Udaan 2nd February 2019 Written Episode Update: Raghav leaves the haveli Written Episode

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The Episode starts with Imli asking Chakor to send Raghav away. She asks Raghav to leave Chakor, haveli and Aazaadgunj if he wants to see Anjor fine. Chakor recalls Tejaswini and Anjor’s words. She cries thinking of Raghav. She asks Raghav to go away from Aazaadgunj. She says I don’t have any love in my fate after Suraj went, Anjor won’t accept you as her dad, you can’t become her father, I can’t make you my life partner. She asks him to go, since she can’t change these things, she can’t go against her fate, she can’t lose Anjor. She asks him to understand her helplessness and just go. He cries and gets back.

He goes to Anjor and sees her. He thinks of Anjor’s words and cries. He caresses her and keeps a teddy near her. He sees their pic and takes it. He packs his bags and comes downstairs. He goes towards the door. Everyone gets sad. Tejaswini asks Raghav not to go like this. She asks Chakor to stop Raghav, they all need Raghav. She asks Chakor to think of settling down with Raghav. She says your life will lose all the colors after he leaves. Raghav says you all are with Chakor to fill colors in her life, true love is one which exists by staying away, I will keep this love by staying away, don’t forget me. He says it will be tough for me to stay away from Chakor, but I will try. Chakor cries. Raghav asks her not to cry and be strong. He asks her to take care of Anjor. He leaves. Chakor cries for him. Imli looks on crying. Chakor says I m so selfish, I got him here to take help and then showed him the door, I couldn’t keep his love, if I choose Anjor’s happiness, I have to forget Raghav.

Imli says its all fate, Lord makes the pairings, Suraj came in your life, you were lucky, you forget the love, not everyone gets love, have courage to live life without love. She feeds food to Chakor and says you can cry today, but you have to be strong for Anjor. Imli encourages her. Imli gets a call and worries. Chakor goes to check the call. Nurse comes and says doctor is calling you. Chakor goes and asks how is Anjor. Doctor says she is better, don’t give her any shocking news, don’t remind her of past and take care to some good place for some time. Chakor says I can’t go leaving this village, I have many responsibilities on me. Chakor comes to Anjor. She sees Anjor restless and sings a lullaby for her. Raghav gets caught by goons. He laughs and gives away his everything. He sees Lallan there. Lallan hits on his head. Raghav faints down. Lallan looks at him and smiles.

Precap: Anjor thanks Chakor for everything. Doctor advises Chakor. Chakor removes her sindoor and cries. Anjor looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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