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Here is my 3rd epi…

They have been waiting for him more than a hour….
“oh! I can’t wait any more for him..I’m going inside, if you want come with me?..otherwise wait here itself…” Neil says and went inside

Annika pulls him and made him stop “you Mr. Idiot what are you doing are you gone mad? We can’t go inside without their permission..that too this is a very big reputated office; I do no how this man got job here?…” Annika says

” Annika then you are going wait here until he comes out ?” Neil says..
Annika thinks…..

“Neil I’m having an idea,we can go inside by saying them that we came to meet their CEO they will allow inside .., how is my plan?” Annika asks..

Neil hits her head “oh..! You only told na this is much reputated office do you belive that they will trust you?”
Annika gave a weird look..”then you say anything better than this” Annika  says in an angry tone…

Neil says ” ok ok ..Cool down..Ms.angry bird..we can execute the Plan..but if they called their CEO and ask means what can we do?” Neil ask..

“just now I saw him going outside so..that will not be big problem I think soo..” Annika says..

before going inside Annika  says to Neil ” please put zip to your mouth if you open then .. they will definitely find as and they will threw us outside” Neil made pout face..

They both go inside…

To the receptionist:
” hello I’m Annika we came here to meet your CEO; He asked us to meet him..”

“but mam he is held up in some meeting can you wait until he comes back”
” sure”..
They wait..suddenly the receptionist gets a call and she went inside to take something ..
“this is the right time come let’s go inside” Neil says ..both went inside and Annika says ” you go and search him in left side , I’ll go and search him in right side;if you see him means give me the information; if I see means I’ll give”.. both makes thumbs up sign…
Neil is searching him for a long time he didn’t see him..

Annika also searching for one see him…both get tired..Neil sees a girl and starts to talk with him…
Annika “oh!! God where he went…now this idiot also went somewhere”…
Annika sees Neil talking to a girl.. “he started his naughtiness here I’m alone want to search him..” by saying so Annika turns..
He bumped into a long figure…and both fell down…
That guy “sorry”..
Annika “Mr.Eiffeltower don’t you have eyes..can’t you see anything? are you blind ?”..she stared her bla..bla..
He got angry “who are you? what are you doing here?”…

“Why should I want to say that to you? Who are you?”..
He stares at her angrily..
“I’m here to meet CEO I’m having permission from him..”
Everyone starts to laugh..she do know why.. One from the crowd.. “he is our CEO Mr.Shivaay singh oberoi ” ..
Annika widened her mouth…
Annika (thinks) ” where this idiot have gone..”
Neil sees the crowd and entered in between without knowing anything he says “helo helo..what is happening here?”. Seeing Annika”what happen to you?”

she still in shock..Neil sees Shivaay Standing his hands crossed and his eyes were burning like he is standing on hearth .. “did he mess with you Annika..don’t worry we can compliant to the CEO..they don’t know na..that we are close friend”..

Annika was facepalmed…

After knowing the truth ..Neil become dump shock. ..he started to stammers..
” who are you ? What are you doing?” Shivaay in irritated way..
Neil ” S..s..sir w…we….are”.Annika signs not to say anything..

Annika interrupted ” Sir we are here to meet Mr.Abishek”
He see her like eating…
” so, you are here to see Mr.Abishek? And then why did you lied ..?”…he asked in frustrated tone..
“th..that..we thought they will not leave inside us ; so we lied…sorry sir”..Annika says..

in between Shivaay got a call he gave a whatever look and went..they came back to the reception and asked Abishek’s number and they got his address…
After coming out of the office..

“thank God…for saving me from that man..otherwise he will eat me alive..with his look..”Neil says

Annika is looking down and thinking something…
“Ms.dedective you only told na he went outside…when did you saw.?”

” I saw a old man in his late 60’s going I thought he will be the CEO how do I know they will keep eiffel tower as Ceo..”Annika completed…

“ok leave now we can go and search him in this address come on” Neil says..
In Abishek’s home..
“what that idiot is hiring some detectives to spy on my son, no this marriage will not going to happen” he says angrily and called Mr. Srinivasan..

“what are you thinking about my son ?…we accepted this alliance because he likes your daughter..but we didn’t thought you will be cheap like this..!!!”he said…

“sir what happen?..why are you talking like this..if you do this means how can I live in this society..did you think of my daughter..” he says with tears filled eyes…

” I don’t care anything..this marriage will not happen..and that’s final…”he cuted the call..

Srinivasan called Annika…and he explained everything..
“don’t worry uncle..we will take care of it..”she said..
They both reached Abishek’s home..

All were trying to convince Abishek’s father..
” no no this marriage is cancelled and that’s final..”he said and try to got up from the chair..

Both entered the home…

All were starring at them…Abishek’s father stopped and he looked at them as if like eating them alive…he gave a cheap look…

She can understand his thoughts from his look…

She stared..”Uncle…”

“so you are that cheap detective who spied on my son..”he finished with eyes burnt look..

” yes”.Annika said and continued..”Uncle please listen to me once..please..if you not convinced after hearing me also..then I’ll convince Srinivasan”..

At last he convinced to lend his ear to Annika for the last time..

Annika stared “uncle ; what they have done is wrong I accept that..but you have to think in their situation..they have a daughter..if you cancelled this marriage it will not affect your sons life..but did you think about that girl life..she can’t do anything…even though’s not a big mistake..but this society will not let her live… .though it’s Modern society…still more people sticked to those old rituals and some superstitious believes..we can say we are living in modern world , we will not follow these stuffs..but still there are many even though there be some one in your house too”..she and looked at the top corner of the door..were a small cloth tied with some stuff in that..
Neil laughs hiding his hand in mouth…Annika pinched his hand..he stopped..laughing
“yes Uncle ji.. what she says is right”..a voice came from the entrance..all turned towards the entrance..
” come in beti..when did you come I didn’t seen you..sry..”..

” it’s ok uncle ji…I just came to see abishek…bhaiya told to give this file to abishek college is in this way so..I came to give this..that time only I overhead your speech..”she finishes..

“but beti”..he started..

That girl interrupted ..”Uncle ji I’m saying this like your daughter..think if this happens to me or some other girls in our home….”

“ok ma..I’m accepting this only for you..but I’ll not forgive these two..” he says pointing Neil and Annika..
” Thank you uncle” both Annika and Neil said in coarsely..
They came out ..
They saw the girl getting inside her car and Annika called that girl..

” thanks a came in right time..”Annika said
“it’s ok..I overheard you, your points were right, I think in my situation..which felt right to me…so only I convinced him” she says

Annika extend her hand “I’m Annika, detective”
“Avni law college student ” she said..
“Who is he?” she asked pointing. Neil..

“aww..he is my friend and he is also a detective and this is our first case ..some how you make it success..” Annika says
” its because of you..ok bye I have to go” she says and flied in her car..
“How sweetly she convinced that angry uncle ji na?” Neil siad

Annika hit his head and says “hello Mr..I’m speaking to him like a mad..and you just watched me like a doll and now you saying that she done everything..”

” ok kk..don’t climb up down I’m too tired I can’t climb up to bring vedhalam back to ground..”Neil says. .Annika beat him on shoulder..with her bag..
” but I do no who would inform about this to this angry uncle ji.?” Neil says…
” yes.. may be that bagdibilla” Annika say..
Suddenly Neil asked “where is your Id card..?”
She searched in her bag..and said ” I do no were I left ; I may left it at home itself”….
They both reached their home..
” hai bhaiya, you reached home too early today”Neil asked..
” yes..finished my work too early..” he. Says

“how was your day..what about your first case?”..he asks.

“ya bhaiya it’s finished”..

“you finished in two days” her brother asked with shocking way..

” that’s a long story bhaiya leave its done ” she says..
“Finished your first case as a broker”her brother says Neil chuckled…

She beats him ..

Next day..
Both reached their office ..they got new case as a broker 😉😉😉

Few months passed as a broker they got more case..but only alliance spy on girl or boy..First they hated but later both see lot of new persons different personalities..
Neil sleeps in office as if like reading the case..the file is on his face…
Annika Came inside and on seeing him “I do know when he is going to be sincere in his work”..she goes..

She was going through some files..suddenly she shouted “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwww….”

To be continued..

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