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Truth ? I know you all are confused with the title but in my last article ‘ INTEQAAM : Expect – The Unexpected ‘. I told someone was plagiarizing my work , they have copied and swapped my character’s of their own as they wanted.

Well………….I never mentioned the name of plagiarizer nor the stories name which were being copied but Anusha and her two defenders came on her own and claimed that I am talking about Anusha and her new story.

At start I just meant to warn ‘ Anusha ‘ that I have my eyes on her and I know what she was doing but she didn’t accepted Infact her supporters defended her by terming ‘ That it’s her personal choice to use Character’s as she want when her story line is different ‘.

How come plagiarizing other’s work and then turning it into your own is ‘PERSONAL CHOICE’ there is a clear difference in PERSONAL CHOICE and PLAGIARISM πŸ˜‘

If she wants’s to write something I haven’t stopped her but using those Character’s whom I had given life and put in my all efforts to create them you think it’s okay to copy and swap them ?

Do you really think it’s easy to create a character ?

Ms Anusha you just ruined my two Character’s with in 5-6 lines whom I created and wrote by doing everything possible……..I made Character Aesthetics , I gave Character Sketch , I wrote a seperate episode for my reader’s to actually form the Character’s in their imagination when they read.

Before I say something else about this matter and proceed ahead……………..I have given some pictures so that you can easily differentiate.

Natasha’sΒ  Character (In my story)

Now Tanya’s Character is Ms Anusha’s story πŸ‘‡πŸ»

Aahana’s Character (In my story)

Twinkle’s Character in her Story !

Now you people can see how much these both Character’s resemble but I bet if you people would read the first chapter ofΒ  ‘FATED’ , you can see the striking resemblance in both Character’s πŸ˜‘

It’s just that she summed up these characters in few lines and I put in my whole effort which includes ( A Character Sketch , A Character Aesthetic and First chapter peaking into Character’s Life) ! But then her defenders say it’s ‘ HER PERSONAL CHOICE ‘ to do so πŸ˜‘

She Copied Aahana and Nastasha’s character swapped them on Twinkle and Tanya ?

First of all striking resemblance is impossible but even if I for once consider that it wasn’t intentional…………I can’t buy the fact that you also have to take the same three actors for Lead πŸ˜’

Do you think everyone is stupid to buy any rubbish you want to say ?

How come you also have to take Niti Taylor only for Tanya’s character when I used her for Aahana ?

It’s crystal clear that you have done this deliberately cause you can’t accept the fact that I used Jasmin Bhasin for a negative character but haven’t I mentioned at the very start in ‘AUTHOR NOTE’ that it was General Fiction with a Fusion Couple ?

But no………you and your some supporters could not buy that fact and you decided to get back on me with this ? 😠

Then…………..sorry Ms Anusha you messed up with the wrongest person on earth πŸ˜‚

Again………..The biggest question !

Their is a question that is to be raised is………….I never mentioned the name of plagiarizer nor the stories yet your supporters guessed it’s you Anusha ? How come this is possible 🀨

Ain’t this a bit weird ?

Or say some kind of magic that without mentioning your name you and your defenders came to knew I was talking about you ? πŸ€”

It simply means that you and your defenders were very well aware of the Fact that what you have done and it wasn’t a mere coincidence. That is the reason you all came up defending yourselves when I never mentioned anyone’s name.

You had the idea that I was talking about you cause you had actually copied my Character’s πŸ˜’

Secondly…………………You first claimed you never read my story but after your friend’s told you about me doubting on you for copying my story you came and said that…….’ You have checked your and my story but didn’t found any similarities except the EXACTLY same Character Sketch but how is this possible when I ‘ MUTED ‘ you on Friday evening before the ‘ INTEQAAM Article ‘ was posted so how can you read my story that time ? πŸ€”

Do answer this question……….OKAY !

Now……….coming to the blurb copied πŸ˜‘

I would first like you to see this πŸ‘‡πŸ»

My Story Blurb πŸ‘‡πŸ»

Now………The start of Anusha’s Story.

You can clearly see the similarity in both pictures πŸ˜‘

Ain’t this quite amusing to see exact word’s when Ms Anusha says she has never read any of my stories 🀨

Now coming to your defenders………………😈

You all who came to defend her might have read my story on Wattpad right ? Then may I know your usernames ? After all no one can read story on wattpad without having an account there ?

So………..please provide me with your usernames as you are supporting her *Tight Smile*

And…………..Dare you people now go and make your Id’s to defend yourself πŸ˜’ Cause you might not know but Date of Account created appear at the end of your ‘ ABOUT ‘ so dare you try and play with me 😏

Let’s see if you people are actually daring enough to reveal your Wattpad Id’s only if you have one πŸ˜‚ Or it was just another Lie by you πŸ˜‘

Now……………Since Ms Anusha you really don’t think you had previously said that you haven’t copied but proves are infront of everyone.

It’s upto everyone else who wants to believe or don’t want to believe πŸ™‚

I might not have to do this but since you didn’t want to admit your mistake…………I had to show proves so I guess now no one can deny that it could be a coincidence.

Secondly…………I never wanted to take thing’s further ahead but you came up yourself saying that I was accusing you and all πŸ™„ So as you don’t want to accept your mistake……………..I have to submit the same proves to Tellyupdate Adminstrator and even report you to Wattpad Community πŸ˜‘ and you better know that consequences might come worst for you πŸ˜‘

You have not just copied and swapped my Character’s…………….. you have breached the COPYRIGHT LAW mentioned in very first Law πŸ˜‘

I give you two day’s to accept that you have done this else I will submit this to Tellyupdate and Wattpad as promised.

Secondly those defenders who said they have read my story on wattpad………..Make sure you let me know your wattpad I’D πŸ™‚ After all even I should know that those who are my silent reader’s on wattpad came here to defend a plagiarizer.

Here was prove of everything I said πŸ™‚ Instead of making it verbal war I provided proves 😊

Now it’s upto you if you want to believe or ain’t but two days after this I will submit the same proves to Tellyupdate Adminstrator and Wattpad Community πŸ™‚

Thank You !

Ciao gente bella a presto 🧑

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