Udaan 27th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Anjor performs Chakor’s Shraddh Written Episode

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The Episode starts with Jatin thinking I m guilty, I want to tell everything to Chakor and apologize, but I can’t ruin Poonam’s hopes. He sees Chakor and leaves. Anjor scolds Sameer a lot. He says I m not like other guys. He leaves. Anjor’s friends defend Sameer. Sameer is at the lake side. He says how dare she tells this, she was scolding me, I m an idiot. Anjor comes and says you aren’t an idiot. He asks am I really mad in her love. He sees Anjor. She asks friends? She gives him a rose and apologizes. She says sorry, I didn’t get a gift for you. Sameer asks what do you want, tell me. He promises to get anything for her. She asks for Shraddh items. He gets shocked. She says you promised me, you won’t break your promise. He agrees.

Chakor gets a job letter. Sameer says I kept my promise and got a job for you, I promise I will find your daughter. Chakor thanks him a lot. Sameer asks her about Shraddh items. She asks but why do you want. He says my friend asked this for Valentines. She says sorry, is she mentally fine. He says yes. She says I find that girl weird, she wants some sense. He says she asked for something, I want to do this, help me. Prakash says it can be anything, maybe she wants to end an old relation. Sameer says yes, maybe, I love her, will you come with me to buy Shraddh items. Chakor agrees. Sameer buys the items and hands over it to Anjor. Poonam comes to temple and asks why did you call me here. Anjor does Chakor’s Shraddh and ends ties with her. Poonam gets glad. Anjor thinks I will never think of Chakor again. Chakor is also there. She prays for Sameer and his friend. She wishes that girl meets her mum and ends all the problems. Anjor says I will never think of you, you are dead for me. Jatin asks Poonam is there any special news. Poonam says yes, I thought to do something for me, I asked you about Chakor.

He recalls Chakor. He says Chakor isn’t here, why would I lie, Poonam I also worry for Anjor. She asks whose address were you writing in morning. He says I wrote a journalist’s address. She says Anjor gave me happiness, she has done Chakor’s Shraddh. She smiles. He gets shocked and says how can Anjor do this. Anjor is happy and dances in the pub. She thinks Chakor doesn’t exist for me now. Sameer and Chakor have a talk. He says you will get your job by your capabilities, all the best. Chakor thanks him. Sameer comes to pub and sees Anjor happily dancing. He smiles. Anjor comes to the same place. Chakor is hired as sports coach of the college. Anjor gets shocked seeing Chakor.

Anjor thinks to trouble Chakor. She frames Chakor in theft case.

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