, Swara was shattered. The thing that shattered her more was the pain she gave Ragini, but she felt blessed to have a sister like Ragini. But then the other fact was that she started to love Laksh. Even though by now she understood that he is never hers, it took her time and hence these two weeks passed.

Swa: I am sorry, I took two weeks to get over Laksh, but now I am over Laksh. And this is the proof that i was not in lobe with Laksh, otherwise how can my feelings vanish in two weeks? True love is hat you both have in between. Ragini, once you turned away from our love for my sake, I won’t let you do this one more time.

Ap: Haan beta, now forget everything and start your relationship afresh.

Swa: And you know what Ragini, I am very lucky to have you,

Ap: (caressing Ragini) That you are Swara.

They all smiles and Raglak got engaged.


San: Dadi, Bade Papa, I think now we all should leave these love birds alone, don’t we?

He winks at Raglak.

Swa: Of course we should, and Ragini, at least now think of Laksh and not me,

San: Exactly, or else you were always singing Swara Swara Swara,

Ragini frowns while other laugh, then her face turns dull thinking of something.

Others leave the hall leaving Raglak alone.


Rag: Laksh, do you also feel that I love Swara more than you?

Laksh smiles at her and cups her face.

Lak: I don’t know who you love more in me and Swara, neither do I want to now. I know that you love, that I have a place in your heart and I need nothing more.

Ragini was overwhelmed by this, she hugs him tightly.

Rag: I love you Laksh, I love you so much.

Lkash smiles wholeheartedly.

Lak: I love you too.

They remained so, enjoying each other’s presence.




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