Udaan 19th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Anjor helps Chakor Written Episode

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The Episode starts with the guy daring to give a rose to Anjor. His friend says he will get slapped. Anjor raises hand to slap and stops. She smiles and takes the rose. She goes. The guy smiles. His friend says you have won. Anjor comes home and asks where is mum. Servant says she is in her room. Anjor meets Poonam and asks are you fine. Poonam asks will you leave me and go. Anjor says you are my everything. She asks Poonam to take medicines. Jatin says your mum is fine, don’t worry. Anjor says no, mum isn’t fine, mum gave me much love but doesn’t trust me, mum thinks Chakor will snatch me. She pacifies Poonam. Poonam says I love you a lot.

Anjor says I hate Chakor more, I won’t identify Chakor even if she comes in front of me, she left me for a stranger, you think I will leave you for her, never. Poonam hugs Anjor. Anjor says I love my mum a lot. Poonam asks her to rest. Anjor says you take rest, I will get juice for you. She goes. Jatin says you acted sick and Anjor came running, how much will you test Anjor, she loves you a lot, we have to see the future, how long will we run from truth, one day Chakor will come to question us, we have to face her. Chakor is still wandering on roads. She drinks some tea. She thinks to keep high courage, if she finds the address of Mr. Shroff, it will be easy to find Anjor.

Anjor’s friends ask her about the guy Sameer. Sameer tells his friend that he can’t say I love you to Anjor. His friend says if you delay this, she will go with someone else, just call her, don’t think much. Anjor gets Sameer’s call. He says its me, Sameer, I called to say good night. Anjor says thanks Sam, good night. She disconnects. Her friends find Sameer sweet. Anjor says he is stupid, he dared to give me a rose, I have made a good plan for him, every guy in college will learn a lesson. They ask the plan. Anjor refuses to tell them. She says I hate love. Sameer sings Yahooo…. He shares his happiness with his friend Prakash. He says even if I win the world, nothing will break our friendship, Anjor will come here to have tea with us at this stall.

Its morning, Chakor is sleeping on road side bench. She wakes up by car horns. She tries to hire an auto. The man asks her to be careful. Chakor asks him about the address. The man stares at her purse. He sees the gold coin. She says I may reach my daughter by meeting Mr. Shroff. Anjor shouts mumma and dad. Poonam says I m here, you can open your eyes now, your dad has gone for his meeting. She calls Jatin and asks him to talk to Anjor. Jatin greets morning. Anjor sees them and smiles. Poonam says look at her, Anjor didn’t change.

She asks Anjor to have juice. Anjor gets Sameer’s message and rushes for college. The man says the address is very far, I will give you lift. Chakor thanks him. The man asks her to keep bag ahead, the road has many potholes. She agrees. He drives off taking her bag. She falls down. She says he has stolen my bag, stop him. People ask her to calm down. Anjor passes by and sees the crowd. Chakor says my bag had valuable things, my daughter’s address. Anjor asks what’s happening. The man says a biker has stolen this lady’s bag, she is new in this city. Anjor says I won’t let my city name get spoiled. She asks how did that man look. The man describes the thief. Anjor rushes and drives her car. She hits that man. He runs away. She gets Chakor’s bag and says I m the best. She goes back to give the bag to Chakor.

Anjor misses to see Chakor. Poonam gets shocked seeing Chakor’s bag. She thinks Chakor is in Mumbai.

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