Vighnaharta Ganesh 13th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Arunasura attacks the goddesses. Written Episode

Vighnaharta Ganesh 13th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with vinayaki avatar on vindhyachal, vinayaki says the gods are in trouble as all of them are being attacked by arunasura. arunasura defeats indra dev, suryadev and kuber and eats them too. Ganesh is on Kailash, with brahma dev, mahadev, Vishnu and kartikeya.
Ganesh says father, all gods are in trouble as they have been taken captive by arunasura. ganesh says but how is arunasura so powerful and no one is able to kill him? kartikeya says yes. Mahadev says brahma dev gave arunasura a blessing which is why he is able to take all gods captive.
There arunasura enters the palace and starts destroying all the chairs and things in the palace. Arunasura says now I will take all the goddesses captive, they will come with me now. arunasura laughs. all devi’s are worried and devi sachi says don’t worry everyone, nothing will happen to us until mata adishakti is there, she will protect us. devi sachi and all goddesses start praying to adishakti. Mata adishakti is on vindhyachal mountain and she hears the prayers of the goddess. Arunasura there says where are you devi’s? I am your king now. devi sachi says mata will come to help us, till then we should hide somewhere where the demon wont be able to find us. all devi’s say yes and they go with devi sachi and hide in their rooms behind huge vases and pots. Arunasura comes and check the entire palace and comes to the room, he says devi’s where are you? arunasura then goes away. Devi sachi and all goddesses come out as sachi says that demon is gone. Arunasura comes back and says I knew you all were hiding here. devi sachi says evil demon, don’t you dare touch us and do any iniquity because if you do that mata adishakti will kill you for sure and you will be punished. Arunasura laughs and says adishakti can do nothing to me. arunasura uses his tongue on the goddesses but suddenly they are all protected by a defensive shield. Arunasura is shocked and he tries to break the shield, but the goddesses are protected. Arunasura gets angry.
Outside swarg lok, mata adishakti comes. Ganesh, kartikeya and tridev come. Ganesh says mata, now you should go and kill arunasura for his adharma. He tried to attack the devi’s too. Adishakti says I cannot do that. ganesh says why mother? Adishakti says ask that to brahma dev. Ganesh says mata, uncle brahma dev must also be forced and that is why he cannot do anything, he had to give arunasura a blessing and arunasura tied him to the blessing such that brahma dev cannot tell anyone the blessing he has given to arunasura. brahma dev says yes, arunasura gave me a promise that I cannot tell anyone about the boon I gave to him, ganesh you have to find that out.
Ganesh says then I will go and find out the boon uncle brahma dev gave to arunasura. adishakti says yes son, I trust in you, you can get that revelation out from arunasura. kartikeya says ganesh, I will come too, I will protect you. ganesh says no brother, you don’t come because for this work I need to be alone and do my leela with arunasura. ganesh says if brahma dev cannot tell us the blessing that he gave to arunasura, then only one person can tell us the truth and that is arunasura himself.

Precap: ganesh says to arunasura he shall play a game of riddles with him and if he wins then the gods shall be free. Arunasura agrees.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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