Udaan 14th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Jatin rescues Anjor Written Episode

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The Episode starts with Chakor crying and leaving from temple. She stops and sees Raghav. He says I understood I can’t be with you, but give me some right that I unite you with Anjor. Chakor nods. Anjor runs on the roads and cries. Her feet bleeds. Chakor and Raghav are on the way. She feels cold. He covers her up. The tractor tyre gets stuck in pit. Raghav helps the man by pushing the tractor. The man thanks him. Raghav gets hurt. Chakor cares for him. He hugs her. She says I will always love you, take care, we have to part ways. She cries and leaves. She looks for Anjor. A girl asks her to help her, that man will kill her. The man asks her to get away. He attacks Chakor. Chakor fights with him to save the girl. The man gets stabbed.

The girl runs away. Chakor removes the knife. She asks the man to get up. Someone looks on. Chakor asks for help. Police comes there and sees Chakor holding the knife. Inspector arrests Chakor. Chakor says I didn’t do anything, I m saying the truth. Inspector asks her not to lie. She says a girl was here, this happened because of her. A man shouts she is saying the truth. He walks towards Chakor. His wife comes. She says we have just see a girl running away. Chakor says I told the truth, I didn’t kill this man, my daughter is waiting for me, her life is in risk.

The man says we are ready to testify in court. Chakor says let me go. Inspector says its a murder case, you will be in lockup until case is solved. Chakor says let me go to my daughter. The lady says try to be strong, I m not a mum, but I know the meaning of being away from children, where is your daughter. Chakor says she is at my mum’s place. Lady says I will tell her that you will come soon. Chakor shows Anjor’s pic and says she is little, go to Aazaadgunj and ask anyone about my mum’s house, she is waiting for me, tell her that I will come to take her. The man says don’t worry. Chakor is taken away by police. Tejaswini says where did Anjor go, what will I tell Chakor if she comes. Anjor comes and says mumma will never come, she has gone forever, she left me, she has chosen Raghav, she has cheated me, she is not my mumma, she is just of Raghav. Tejaswini says don’t say this. Anjor says she has married Raghav. Tejaswini gets shocked.

Anjor says I have seen this myself, Raghav was filling Chakor’s maang, he was saying they will go far. Villagers lock the house and burn it from outside. Tejaswini, Girja, Leela and Anjor get shocked. They try to leave. Tejaswini hugs Leela. The couple comes here and sees the house set on fire. They get shocked. Jatin says villagers told this address to me, maybe the family is stuck inside. Anjor drinks water. She gets afraid. Poonam says you will not go in. Jatin says I will check inside. He tries to get in. He gets Anjor out with him. Anjor shouts to Tejaswini. Jatin asks her is she fine. The fire spreads more. Anjor cries. The place blasts. Anjor shouts Dadi…. They get shocked.

Jatin says we can’t snatch someone’s child. Poonam says we will raise this child. They don’t come to court to testify. Chakor gets life imprisonment.

Update Credit to: Amena

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