It’s been three months; they started their own detective center; even they didn’t get a single case. Their routine work is coming, cleaning, playing, giggling and the lunches they bought from their home. Annika used to say if Neil is from different home, she can enjoy new dishes; atleast to get rid from her mommy’s boring dishes.

It’s a fine Monday morning, as we everyone hated Monday since from our childhood days.. but we do no the reasons; it may be fear of incomplete homework, fear of our teacher, fear of exam.. may be anything. As we grow up everything change except the hurt towards Monday; but this Monday is something different to them.

Annika and Neil reached their office, both were sitting and seeing their phones. Suddenly two persons came to their office. Annika stood up; Neil is still busy with his phone. Annika hits his head “ah! you idiot, why did you hit me?” he asked lifting his head from phone. He saw two people standing;” who are they? Your relatives?” he asked. She stared angrily. They made them to sit. From the two one starts to speak “hello, I’m Srinivasan and this is my wife latha, I’m searching a groom for my daughter”. “so why did you come here? This is not the matrimonial site, please visit some other place” Neil said in irritated manner. The lady is just watching the actions of Neil. Annika is very keen in noticing the old lady, she thought something fishy about the lady, then reality hits her saying ‘see your friend is messing with them’. She stops Neil, and she started to speak” so you need our help, but I do know what help we can do for you, we are detectives we can’t help you in seeing groom for your daughter” Annika said in a low voice. but the old man “we have seen alliance for our daughter but we need to check whether he is a good or not”. “so you need to check, whether your son-in-law is good or bad “ Annika asked in an confused manner. Neil’s anger shootup “do you think this is matrimonial or anything else? we are detectives,” he shouted like anything; the old man jerked, and stood up. She made Neil to sit down and calmed him and she asked sorry to the old man. “ok sir we can check about your so called son-in-law but your fees for us should be reasonable” she said. “what the hell?” he said, “just stay calm Neil”. “You may leave sir come by tomorrow around ten in the morning”. Both of them left. Neil shouted at her “are you mad or anything, we are detectives not brokers, why you accept their offer”. “Mr.ANGRY BIRD, still now we didn’t even get a single case and didn’t do money, atleast we can try this” she said in a pleasing tone. she continued “bhaiya’s salary and papa’s pension is not enough to maintain our family; next month is our turn to look after dadi’s hospital bill”. “ah! please stop it stop it…! Ms.DRAMA QUEEN, I surrendered ” Neil said by folding his hands. “but you called me Ms.DRAMA QUEEN so I will not talk to you ” Annika said with a sad face.” Oh! god vedhalam again climbed the tree, sorry my jannu really sorry” said with his hand in his ear. Annika smiled and beat him. “at last vedhalam climbed down” he said.
“Annika, Annika get up its time, we have to go to office”; “five minutes..please” she said like a school going child. Neil poured a mug of water on Annika’s face she jerked and rolled down from the bed; her brother vinay and Neil started laughing like mad.. she started angrily and got up to beat Neil “Annika you can beat him whenever you want but your client will not wait for you” her brother vinay said “ya, what brother saying is also right Neil,”; Annika gave a whatever look and she went to shower.

Both reached office after few minutes Srinivasan came and gave further details about his future son-in -law Mr.Abishek…they reached the working area of Mr.Abi..

PRECAP :”oh..!that idiot is hiring these cheap detectives to spy on my dare they to do this…I’m going to stop this marriage”…

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