The shivika vanawas ( joining the broken pieces) Written Episode

it has been 3 years since shivika left the oberoi mansion.Everything changed now.Not only senior oberoi junior oberoi also fail to protect relation and love.Now om is completely omkara and rudy is rudhra.Oberoi bhanus also left apart.All relations are scattered like broken glass now nothing can done with it.swethalana rule the oberoi mansion.everyone get to know about shivaay’s truth but it was too late destruction already happiness is only a dream or memory to see oberoi.A man enter’s to dadi’s room ‘mam your medicine’

dadi; any information khanna

khanna;no mam

these is same words that exchange between them from past 3 years.Dadi strictly order that except khanna nobody should enter her room

midnight in the mansion.A young man wearing 3 suits enter the mansion.The stern look and arrogance in his face says that he is perfect business man.he looked at the dinning table once’s it was filled with joy now dust in the table shows the reality of house.From childhood he never fell hungry his brothers never let him feel that.he get everything even before he asked for it.but now the whole day he did not eat anything thing but nobody even ask him if he eat any thing or not.the memories start to haunt him he do not know how he reached the bar counter of mansion .he take a full bottle and started to drink it

while a young girl enter the mansion

G; Whether everyone arrived

the servent with very disappointment

s; not yet

G;(WITH HESITATION )did ru..dy arrived

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