Unfaded love ( Avneil fs) horror – Teaser Written Episode

                 Unfaded love     

   True love never fades away

Just the beginning ….
“ Sometimes we die for love ” 
“ And sometimes we live to find love  ” 
This is what this story is all about . A horrific mysterious love story which revolves around a girl Ariel ( Avni ) who’s being scrutinized by police in prison for many days to reveal truth  about a murder , A murder for it she was a solo witness , A murder of her husband  . But she’s not ready to open it up because she’s looking for love . Love which isn’t there , Can’t happen , Is non – viable . But she wants it , She’s not ready to die but to live to find LOVE …. She’s betrayed , Beaten , Beloved . 
 Become a part of this saga now to  know the complete chapter of hers , Her story , And his unfaded love . Something inexplicable , Something dark but deep …. 

See you soon …stay tuned …
( If I got more than 10 likes and comments I’ll post the first part very very soon or I’ll not continue )
Hope you all would like It it’s my first avneil horror few shorts . Humble request please support . Bye love you all , Byyeeee 💕💕💗💗💗
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