Vighnaharta Ganesh 7th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Kaal ratri warns durgamasura. Written Episode

Vighnaharta Ganesh 7th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with devi kaal ratri in the palace of durgamasura. Durgamasura says devi, I will kill you but I changed my mind I am letting you go, so go away otherwise my demons will not leave you. kaal ratri says angrily, durgamasura you still think you can do anything to me? I am the form of adishakti and you can do nothing to anyone. Kaal ratri says I came to warn you, you have seen my powers and you and your demons can do nothing to me. durgamasura tells his demons to go and kill this devi, kill her and throw her from the palace. The demons jump to fight kaalratri.
There mata adishakti’s nimavat avatar is coming to the palace. Kaalratri says durgamasura you did not understand what I came to warn you. durgamasura says go and tell your adishakti, she can do nothing to me and I will soon kill her. Kaalratri throws away all demons using her powers, she says you fool you still don’t understand I am the avatar of adishakti. Nimavat avatar of mata comes and durgamasura says mata what are you doing here? kaalratri and nimavat stand and mata nimavat says durgamasura you have crossed all limits and I am the form of mata only, you still don’t want to change. Mata kaalratri says durgamasura, now your end will come. Kaalratri uses her powers and then shows durgamasura the time of his childhood. Durgamasura suddenly changes to when he was a teenage boy, durgamasura says how did I come back in past? He then sees his mother taking away the corpse of his dead demon father. Durgamasura says no that is not possible, my father is dead! Durgamasura meets his mother and his mother says son, your father went to take revenge from adishakti, but devi adishakti killed him, but I want you to stay in peace, don’t do anything son because no one can do anything to mata adishakti, if you try then even you will be killed son. Durgamasura’s mother cries. Durgamasura comes back in present. Kaalratri says durgamasura you will suffer son, she goes.
In Kailash, mata kaal ratri goes. Ganesh says to parvati, mother durgamasura did not understand. Parvati says I knew that. kaal ratri comes and is very angry. She says mata, why did you send me to convince a cynical demon who is egoistic of everything. durgamasura lost everything and now he cannot do anything but still he wants to fight you, I should not have gone there to warn him but rather I should have killed him, I cannot see him insulting you mata. Parvati says kaalratri you are right, but he shall be punished soon. Kaal ratri is angry and he anger increases. Ganesh says to kartikeya, brother mata kaal ratri is very angry, we should calm her down. Kartikeya ganesh and all gods start singing a prayer song to calm down kaal ratri’s anger.
Durgamasura is in front of the fire to bring nimavat avatar of mata. Durgamasura cuts his hand and says appear mata! Please come. Mata comes and says fool, why do you keep calling me? durgamasura says mata, you should have helped me, you should have guided me but you betrayed me mata, you are that adishakti’s supporter, I prayed to you and did your bhakti but I got nothing. Mata says you fool, I am not a supporter but her ansh, I am her avatar and I have been warning you and giving you advice to stop and be smart, you can do nothing to mata adishakti, but you don’t want to listen. Mata says because of your ego you will soon die and now no one will be able to stop this from happening. Mata goes. Durgamasura screams in anger.

Precap: durgamasura calls the demon Ruru to go and attack earth and fight devi adishakti and the gods.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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