Truth? or Lie? – Ragsan – Part 5 Written Episode

Hi sissy’s. here with next part.

Next day sanskar left for the place where he went for honeymoon with Ragini. He visited the restaurant. He saw receptionist. Sanskar goes to her. But she was not same girl.

San: excuse me.

Rec: yes sir.

San: where’s other lady who used to work here? Did she leav her work?

Rec: smilingly. No sir. Hers is next shift.

San with little relief: thanks.

He sits on chair there.

San: thank God receptionist din’t disappear. Or else as per situation everything is changing in my opp. Hey we were in that garden. Yes. That shop manager definitely remember us. I shud not tell this to anyone till I get him confirmed or else someone will change his mind.

He goes to that shop. He asked for manager. Shop boy told he was appointed only for that day. Now he left.

San: wat? Only for day? How someone will b appointed for one day that too for manager post?

Shop boy: don’t know sir. M just a worker here.

Sanskar saw him sweating.

San: from when u r working here?

Boy: 3 months.

San: I wanna see CCTV footage of that special week arranged by this restaurant.

Boy: we don’t have that sir.

San: angrily if u don’t keep then y do u arranged CCTV then?

Boy (scared): sir it was specially for that week as it’s special week anything shud not happen so we did. That week went smoothly so we didn’t keep that week’s footage.

Sanskar was glaring him angrily.

Boy gulps. Sanskar calm down himself. He left from there. After seeing sanskar gone that boy sat in relief.

Boy: how much angry he is.

San walking on road.

San: m sure someone made manager leave. That boy was also in fear. He was sweating seeing me.

He holds his head in pain. Vision was getting blur. Then he fell. He opened his eyes. He found himself in a room on bed.

San: hello anyone here?

A girl comes. San gets happy seeing her. She was same receptionist.

Girl: sry for bringing u here. But u were unconscious on middle of road. I tried to wake up u. But u din’t. So I thought to bring u here. Sry if it’s wrong for u.

San: no. It’s ok. Thanku. did u recognise me?

She looked at him for few seconds. Then smiled at him.

Girl: u had come to our restaurant a week ago.?

San: happily. Exactly. U saw my wife with me rite?

Girl: of course sir.

San: Wil u come with me? I need ur help.

Girl: but.

San: pls.

After few mins she agreed. San gets happy.

San: U get ready I’ll come arranging tickets. He left.

On the way again he lost in thought.


Ragini was waiting at entrance of restaurant for sanskar. A man was staring at her. He was looking at her from top to bottom.

Man to other man: look there. She’s so gorgeous. I just want to…

He didn’t complete his sentence that time he get hard punch and he fell down. It was sanskar.

San: angrily. How dare u to say like that abt my wife? U r dead today. I won’t leave u.

He started to beat him. Few people come to stop him including Ragini. But he was not listening.

Rag: sanskar please stop. Atleast for my sake.

Hearing her, he stopped. She made him to sit on sofa there. Same time that receptionist girl comes with juice.

Rec: it’s normal ma’am. U r so beautiful that anyone can bad eye on u. But u r lucky to get husband like him. Sir take this juice. Don’t worry. We have warned him.

She went.

Rag: with little anger. Wat was need of fighting? If something happened to u means?

San: u mean to say I shud let him go? Keep in mind Ragini u r my life. If someone thinks bad or do something wrong I won’t tolerate. Understand?

Rag: smiles. My husband is so romantic and possessive.

San: smiles. It’s my love for u Jaan.

Rag: now shall we go out?

San: ok.


Suddenly he applied breaks as a puppy comes in front of car. It broke it’s thoughts.

San: m coming with proof this time mom.

San and that girl reached sanskar home. All were sitting in hall worried abt sanskar as he had left without telling.

Suj: where u went? We were worried.

Kav: yes sanskar. Ur treatment is still going on. It’ll affect ur health.

San dint listen anyone. He called receptionist inside. All looked at her.

Ram: now Wats d new drama sanskar? Who’s she?

San: she’s receptionist of restaurant where I stayed with Ragini. She’ll tell u truth.

San looks at rec.

San: tell them truth pls. That u saw me with my Ragini.

Rec smiled and nods. She goes to near kavita.

Rec: ma’am how r u now? Ur husband’s angriness din’t change I think.

Kav: yes. He loves me a lot so he had beaten him badly.

San goes to them angrily.

San to rec: I told u to tell truth. Not to lie. And Kavita y Wil I beat anyone for u?

Rec: coz that man eyed bad on her. So u were so angry.

San holds his hair: don’t test my patience. U saw me with Ragini and even u appreciate us. Then u r pointing this kavita?

Rec: I saw her only with u sir. U came with her only.

San: y r u not telling truth? Tell abt my Ragini.

Rec: sry sir. I don’t know abt which Ragini u r talking.

Ram: sanskar. It’s enough now. Stop this. Ur these things will hurt kavita.

Kav: no prob dad. He is still affected by that accident. Give him some time.

San: throws vase kept on table angrily.

San: stop it all of u. I.. leave. It’s waste to talk with u now.
( To rec) thanku so much. U can go now.

He went to his room. All looked at him only.

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