Udaan 23rd January 2019 Written Episode Update: Chakor and Imli in trouble Written Episode

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The Episode starts with Bhanu taking care of Lata and giving her medicines to sleep. Bhanu goes out. Raghav comes home. He says Bhanu isn’t much dangerous, I have taught him a good lesson, he won’t bother us now. He calls out Chakor and Imli. Tejaswini asks did you come alone. He says I have gone to party alone. She says yes, but Chakor and Imli went after you. He asks what, I should give them a medal. Lallan drags Chakor. Imli gets shocked seeing this. She goes and hits Lallan on his head. Imli asks Chakor to come. They get leaving. Bhanu stops them.

He says Lallan wants to spend a night with Imli, so Lallan has teased him, so Chakor slapped him, Lallan kidnapped Chakor and locked her in room, Imli told me about Lallan’s dead, I have bashed him, I explained him never to tease a girl, I gave him a lesson, he shouldn’t leave someone who insults him. The goons catch Chakor and Imli Bhanu says you should have not complaint, where will you get such Lallan, I tried to make Raghav my dog, he is already a mad dog, he wanted to bite me, he came into my house and tried to kill me. He asks Lallan to go and get the box. Lallan gets the box.

Bhanu gets a snake and says I have fed him milk, this snake has killed many people. Chakor and Imli get shocked. Bhanu scares them. He taunts Chakor for always sacrificing things for Imli. He says Chakor has sacrificed hatred for Imli first and then her love. Imli asks what are you saying. Bhanu says Chakor has given her love Raghav to you, so that you stay happy. Imli gets shocked. He asks what. She sees Chakor and recalls Raghav’s words. Chakor says its not true, don’t come in Bhanu’s words. Bhanu says I m saying the truth, I m a bad man, but I have a principle, I don’t lie to someone who is dying, Chakor you also tell truth to Imli. Chakor says its not true.

Bhanu asks her to look into Imli’s eyes and say it. Chakor recalls Raghav. Imli asks Chakor to say it. She asks what shall I take this silence, it means you love Raghav. Bhanu leaves the snake towards them. Chakor asks Imli to run away. Raghav reaches there and drives the car inside the house, breaking the compound wall. Bhanu and everyone get shocked. Goons run to stop him. Raghav bashes them. Snake comes to bite Imli. Chakor pushes her away and gets bitten by the dangerous snake. Imli shouts for her. Bhanu smiles. Raghav and Imli get shocked when Chakor falls down. Bhanu says my snake has bitten one and I will bite the other one. Raghav shouts in anger and beats the goons. Imli asks Raghav to save Chakor. Raghav says nothing can happen to her.

Raghav goes to Bhanu. Lallan comes in between and says Bhanu is my Daddu, you can’t reach him. Raghav stops Lallan and asks him not to get in between. Lallan says I don’t care dying for Daddu’s sake. They fight. Imli says Chakor isn’t able to breath, we have to take her to hospital. Raghav rushes to Chakor and worries.

Imli asks Chakar does she love Raghav, what’s the truth. Chakor says yes. Imli gets shocked and cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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