Udaan 19th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Raghav accepts Bhanu’s invite Written Episode

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The Episode starts with Lallan meeting Chakor and Anjor. Chakor asks him who is he. Lallan says you would be Chakor, Bhanupratap has sent an invite for you and Suraj. She asks how do you know about us. He says I m just a servant, my Daddu knows it all. He asks her to accept the invite, Bhanupratap wants to start his business here and needs your help. Raghav comes and receives the invite. Lallan thanks him and leaves. Imli and Tejaswini come home. Imli says I felt glad visiting temple today, my life will have everything new now. Tejaswini thinks you don’t know your and Raghav’s relation is creating a storm. Imli gets shocked seeing Lallan. She thinks the past won’t leave me easily. Anjor says we will also come in party and take mum along, she will be wearing yellow saree. Raghav imagines Chakor in yellow saree. Leela asks Anjor to hurry up for school. Imli thinks what’s Lallan doing here, I have to talk to Chakor and Raghav.

Chakor says you aren’t Suraj, you can’t risk everyone’s lives. He says I m doing alone and not risking everyone’s lives. She says even Anjor will know you aren’t Suraj. He says she will know it when I marry Imli. Chakor asks him where is he taking the talk. He says no, I m still seeing you, you are still the same, you didn’t realize you have killed me. Imli comes there. Chakor asks why don’t you understand that you have to accept this change and move on. He says I can’t stay without you and Anjor, I love you, I don’t love Imli, I don’t know anything about her. She says I know you have changed my toothpaste, don’t do this again. He says I won’t tell anything to Imli.

Imli comes in and asks what do you want to hide from me. They get shocked. Bhanu is at his home. His wife Lata makes his fav food. He calls her a blessing for him. He tells her a joke. She laughs and says its good, your laugh doesn’t let me realize that I couldn’t give a child to this house. He asks her not to regret this, they are enough for each other. She says fine, and feeds him sweets. Lallan comes and says Suraj agreed to come in your birthday party. Bhanu says Suraj and his family should remember this party forever. Imli asks Raghav what’s the matter. Chakor says Raghav has accepted Lallan’s invite. Imli asks why did you do this. She says Lallan was also in prison, I know Bhanu, he wasn’t rich, he was a beggar, he has belief in Lord. FB shows Bhanu telling the beggars that they should also have richness with them.

Bhanu sees Lata and likes her. He hides his reality from her. He does a drama and impresses Lata. He traps Lata in his love. FB ends. Imli says Jagat Thakur learnt their love story and got Bhanu bashed up, but then he accepted Bhanu as his son in law, he got Lata and Bhanu married, he got a heart attack and died, Lata couldn’t know why her dad died, Bhanu had killed Jagat by poison, Bhanu became a king from beggar by cheat, he still fakes love for Lata because she owns all the property, Bhanu is a bad man. Raghav says then we should go there else his ego will be hurt. Chakor asks will that be good. He asks Chakor not to worry for him, Imli is there to worry for him. Imli smiles. Raghav says Bhanu has sent many gifts, I want to know what does he want from us. Chakor and Imli ask him not to be stubborn. He says I know you both are worried for me. Imli says you won’t go there. Raghav says I m your lover, not a servant, I won’t listen to you.

Raghav asks what do you want. Bhanu asks him to get him a land, he has to open a factory. Chakor says I have to go there, Raghav has gone there as Suraj. Bhanu says I know your truth, you are Raghav. Raghav attacks Bhanu.

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