Vighnaharta Ganesh 11th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Arunasura attacks the lok’s of gods. Written Episode

Vighnaharta Ganesh 11th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with parvati saying, I have to live on vindhyachal again as again gods and demons shall battle there. parvati goes on somnandi ji and takes her divya avatar. Ganesh and all gods do pranam. mata says to kill demons and evil, and bring dharma back in universe, I shall myself go to fight the demons.
Arunasura says I will defeat the gods first, so that devi adishakti comes and fights me.
Gods do pranam to mahadev and go to swarg lok. Ganesh is thinking and mahadev says what are you thinking about ganesh? Ganesh says before killing demons and ending evil, why does mother always go and live on vindhyachal? Kartikeya says yes even I have the same thought. Mahadev says it is because, when the universe had started, vindhyachal was very important because adishakti appeared first time on vindhyachal and since then she has always appeared there.
Devi adishakti’s power and tej keeps vindhyachal always glowing, there the trees and flowers everything live by the power of adishakti. Devi adishakti with us tridev established all the loks of all gods from vindhyachal.
Arunasura is with his entire army and says first we will conquer all the loks of all gods, then we will take swarg lok and then slowly we will kill all gods and defeat devi adisahakti and then take control of trilok. All demons say arunasura ki jai.
Ganesh says father, mata’s power lies in all 56 shakti peeth too then what is different in vindhyachal? Mahadev says ganesh, in all the Shakti peeth adishakti lives as only a part of her powers, but in vindhyachal she resides as a whole power and there all disciples of adishakti get what they want, because vindhyachal is protected and call trikone tapt. Kartikeya says trikone? Mahadev says yes, in one corner devi kali resides, in one devi vindhyavasani and in one corner devi adishakti, thus it is called trikone tapt because rishi’s get the blessings from the trikone devi’s.
Mahadev says all rishi’s and disciples pray there and this time adishakti’s pratha sabha will also be held. Ganesh and kartikeya get excited and say a sabha? Ganesh says can we go too? All tridev and tridevi get ready for the abha.
In the morning before sunrises, all gods, devi and tridev and tridevi comes with all rishi’s doing the trikone tapt on vindhyachal. Ganesh says father you were right, everything here glows and shines from mata’s tej and urrja. Ganesh says mata’s sabha will be so huge and divya. Ganesh and kartikeya do pranam to lord Vishnu, brahma dev, devi saraswati and laxmi. Everyone is excited. Lord Vishnu takes his narayani form of the female entity. Brahma dev takes the brahmani form of goddess. Narayani says mahadev even you take the maheswari form to participate in devi’s sabha. Mahadev takes the maheshwari form. Everyone look at kartikeya and ganesh. Ganehs says even we have to take our female forms otherwise we wont be allowed. Ganesh takes his devi form of Vinayaki. Kartikeya says why? ganesh says if we don’t take our female goddess avatar then we wont be allowed in mata’s sabha, take your kumarin form. Kartikeya understands and takes kumari avatar.
Arunasura marches with his army and he says take and attack the lok’s of all gods and defeat them, we shall rule the universe. All demons march, vayu dev stops them and says demon go back, don’t try anything stupid, take away your lizard army otherwise I will use my powers and kill you all. Arunasura says okay vayudev, show your powers. Vayudev uses his power and starts attacking strong storms on the army as it tries to march ahead. The demon soldiers are pushed behind by air and stormy winds, arunasura walks ahead and says you cannot stop me. vayudev says don’t hurry arunasura, I have brought all my marut powers here which will help me. vayu dev summons the marut powers and everyone together pushes arunasura behind. Vayudev says see I stopped you all. Arunasura attacks vayudev with his tongue and pulls him up and throws him away. Arunasura and his demons then throw away all marut powers using their tongue too. Arunasura says now attack agni lok.
All the goddess forms walk inside vindhyachal to call adishakti. Vinayaki says mata, come! Adishakti is lying on her bed.
On agni lok, arunasura goes with his army. agni dev says how dare you come on agni lok? I will burn you all. Agni lok uses his fire, arunasura laughs and says I will eat you agni dev. Agni lok attacks fire bolt and arunasura uses his tongue again and pulls agni dev and eats him too. Arunasura says now conquer agni lok and consume the fire, then we will quench our thirst at varun lok.

Precap: Arunasura takes all goddesses captive. mata adishakti says arunasura, now soon you will die. Mata goes to fight arunasura.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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