Annika shouts awwww…
Neil’s jerked and awaken he asked “Annika what happen why are you shouting. ..did you see your face on mirror?..”
Annika make pout face …
“I think so bro” oam said..
Neil turned towards the entrance..
He took shouts awwww..
Oam was shocked to see both people’s reaction..because they three were classmets and friends from..their 7th strd and become close friends in 11th standard ..after finishing their schooling Oam went to UK for his formal studies…they are meeting him after 5 years..
“see Annika it’s looks like our oamkara na..? I think it’s a gost of oamkara sigh oberoi” Neil said
“but see he has legs” Annika said..
“ohoo guys stop your nonsense. ..I’m alive only…..”
“ohoo he is speaking “ Annika said..
“I think now only he got his memory back”Neil said..
“You guys..I’m Came straightly from the airport to see you idiots..but you two bashing me..”oam siad with fake anger …
“ok ok cool down yarr”…Annika said and all the three had a group hug..
“Di you missed to see me” rudr siad….
“ohoo rudy you too here..”..Annika said and huged him..
All had a group huggie…
“ok ok..let’s go home “ oam said..
“you go man , we will come another day..just now you came…if you come with you now itself it will not be nice” Annika said..
“ Ohoo. .you become that much mature…Annika” oam asked…
Annika make a pout face..
“di your are also like our family na?” rudr said…
Annika’s eyes brimmed with tears..
“rudr you are soo cute”” Annika said…and accepted to go home with them…
From their child Hood days..usually Annika and Neil go to oberoi mansion after their school over…
(So you guys..are asking why didn’t they see Shivaay before itself na..?, because during that time Shivaay is gone to delhi to do his business management so both Annika and Neil didn’t seen him..and the family members mentioned him as billu not as Shivaay…I think your confusion is clear now..ND about Avni it’s suspense )
All the four reached the house…
Jhanvi and dadi take aarti for all the four..
“ Annika how are you..your forgot your dadi na?”..dadi asked…
“How can you forgot my sweet friend “Annika said and hugged her..
All were talking…
Avni Came from his college…
“Annika she is my cute little sister Avni “oam introduced her..
Annika was surprised to see her here..
“I already know her..but do no that she is your sister ..but I didn’t seen her before? “ Annika asked…..
Avni gave a formal smile and went to her room..
“wo..Annika that’s a big story…illa tell you later….” oam said…
“ beti how are you and how is your work is going?”jhanavi asked..
“ohoo. .hellooooooo guys..I’m Neil hope you all were remember me..?”Neil asked…
“ohoo. .sorry I dono whom you are?” jhanavi said..and all laughed…Neil’s make pout face
“Where is Avni? “ Annika asked….
“ I think she will be in room..wait I’ll call her..” jhanavi said..
“no…Mom I’ll go and see her..” Annika said..and went to see Avni..
While crossing Shivaay ‘s room Annika feel something..she like his room very much…from his school days..
She went inside and stand there and check out..the wall paintings..but she didn’t see the pictures of sso..she hear some sound from the washroom so..she came out the room..while she coming out..his favourite chanda strucked in the door..the washroom opened “ ohoo..God! !” she rushed out…her Chand fallen down..but she didn’t noticed that…
She reached the hall…
“ did you see her..?”oam asked..
“No oam I can’t find her room; I will see her another day..” Annika said..
“ok bye…see you tomorrow” Neil said..
Annika thinks (this time I will not leave this place without seeing billuji )
“ wait..wait..”
“ what happen Annika ?” Neil asked..
“ Neil i missed my Chand somewhere..”
“ you and your Chand will not remain in one place…always dancing and doing something..wait I think you lost your Chand already ..that to same”
FB starts.
Guys imagine Annika in school uniform..!!!
Annika went to Shivaay room to hide..while playing hide and seek…while coming out she left her Chand there…after sometime she said this to oam..
“ok I will give you tomorrow in school..”
“ no oam..I need it now..”
“Annika he is saying na..he will give..”Neil said
“Neil you know about her na..she will not leave this place without taking her Chand..”
“ do whatever…”
Annika bangs Shivaay’s door..
Shivaay got angry …
“Who is this…my name is Shivaay not billu”
“ you Chand is inside..I need it..”
“ your chand…is not here….”
“ the door … billuji…”..
Shivaay didn’t reply..
Annika went to oam and said..everything to him…
”Annika i will give you tomorrow…plzz”…oam pleased her..
“ok oam..” Neil said..and dragged Annika to home..
Next day..oam gave her Chand …
FB ends…
Annika threw a angry look …
“ok kk don’t look like that angry bird..go and search your chand…”Neil said
Annika went to Shivaay room…
This time also door is closed…
Annika bangs the door…
“who is this…?” Shivaay asked in his attitude way…
“ wo . I’m Annika..I left my chand there …”
“ what’s your problem always leaving your chand in my can you enter my room without my permission..”
“ohoo..meri ma..I’m sorry…it’s time..i need to the door..if you open. ..the door..I’ll come and take my Chand…”Annika siad..
Shivaay didn’t reply…
“hello..billuji..”Annika bangs the door. .
Suddenly Shivaay opened the door..Annika falls down Shivaay hold her hip…she closed her eyes tightly..she didn’t feel any pain..
Because our sso is holding her na..
She slightly opened one eye to see what is happening …she saw someone is holding her…shivika had an eye lock…
O jaana
Khoya khoya rehta hai
Dil tadap ye kehta hai
Tu hai mere jeene ki wajah
O jaana..
Ishq hai aansu ishq hai naghma
Ishq sukoon hai raahat hai
Ishq hai sehra ishq hai dariya
Ishq junoon hai zahmat hai
“ what she is doing its been 10 minutes…she is still searching ..”..Neil’s said ..
“come bhai..let’s go and help her..”rudr siad..
All were shocked on seeing our shivika..
(Guys..Shivaay is holding Annika for only 5 minutes..5 minitues talking with billu and 5 minutes holding..because our sso and Annika is same weight..he can’t hold her..too much time na..?)
Our rudr will not leave any do romance na?..then how this will be possible now..
He coughs..
Suddenly Shivaay and Annika Came back to their real world…
Shivaay left his grip…Annika falls on the floor..
“ahh…”Annika shouts..
“are you all right di “ rudy siad..
“s rudr”
“here is your chand” said Neil..
Shivaay saw him..
“you both only na..?” he started
“Han..ok I got my Chand back we can leave now”Annika said and both ran out…
“dadi bye..Khana bhaiya how are you?. .and bye..” both shouted and left the place..
“what happens to them..?” dadi asked..
“I do no “oam said..
Annika reached their office
Police were surrounded their office…
“what happen ?” Neil asked to a boy..
Our khidkitod Annika went inside that crowd and shocked to see that scene…



So guys…here is my 4th epi how is this…I think it’s boring…is it soo..if like this episode means plzz hit like button and do comment ..thank you fa all the akka nd di’s and anneaathi and u all and my spl baby di…and guys I can’t able to post stry fa this week..because my public practical exam starting from tomorrow I hope u all will remember me..until bye..
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