Twin Love (AbhiGya) SS – Epilogue Written Episode

Hello guys, thank you everyone who read and  like this FF. Thank you Jasmine for supporting me from the beginning. Thank you Jeya shree and Lana. Here is the epilogue.



Abhigya room, Pragya is standing infront of mirror and getting ready with smiling face.

Abhi hugs her from back and thrust her face in his crook  of the neck. She felt ticklish and closed her eyes.

Abhi: today you are looking so gorgeous wifey.

Pragya smiles.

Abhi: going to birth place means, double joy for girls.

Pragya: yeah, but not that mean we hate our husband house.

He rotates her to face him and pulled her to hug.

Abhi: i know that.

He placed a kiss on her shoulder.

Pragya: it’s already late. Go and get ready soon.

Abhinav – Sangya room, Sangya is packing their cloths. Abhinav throw his diary into the bag, which disturbs her work. She gave a killing glare to him.

Abhinav: sorry.

While throwing a paper from that diary fell out. Sangya took that paper and read it. Then, she look at Abhinav.

Sangya: you still keep this letter with you.

Abhinav(nods): this letter shows me how much my love loves me. How i will throw it away?


When their family members went to temple, Abhinav stays in home to take care of Sangya.

Abhinav: Sangya, i wish to ask this to you. You agree to this marriage with your wish onlu na? Or else whether you agree for Abhi and Pragya bhabi? To unite them?

Sangya felt shy to tell him that she likes him very much because of his caring and loving nature.

Sangya: if you don’t mind shall i write it in letter and give it to you.

Abhinav nods.

Abhinav: you are very silent Sangya. Your shyness is also cute. I love you so much for your silence and shyness.

She down her head in shy.She writes a letter and gave that to him.

Dear Abhinav ji,

I don’t know how to say this to you. You are so lovely person, i have ever met next to my family. Don’t mistake me for keeping you next to my family. Because, my family is more than anything for me. You are so caring towards me. I felt so much love for you in my heart. Also, i like your family so much. I never mingle with anyother family this much easily. I think i am in love with you. I don’t know how to express my feelings.

– with love, Sangya.


Sangya becomes emotional and tears escape from her eyes.

Abhinav(wiped her tears and cupped her face): Always, sheding tears for everything. When you are going to change this habit?

Sangya: I love you Abhinav ji. I love you so much. I am very lucky to have you in my life.

Abhinav: even me too very much lucky.

He hugged her tightly. She thrust herself into him more.


Disha is busy in kitchen and she is helping Sarla.

Disha: Ma, Ras malai is Abhinav bhai’s favourite and jalebi is Sangya bhabi’s. Then Jamun is Abhishek bhai’s and kheer is Pragya bhabi’s.

Sarla: then, Kaju katli is my daughter Disha’s favourite.

Sarla smiled.

Disha smiles and she is about to speak but interrupted by Purab.

Purab(shouts): Disha

Disha excuses herself and went to ger room.

Disha: what, Purab? What do you want? I am busy.

He pinned her to wall and locked her with his hands on wall. She fell silent.

Purab: See, you are caring about everyone and knows everyone’s favourite. But, you left me in list.

Disha: for this only, you called me ah? I made your favourite dessert also.

By saying that, she take his hand and move away. He pulled her again and pinned her to wall.

Purab(eyes her lips): you not even know my favourite correctly. Your lips are my favourite dessert.

Disha: Purab no, not now.

Purab: this is your punishment for not caring me for past 1 week.

His lips met hers. She closed her eyes.

Next day, by afternoon Rakesh, Abhigya and Abhinav – Sangya reached Pragya’s house. Disha run towards them and hugged them all. All share a happy moment. Then everyone settles for lunch.

Rakesh: quick, we have to go to our home.

Pragya, Sangya and Disha shocked. They look at their spouses. They smiled at them. It make tgem angry.

Raghu Veer: yeah, we have to go to our house.

It made them confuse. They look at dadi and Sarla. They also smiled at them. They look at all in puzzled manner.

Sarla: yeah, we have to go there in auspuscious time.

Trio girls: but where, ma?

After a while, everyone went out. Purab stops a car infront of one house gate. No no two houses but single gate.

They entered. It’s fully decorated. Girls look at it puzzled.

They stand infront of the house as couples.

Rakesh: this is our new house. Two houses for two family. But always connected.

Dadi: hereafter, no U.S.A. except for vacation.

Sarla: our old house is our guest house.

Abhinav: our U.S.A. house too.

Abhishek: hotel and house will be take care by Ronnie.

Purab: uncle is going to start hotel here.

Raghu Veer: also, Abhi and Abhinav going to practice doctor in India.

All: This is a surprise gift of our reunion.

For half an hour Girls thought that they where in dream land.

Disha hugs her dad. Pragya and Sangya hug their parents and dadi.

Trio: thank you so much.

Then they hugged their respective husbands.

They entered their new house with so much happiness.

Pragya: but how you did this?

Abhi: simple, we didn’t do anything.

Abhinav: every credit goes to Purab and uncle.

Sangya: but you also, came to India for us na. Uncle also left his dream hotel for us. We are really lucky.

Purab: once upon a time, someone in our family told her family is more important than anything. But now

Abhi: now for her, her husband is more than anything.

Abhinav: Abhi

Disha: don’t tease my bhabi, ok.

Purab: hereafter, we have to face this girls army.

Pragya: Purab, still your speech doesn’t changed.

Disha: it never change bhabi. We have to bear it.

Their parents look at them happily.

– Happy ending.

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