Vighnaharta Ganesh 18th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Ganesh prays to mata kaal ratri. Written Episode

Vighnaharta Ganesh 18th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ganesh saying brother I am sorry, I couldn’t know arunasura’s truth and what blessing he was given by brahma dev, kartikeya says yes, when brahma dev gave arunasura the boon, no one was there, kartikeya says but it seems you know the solution ganesh. Ganesh says yes, time can tell us what happened then! It means Time! Time will tell us, time means kaal! Mata kaal ratri knows everything brother, she will tell us what happened in past and what boon arunasura got from brahma dev. Kartikeya says how will we convince mata kaal ratri to go back in time and know the truth? Ganesh says I will use saam, dham, dand, bhed, I will use my sweet words to calm down mata’s anger and I will convince her.
Kartikeya says but how will we call her? Ganesh says with all bhakti and from our heart! Ganesh starts dancing and doing his tandav, kartikeya prays. Ganesh sings and dances to call mata kaal ratri. Ganesh dances such until mata kaal ratri lands down and she comes to kartikeya and ganesh. Ganesh and kartikeya do pranam. kaal ratri smiles as flowers and roses rain down on her. Kaal ratri says tell me why you called me? ganesh says just like your condition was before, even my condition is mine! The way mother sent you before to make durgamasura understand, even I had gone but the way you failed even I failed in knowing arunasura’s secret to his death. Ganesh says mata, you tell me if such demons are not killed then prithvi mata will be forced to hold the weight of such evil. Kaal ratri says that is why I intervened and said these demons shall be killed now. ganesh says yes mata, my thinking is the same because you could kill durgamasura that time but I cannot kill arunasura. kaal ratri says why? ganesh says because there is a secret to his death and he has bound brahma dev from not telling anyone the boon he got, when I went to know the secret I failed and so first time I have failed for my mother’s work. Ganesh says now when I tell mother, she will tell me how could I fail her and she will be disappointed in me. then what will I say to mother?
Kaal ratri says don’t worry ganesh, I will tell you the secret to arunasura’s death. Kartikeya is happy. Ganesh says I told you brother, I would make mata kaal ratri help us. kaal ratri says I wont let you go back feeling disappointed. Kaal ratri says I will go back in time and know the secret. Kaal ratri uses her powers and she opens a portal which starts going back in time and it comes to ganesh talking with kartikeya about convincing kaal ratri. Ganesh and kartikeya are worrid. Kaal ratri stops the portal and ganesh says no mata, go back in time further quickly because arunasura has to be killed, this is not what we want to see. Kaal ratri says I want to see your conversation. Kaal ratri watches back in time and sees ganesh and kartikeya talking with each other. Kaal ratri watches everything and looks at ganesh and kartikeya.
Kaal ratri says why did you both do this? Ganesh says forgive me mata, brother told me to do this. Kartikeya says no forgive me, ganesh did it himself. kaal ratri laughs and says you both think you are very smart, but I am your mother and I know you both. Ganesh and kartikeya smile and ganesh says so will you help us mata? Kaal ratri says yes son, because you called me with all bhakti!
Kaal ratri puts the portal back in time. It comes to the time when arunasura prays to brahma dev, kaal ratri stops it and ganesh, kartikeya and kaal ratri watch the portal. Arunasura prays and brahma dev appears, he is impressed by his prayers. Arunasura does pranam and gifts a brahma kamal to brahma dev and says prabhu I want amrit as a boon. Brahma dev says arunasura I cannot give amrit to anyone! Arunasura says then what is the use of such harsh prayers prabhu? Brahma dev says even I am bound by the laws of the nature and leave me, no one can give amrit to you arunasura but you can ask for a boon, you can decide who can kill you and who cannot! Arunasura says but I want one promise from you prabhu, that you wont tell anyone about my boon. Brahma dev says okay and he promises arunasura. arunasura says okay, then no god, yaksh, kinnar, human, nag, gandharva can kill me! there should be no animal which can kill me that has 2 or 4 legs, but if anyone can kill me then that can only be a 6 legged bee, whose voice goes around the universe! Ganesh listens and kartikeya is happy.
Kaal ratri says now you both know his boon. Ganesh says yes. Kaal ratri says he has got a boon to be killed by a queen brahmari bee. Kartikeya says but how can a queen brahmari bee kill him? ganesh says mother herself has to take the form of her divya brahmari bee avatar.

Precap: brahma dev, lord Vishnu and mahadev take forms to summon parvato to take brahmari avatar. There adishakti says it seems I have to end arunasura.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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