Vighnaharta Ganesh 20th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Devi brahmari summons all brahmari bees. Written Episode

Vighnaharta Ganesh 20th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with mata adisakti smiling as she sits on the lotus. Mahadev talks and says uma, I shall always be there when you take a new avatar. Adishakti says swami, I am taking this avatar to kill arunasura and without you that could not have been possible. Ganesh and everyone do pranam. adishakti takes the brahmari bee form as she sits on the lotus, all gods and goddesses do pranam and pray to the new form of adishakti. Devi brahmari says, I will go to patal lok where arunasura is living, I shall kill him as brahma dev’s boon said only a queen brahmari bee can kill arunasura.
Devi brahmari flies in her queen brahmari bee form, she calls and creates noise of the brahmari sound, all brahmari’s gather around devi brahmari, devi brahmari commands all the bees and they fly towards patal lok.
Durgamasura sees this and says if adishakti comes in brahmari avatar here then she will kill arunasura and if he is once wiped out from the path, the next will be me to die! I have to stop this and save arunasura from dying, thus I will be safe. Durgamasura closes his eyes to summon some of his powers.
There ganesh says brother kartikeya, durgamasura will try to save arunasura because arunasura is the only obstacle between him and mata adishakti, if mata will kill arunasura she will then go and kill durgamasura. Kartikeya says yes, durgamasura will surely try something to stop mata from reaching arunasura.
Devi brahmari flies as the swarm of brahmari bees fly around her. They fly and enter patal lok. Durgamasura uses his powers and creates a huge storm to stop brahmari bees from coming near arunasura. arunasura says what is happening? Devi brahmari flies and looks at the palace of durgamasura. All other brahmari bees fly around patal lok to find arunasura, another swarm flies around devi brahmari. Durgamasura tells arunasura, see adishakti has taken the form of queen brahmari bee and she has come to kill you! if you don’t stop her then you will be ended here. arunasura says I wont die today!
Durgamasura says then use your powers and kill devi brahmari’s form, she is flying somewhere between that swarm of brahmari bees in front of the palace. Arunasura says yes but she is the queen bee. Arunasura looks closely and says I found her, her divya avatar reflects her urja and light of power. Durgamasura says kill her then. Arunasura uses a spear and aims at adishakti’s form and attacks the spear. Adishakti dodges and destroys the spear using her powers. Devi brahmari then says, arunasura you are an evil demon and in spite of knowing your death has come, you don’t leave your ego! Arunasura gets angry and says I will kill you brahmari bee, you are a filthy insect. Mata says the purpose of this avatar is that nothing is small or big, nothing in this world is filthy! Everyone has an equal importance in the universe arunasura.

Precap: Mata brahmari flies behind arunasura as arunasura tries to run and attacks mata and the other brahmari bees.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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