Vighnaharta Ganesh 14th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Ganesh and arunasura play riddle game. Written Episode

Vighnaharta Ganesh 14th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with arunasura leaving swarg lok and he goes to patal lok with the gods. Arunasura puts all gods from his belly into strong spell-bound cages which cannot be broken. Gods are taken captive, indra dev says arunasura you may think that you will be the ruler of this universe but it wont happen, ganesh ji will come and you will soon be punished and killed. Arunasura laughs and says no one can kill me, he laughs.
Ganesh is with mushak ji and he says come on mushak ji we have to go and save the gods, arunasura is egoistic and when I play the game of riddles with arunasura I am sure he will give away his secret in one of the riddles, the truth behind his boon. Mushak and ganesh go.
In patal lok, ganesh reaches the cave of arunasura where all gods are kept captive. ganesh says arunasura! arunasura turns back and looks at ganesh and laughs, he says so are you the one the gods have been talking about? I expected someone huge and strong, but you are a filthy elephant headed kid. Ganesh says yes I am elephant headed. Arunasura says it is like I dug up an entire mountain but in turn got a mouse. Ganesh says no I am not that mouse, that is mushak ji and he will soon be here! even an elephant is scared of a mouse, even the small things can create a havoc in your life. Arunasura says stop saying quotes and tell me why have you come here? ganesh says I have come to save the gods and defeat you. arunasura laughs and says you will defeat me? ganesh says arunasura, if you truly are the demon king then a king always fights with honor, we shall play a game of riddles and the one who wins can decide what they want. Arunasura says you are a filthy elephant, I wont play riddles with you. ganesh says arunasura, mata adishakti will be here and once she comes she will kill you. ganesh says arunasura, the game is such that I shall ask you 3 riddles and you shall ask me 3 riddles, but when the question is asked we have to give the answer in an instant, if you wait and think then you shall lose the game. Ganesh says if I win, the gods shall go free and you will go back to patal lok. Arunasura says okay then, but if I win you will be my vehicle forever, I shall ride on your back. ganesh says okay, that is fair. Ganesh says lets start and he asks the first riddle, arunasura gives the answer to the riddle in an instant. Arunasura then asks his riddle and ganesh gives the answer instantly, arunasura asks another one and ganesh gives the answer to the 2nd riddle instantly too.
Indra dev and all gods are captive and indra dev says to the gods, I know why ganesh ji is playing this game with arunasura! ganesh ji is intelligent and he has a plan, by playing the game of riddles with arunasura, ganesh ji will make arunasura reveal his secret in front of us about his boon given by brahma dev and who can kill arunasura.
There ganesh asks the third riddle, arunasura thinks for a moment and then reveals the answer. By mistake, arunasura gives away the blessing given to him by brahma dev and arunasura tells the secret to how he can be killed. Ganesh smiles.

Precap: ganesh and arunasura fight. Arunasura says I am so huge, how will you such a small kid fight me? ganesh becomes huge and arunasura is shocked and says how did this elephant headed kid grow so huge?

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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