Hi guys this is my first ever ff.. guys..soo plz read this. if there is any mistakes means plz adjust..
Here is the character sketch of my story..
A bold girl which suits her name..
Naughty girl..not having faith in love..more sensitive..too emotion..
Profession: Detective

FRIEND of Annika guy..who lost his parents in childhood itself…love to flirt with girls…
Age: 21
Profession: Detective

Shivaay singh oberoi:
Shivaay singh oberoi…CEO of oberoi group of industries.. ..Mr.attitude…hate girls..
Age: 23
Profession:CEO of oberoi industries
College going girl..a girl with lot of dream..who is living with her uncle nd aunt..
Age: 19
Profession:A law college student.

Annika and Neil were childhood friends. They completed their degree in the same college; in Mumbai. They were like one soul in two bodies. Some of the people will misunderstand them as partners; but no one can understand their bond other than their parents. In rare cases,due to some evil eye, they fight each other and within a second they will be together as partners in crime. One without the other is like a kite without a thread.

Annika family is a small, middle class and a happy family. Her father is a retired CA professor; her mom is a housemaker and she has a naughty brother who is working in marketing.

Neil is like a bird who lost her nest. He is an orphan. He was grown in an orphanage and later he moved to Annika house.

Annika’s house is like a museum with four rooms; two bedroom one living room and kitchen. Their house is always silent; one can be able to hear the tiktok sound of the clock. In our childhood,our teachers used to ask us to keep pin drop silence; which can be experienced in her house.

Annika and Neil finished their detective courses. After finishing their detective course (investigation in journalism); they got license for their own detective office; ANNE -detective center.

Just an introduction…

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