Udaan 26th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Chakor helps Anjor unknowingly Written Episode

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The Episode starts with Chakor seeing Sameer and Anjor. She runs to help them. Sameer says Anjor is drunk, how to make her rid of hangover. Chakor goes to make lemon water. Jaya asks Chakor what is she doing. Chakor says I wanted to have lemon water, I was feeling like nausea. Jaya scolds her. Poonam gets worried for Anjor. Jagat asks her not to worry. She says Chakor took Anjor, she can’t snatch my daughter. She cries. Sameer asks Anjor what is she saying. Anjor says I hate you. He asks Chakor to go and take rest. He thanks her for lemonade. Poonam gets Chakor’s sketch mad. She asks police to find Chakor. Sameer takes care of Anjor. Inspector promises to find Chakor and Anjor. Anjor comes there. She gets angry seeing Chakor’s sketch.

Sameer says no, she doesn’t drink daily, she was angry, she said her mum is selfish. Chakor says every mum loves child selflessly. Sameer says right, maybe there is some misunderstanding, you have come here to find your daughter. She says I will pray that your friend and her mum’s misunderstanding gets cleared. Anjor says I hate Chakor, what is her sketch doing here. Jatin says you didn’t answer call, Poonam got worried. Anjor burns the sketch. Its morning, Poonam gives two extra phones to Anjor so that she stays in contact. Jatin says I was also worried for you.

Anjor says I know, sorry. She goes. Jatin says Anjor hates Chakor, don’t worry. Poonam asks him to find Chakor. He says I m doing what I can. She goes. He gets a call. Inspector says I got Chakor’s address. Jatin notes down. Poonam thinks did he get Chakor’s address. She traces the address. She says I will find Chakor today. Chakor calls to know about Jatin. Udaan hai..plays… Sameer’s mum taunts that phone isn’t for free. She asks Chakor to find a job. Sameer tells Prakash about Anjor. Prakash says its good that Anjor called you, she loves you. Prakash teases him. Anjor recalls everything. Sameer goes to Anjor and hugs her. Flowers fall on them. Prakash throws the flowers. Anjor pushes away Sameer. Jatin and Poonam go to meet Chakor. Poonam doesn’t get Chakor. Jatin reaches Chakor.

Anjor asks can we start our friendship. Sameer says I couldn’t get gift. She takes a promise from him. She asks him for Shraddh items.

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