Twin Love (Abhigya) SS Part – 6 Written Episode

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Sangya hugs dadi and her sibilings.

Sangya: dadi, you are alright na?

Dadi: absolutely fine. Welcome, Abhinav family.

Sangya becomes uncomfortable.

Dadi(hissed in her ear): first welcome them.

Sangya went infront of Abhinav family and she fold her hands.

Sangya: Namaste, welcome to our house.

For a second her eyes meet with Abhinav eyes.

Tauba tauba ye jalwe kaise koi na bahake
Purre hi badan mein jaise roshni bhari
Tu hai koi huur ya koi pari hai

Abhinav smiles at her. Abhishek and Pragya amiles at each other. Then, Raghuveer and Sarla, parents of trio welcome them.

Sarla: everything ready for breakfast.

Rakesh: whether You know our purpose of our visit.

Raghuveer: ofcourse, we know. Our ma told everything.

Sarla: you all are tired na. First have food and sound sleep, then we will discuss about marriage.

Rakesh: oh, fine.

Sarla: Sangya, serve everyone, help me beta.

Disha sit inbetween Abhi and Abhinav, purab sits opposite to them.

Pragya: ma, you sit , i will help her.

She compelled her mom to sit.

First they filled the plates of elders and Purab Disha. Sangya went to Abhishek,

Pragya: Sangya, you serve Abhinav. I will serve him.

Abhinav looks at Sangya. Sangya went near to him nervously. Abhigya look at them seriously. Sangya while filling his plate, dropped the spoon by mistake.

Sangya: i am sorry.

Both bent down to take it, accidentally their fingers caressed each other finger. Both share an eyelock.

Pyaari se muurat bholi si suurat phuul ki jaise ho pankhari
Tera badaan hai ya hai koi ras ki gagaan chaalak pari
Gahari nashili gahari nili aankhon mein hai masti bari

Abhinav: it’s ok.

Abhigya did hi-fi secretly and smiles at each other. After breakfast everyone take rest for few hours. Abhi went to Pragya room.

Abhi: oh this is your room, not bad.

Pragya: not bad? This is more beautiful than your room.

Abhi lies in her bed. Pragya tries to pull him up, she lost her control and fall on him. He hold her waist and tuck her hair behind her ear. Both share an eyelock.

Tan mein jo hai jaan voh kis tara hai
Man mein hai armaan voh kis tarah hai
Kah bi do yeh bhi to koi ajubaa hai
Dharti se ambar se parbat se saagar se
Hamne sunaa pyaar ajuba hai
Pahali nazar mein hai jo dilon mein ho
Har vo qaraar ajuba hai

Abhi’s lips slightly touched her lips. She closed her eyes. He starts kissing her passionately, one hand hold her waist and another on her hair. He placed her in bed and kissed her neck. Suddenly, Pragya came to sense and pushed him away.

Abhi: i am sorry.

Pragya: no need to ask sorry, but we have to control ourselves until marriage.

Abhi nods and left her room.

Outside Disha sits near swimming pool by keeping her legs in chill water. Purab comes near to her and sit beside like her.

Purab: don’t you sleep.

Disha: i usually won’t sleep in day time.

Purab: how is our house?

Disha: nice. I really like to stay here. I love India and indian people so much. That too, your house very beautiful. I love dadi, aunty uncle, Pragya and Sangya babhi very much. If they let i will stay here for my whole life.

Purab: will you stay here as my wife? I love you.

Disha looks at Purab. She is dumbstruck for few seconds. Purab’s foot inside water touched Disha’s foot.

Kuch toh hai jo dil gabhrayee
Kuch toh hai jo saans na aaye
Kuch toh hai jo hum honton se
Kehte kehte keh na payen

Disha: I love you too. What to say? I never felt anyone like this. Love is one which cannot understand, how? When? Where? It will come.

Purab(smiles and holds her palm): yeah, love is like God, we cannot see, only we can feel it.

He hold her chin and both come close. He caressed his lips on her lips. She closed her eyes.

Jo hamaare dharmiyan hain
Iss ko hum kya kahein
Ishq kya hai ik lehar hai
Aao is mein bahein

Abhinav knocked Sangya’s room door. She opened it,

Abhinav: shall i come in?

Sangya: jii.

Abhinav: you can call me by my name.

Sangya: it’s ok.

Abhinav: i don’t know, whether your mom and dad tell about our wedding.

Sangya: yeah, they told me.

Abhinav(hesitatingly): will you marry me?

Sangya: that, my parents decision is my decision.

Abhinav: yeah, i know. I am a complete stranger to you. Ok, leave it. I have bought some gifts for you.

Sangya: no formalities.

Abhinav: it’s not formality, i bought it for my would be princess.

He bit his lips. Sangya smiles.

Abhinav: but i don’t know whether you will like it or not.

He gave her a bag full of all colour lipsticks, nail polishes, high branded cosmetics. Sangya widened her eyes.

Abhinav: what happened? Don’t you like this?

Sangya: i will use only herbal products. I am sorry.

Abhinav(little worried): it’s ok. It’s my mistake.

He take that bag.

Sangya: where are you taking this? You bought it for me na.

Abhinav: but you said you didn’t like this.

Sangya: i told i will use herbal products only. Give that to me. I will use it occasionaly for your wish. It’s wife’s duty na to fulfill husband wish.

Abhinav: ok. Wait. What did you say now?(Sangya blushed) wife? Means you love me.

Sangya: i don’t know whether i love you or not. But i like your innocence very much. I wish to be with you forever.

Abhinav went close to her and hold her hands. She dropped the bag. Her heart beat increases. He take her hands and keep it near his heart.

Abhinav: thank you so much. Because i have some feeling for you when i saw your photo and i completely fall for you when i met you. I love you so much.

By saying that he hugged her intensely.

Honth gulaabi muskaaye to chaalke ek moti ki lari
Hasn ki maalika khwaabon ki raani tere jaise koi nahin
Is dunia mein laakhon hasin hain lekhin aisa koi nahin

– to be continued.

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