Udaan 4th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Imli and Bhanu harm Raghav Written Episode

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The Episode starts with Bhanu and Lallan capturing Raghav. Raghav lies unconscious. Imli comes and gets shocked seeing Raghav. She says everything will get fine soon. Doctors come and tie up Raghav. Imli asks what are you doing. Bhanu says we have to get Chakor and Anjor’s memories out of his mind, then I can give you Raghav, doctor is doing this. She asks why do we need doctor. Doctor says we will give him electric shocks, he will lose his memory. She shouts no. Bhanu asks her to think if she wants Raghav or not. She thinks of Raghav and cries. She agrees. Raghav is given electric shocks. Anjor sees Chakor sad and thinks of Raghav. She gets up and asks Chakor won’t she talk to her.

Chakor says I have to talk to you, I felt you don’t want to talk to me. Anjor says thanks, you have stayed with a stranger for my sake, you did a big thing. Chakor hugs her. She says I didn’t wish to hide truth, I was scared for you, I didn’t know how to tell you the truth, forgive me, thanks for becoming my good daughter. Tejaswini comes and gets glad finding them happy. She feeds food to Anjor. Chakor takes the medicines list from doctor. He asks her to remember what he said. Chakor says yes, I will not forget your advice. She sees her sindoor in mirror. She removes it. Anjor sees this and goes.

Raghav gets conscious and sees Imli. He asks where am I, Lallan has hit me. Imli asks him to get up and drink juice. Bhanu comes and says drink the mango juice, its good for health. Raghav sees him. Chakor sees Suraj’s pic and gets sad. Anjor says Raghav has cheated me, I couldn’t understand, people are really bad. She cries. Raghav gets angry hearing Bhanu. He throws the glass. Bhanu says you didn’t lose memory, you need another shock. Raghav says I will beat you. Imli holds him when he falls. He says you and Bhanu are here, what’s happening. She says nothing. Bhanu says Imli has come to me to ask for you, I m making you fine and then I will hand you over to her, you are my gift to her.

Raghav asks what is he saying, what nonsense. Bhanu says I m making you lose memory, you will forget Chakor, Imli will love you and then you will be of Imli forever. Raghav holds Imli’s neck and scolds her for changing colors. She asks what’s wrong if I love you, I love you and can do anything to get you, why are you after Chakor, if you both unite, Anjor will die, fate isn’t supporting you, but me, what’s wrong. He says you are wrong, you can do anything, you can just get my body, not my soul, which will always love Chakor, you can’t put someone in love forcibly, can’t you understand this small thing. She gets shocked. Lallan comes. Bhanu says doctor, give him electric shock and wipe off his memory. They tie up Raghav. Bhanu says Imli will manage to see everything now, after what he has said now, make him dependant on Imli. Raghav faints by electric shocks. Imli thanks Bhanu and asks him what does he want in return. Bhanu smiles.

They come to see some land. He says this village is my dream, I want this land. Imli asks what do I have to do for this. He says join hands and deal this Aazaadgunj, then I will tell you what to do. She shakes hands with him. He smiles.

Imli asks Chakor to sign the papers as well. Chakor agrees. Bhanu says we will rule on Aazaadgunj now. Imli thinks Chakor shouldn’t read these papers. Chakor checks papers and looks at Imli.

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